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As Above So Below-Vandorn-HinnantThe recent theme has been about reaction actions or, said another way, how our established patterns veer us off from our connection to the Whole. We all have such patterns, triggered as defense mechanisms or fears, etc., but here John describes how our interaction with the physical world is really a dialogue with the universe, which, with the right conscious awareness, can bring us closer to the ways of what is unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream, there’s a woman who keeps projecting a mannerism that purports to be okay. When I see her as weakened, or sick, I assume that this is just a passing mannerism, because I also see her as projecting herself to be okay. 

So another person I know is able to help her out, because he notices the condition and is readily responsive to the need – but I don’t emulate that. I keep thinking and assuming that it’s all passing. Therefore I don’t necessarily respond in the moment, because I am seeing the condition as not that big a deal. 

This other person doesn’t have that demeanor, and isn’t distracted. This person is able to drop whatever he is doing, and however he happens to be at a given point in time, to be receptive to the situation. 

In the dream the situation occurs twice. The first time I am too busy to notice. The guy is able to, as I’m even responding to him, he has even recognized, well, I am on some tangent in my nature. The first time I notice this I feel an embarrassment by such lack of connective awareness. The second time this happens, I am in the scenario, and do not see the reaching out.  

In other words, the reaching out from the woman. In other words, she’s doing it quietly. This guy steps forward to respond to the call for help that I miss yet again.

The meaning of this is, the theme of the dreams last night dealt with the reactions actions of our nature. In the first dream, I am shown that I am unable to appreciate an empty space within, if I am always responding reflectively.

In the second dream I am shown that I am not able to be where needed when my attention is concerned in some way or another. The dream embarrasses me by pointing out how unreceptive I am when I am on a side tangent.

This last one looks kind of different, but what it is is it’s a break from a rigidity pattern where you have to simply get it – and break the pattern. So I’m looking at a series of entries that are like what you see in a check register, except this is a long column on a single page. You know, columns with entries.

There is one line left at the bottom of the page for another entry, but it’s a little bit like a checkbook where every line is about something that has to be paid for and dealt with. The entry that is anticipated on this line is more of the same like what’s above.

And, of course, that’s how I’ve been making the entries. They all have to do with give and take on things. I know something needs to change, and I wake up realizing that what is needed is a cash out entry. That would complete the above, so that top to bottom it zeros out.

The meaning is I am using this image as a get-off answer to the treadmill of reaction action. I can feel the quietness of this way of letting go. The way that fits of course with the dream before is, until you do that, you’re always going to have the reaction action of the pulse of things, and you’re not going to be able to recognize the subtleness of things around you, the inflections of things around you, that you need to be attentive to.

You’re only going to be responding to the obvious as an understanding that rises up inside of you, instead of taking into account the greater Wholeness, and all the other levels that are there, as well, which aren’t being taken into account if you’re just responding to your synapses.

A human being, he has a huge problem here because he’s in a human body that’s taking all these blows, and those blows carry memories, and those memories carry inflections, and reflections, and all of that also is part of higher self and all of that gets fed to you.

And so you create a collage with that, and you find yourself responding, and the tendency, because you’re coming off of the senses and stuff, your tendency is to stay very linear, and you do a lot of damage that way because you miss, then, where your attention and your closeness needs to be in terms of the greater Whole.

And there’s a greater closeness in the greater Whole, too, when you take into account all the levels because there’s appreciation, and there’s a graciousness. There’s a deep touching that exists when you see that that’s all naturally meant to be like that. And you suffer when you are off on some tangential resolution, as if you have a right to make tangential resolutions that are black-and-white.

You need to go from that, all the way to the subtle. You need to take all of it into account simultaneously. That’s the play. The quietness is still the quietness, even though it inflected something into, and caused a creation to be there. It’s still a quietness. It’s still a joke. It’s still just a flicker that’s done there in order to create a wave, or something, that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the flicker, but it’s still a quietness.

The key is, just because it took and threw this curve that you identified and got lost in the curve, you accept the curve. The curve is you as well. This curve has been thrown out, and at the same time you backdoor the curve all the way to the point of the quietness again. And so it’s all a joke.

It’s all kind of a big laugh. It’s kind of like no different than a person who cracks these jokes. They go along, and everything is serious, and they can’t handle the seriousness, so they crack a joke. And that joke is a curve to the whole situation that’s in front of you, and you’re supposed to let go, and lighten up, and be able to laugh at it because it’s just a curve.

So we have this going on all the time, even in the outer in terms of our correlations back and forth with each other, and yet the big each other is a Oneness that’s with this whole dialogue of the Whole. And we get lost in the reactions, and the reactions cause us to get narrow, and when we get narrow, we lose the bigger schematic.

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yinyang1Here John describes the process of being able to ground higher energies, thereby allowing them safe outplay into life. This requires a balance of the masculine and feminine principles within an individual. The masculine principle brings the seed thought, or energy, down, but it can only manifest through the grounding and containment of the feminine. One without the other is an incomplete process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s kind of similar, if you think, to the principle of how meditation works. It’s a little bit along those lines. When you first start meditating your meditations are miserable, because just garbage is coming up – and more so than usual because you’re giving things permission to be like that.

So then when you reach a certain freedom, and you start exuding that freedom, on an energetic vibrational level, now you become a force of nature that is doing this to others, right out in the open, no meditation involved. You’re bringing something straightaway right into life.

So what happens is, a lot of people then get to thinking that they have to be a bit transcendent. Instead of bringing it down, they have to be more transcendent, and if you get more transcendent you can take yourself out of life, and you could become something that’s not relatable by others, because you are not finding the intertwined similitude that goes beyond the appearances of the physical.

You’re not submitting yourself to finding that, to touching that; paying the price of whatever that is. So the more you can be in the physical, the more grounded you can be, the more you can carry across this transcendent state, which is like the statement now of, feet on the ground head, in the heavens, or something.

You can actually marry those two states as a Oneness. Now, here’s the problem of marrying these two states as a Oneness. You have to now understand the core of feminine energy, and the core of masculine energy.

The core of masculine energy is to bring a seed thought, or a quality, down into life. And in order for it to come into life, it has to be embraced by the feminine principle of life. It has to be ushered in by the feminine principle of life, and the feminine principle of life knows manifestation in terms of how manifestation is.

And so when something new, as an idea or seed thought, is thrown at it, it used to be that that feminine principle was very receptive, but it’s learned to be a little leery. It’s been abused a lot, so it tends to have kind of a jaundiced eye about all of this, and it finds out that it’s appropriate for it to have a jaundiced eye because most of the time these ideas are cockamamie, three or four different ideas and all disjointed.

But the feminine principle that fully is able to surrender, and be at home in manifestation, can take the cockamamie ideas and make them sensible, because every vibration has a reality that has to live out. And they can bring it into manifestation. And when they bring it closer to manifestation, they’re taking this – what was raw energy – and they’re honing it so that it can see itself and be clear and become more real, more divine.

That’s what the feminine principle does with the masculine principle. What happens is, the masculine principle, in other words the seed thought or whatever, which is really divine in its purest essence, gets completely transformed in this process. It gets absorbed, totally absorbed in that process.

What happens to the feminine principle? To understand the feminine principle in terms of… in other words, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to take this to the essence; making the essence statement in terms of the masculine. What does the essence statement of the feminine look like?

Well, you gain some clues more so from Chinese religion, or religions, the Tao or whatever, than you do from many other religions. At least I don’t know how to read it or understand it in other religions, but I understand the Yin/Yang principle and I understand this as expressed in the Oxnard pictures.

Now in the Yin/Yang principles you either have something that’s all dark with one white spot, or all white with one dark spot. And the Oxnard picture you see it put into a flow where it starts off with the black ox, and by the time young man becomes old man, the ox of his nature goes from black to white – except for the tip of the tail which is still black.

He never transforms the tip of the tail, because then he would have no manifestation then. So what I was looking at inside of myself was, how do I deal with certain energetics?

The masculine goes along and he learns to accept certain feminine ways of being because there’s a lot of quality to that, but there also is always a little subtle limitation. And a masculine that’s closer to the essence knows how to shatter the feminine, knows where he could say something that would just be devastating.

And he will not go there. He knows better because he knows, okay, she may be like that, she may carry herself like that, but even though she’s like that, along with this are all of these other good qualities. So you take and you shatter this, what are you going to have? You’re going to obliterate manifestation.

You’re going to have something that’s just going to go berserk. It’s going to go and lose its mind so to speak. The masculine never goes beyond a particular point. In other words, the masculine can take and bring everything down and have it rendered into soft as wool or whatever; just meaning something would appear.

The feminine can embrace everything, but because she’s charged with manifestation, there’s a point at which she has to still hold something – so that there’s manifestation. It can’t go completely poof.

That final step is like an extraction then, when it goes away for her. It’s not like she transforms that herself, but she’s liberated from having to continue to carry that responsibility. That’s how I saw that.

What’s interesting is what I’m now doing is, I’m putting this into a process like we were talking about earlier, which has to do with this energy as it speeds up, as you have a certain quality about you. The feminine, when it has this quality about her, can say and can do things that can effectuate a change much, much faster than the masculine.

The masculine will have to do it in 20 words. The feminine can do it with just a gesture almost, or just a couple of words – but much more grounded, much more rooted, and much closer to manifestation. So when this quality gets accentuated and you get really close to this epitome of things, magic is really afoot.

No wonder the Catholic Church is so frightened of the feminine coming in to her mysteries. The masculine raw energy, this is what it means by the prima materia. That gets all transformed. There’s the substance from which something new is made, and that substance coming down shifts and changes life.

So the masculine can catch up with the speed sense, of which I see this happening in the morning. And then I can go down and I can affect all kinds of things that I run into, in terms of people and such; I see this in all kinds of ways.

Those that can be fluid find it interesting and grasp it and roll and open up. But wherever there is a degree of power of control, you see this impingement hitting, and if the power and control is really harsh, they have to walk away, or they have to fight, or they have to plot against you, as if you are a force to be reckoned with, and generate a kind of fear in them, as their defense mechanism.

But each person is different.


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Force-Of-NatureIn this conversation between John and Ann, the territory of spiritual development is discussed. When one is on the spiritual path, the changes that occur on an inner, energetic, level begin to radiate outward. Other people may sense this new energy unconsciously, yet depending on their own openness, the energy can either awaken something in them, or it can cause an allergic reaction to the more potent processes at play. Navigating these changes can test of a person’s resolve to stay on the path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Have you been having good energetics in the morning?

Ann: Oh my goodness yes. It’s just incredible. Last week when you mentioned the shift, oh my goodness.

John: The thing about the energetics that one has in the morning is: do you ever feel like you are getting too carried away, like you’re on speed, too animated about things?

What do you think about that when you get like that?

Ann: Sometimes I think: what is that all about?

John: Are you okay being like that?

Ann: Umm, for the most part, but when I catch myself being way too speeded up it’s like there’s sort of an in-between state there, but when I’m too speeded up sometimes I’m usually okay with it, but then sometimes I have to just sit and relax a little bit and bring the energy down a little bit.

John: What you’re doing is you’re pulling it down and grounding it, and when you’re speeding up what you’re doing is you’re tending to get a little bit transcendent, or out of body, with the soul.

And so when you get a little ungrounded or out of body with the soul you tend to… you have an energetic speed and effectiveness and it’s something that is intriguing to others, but it’s something that you have to be a little bit careful of because around people that are denser, or have a more limited world, or are stuck in the need of power and control, you’re apt to ruffle feathers very quickly.

Ann: And lately it’s like it’s really happening with people around; I’ve seen that.

John: That’s kind of why it’s said that you kind of get to a point, if you’re not grounding yourself and bringing it down, you’re going to get to kind of a point where you’re going to develop maybe new friends, and alienate the older ones that are used to you – because you can’t be like that anymore like you used to be.

Luckily, I think it’s slow enough, and subtle enough, that it’s generally not that dynamic a principle of being that harsh, and it’s more along the lines where one buys the belief or illusion, that in the speeded-up sense that you’re at, that you can communicate this across to others.

You can go on that treadmill for a long, long time, until you realize that people are just lilting in the energetic that you are carrying in a speeded-up way. They learn that they only create anxiety with themselves when they fight it.

They know that they can’t readily accept it as them, but they know it’s not untrue because their body tells them it feels okay. But what it does is, to the degree to which you’re affected and communicating like this, you’re stimulating the etheric and you’re stimulating the unconscious in them, and often times you can make their world miserable for them and not even realize it, because you quicken something before they’re ready to be quickened with it.

And yet how can you be any other way? Now the problem is, if you’re yourself, and you’re doing this, what generally happens is you tend to take it on yourself in a self-conscious way, and you figure oh, I have to tone it back, I have to deaden it, I have to go slower, I have to become a little… you need to cloud yourself a little bit, shut down the animation and the speed.

When you do that then you get poisoned, because now you’re agreeing to go along with the lowest common denominator, so that doesn’t quite work. And so what happens is you’re animated in the morning, and then you find yourself having to comport with the environment that you’re in, and by afternoon you can be a complete idiot again. And then every day it’s like that and then you sit there and you will say, why am I throwing away this energetic?

And you are throwing it away because you are feeling that to live this, you’re doing something unnatural – and yet you’re being your natural self.

Ann: Isn’t that interesting how that works?

John: When you are in an acuity like this, you often times have senses of things that may or may not be quite true, in terms of your understanding of say something scientific or something, but on an energetic level, it is true. That’s why there were things that the teacher used to say that weren’t exactly always true, but on an energetic level, the vibration that she was in, was entirely true.

That’s why there are stories that are told, like the training that Moses went through with Khidr, where Khidr did all kinds of things that were, from an outward perspective, really wrong, and yet on a vibrational level it was what was important. The outer appearance was not meaningful, nor the detail necessarily was not absolute in any regard. It was just kind of like something that lilts across in relationship to the space that you’re in.

But the space that you’re in is what is real and that’s what needs to be heard. So if the space you’re in is such that it violates the space of someone else who’s more nailed down in their being, then you’re going to create lots of commotion and turmoil.

Where you will make something dangerous for yourself is if you happen to confront somebody who is fearful, because in their fear they may then take whatever it is that you’re doing, without saying anything, treat it as the enemy, and start taking defensive postures against it so that they don’t have to face something in themselves that they’re not ready, or able, to face – and that is a kind of ignorance.

Generally speaking though they just walk away from you. Generally the people you know are good people and they just realize okay, okay, okay out of my politeness, meaning them talking to themselves, rather than get all worked up about it, which is what they would have to do because you have gone and you’ve tripped something in their unconscious; they’ll just get up and walk away.

That’s what this new energy, you’ve got to be careful with, because this new energy coming in lends itself to a way of alienating yourself from others, because you can so easily blow them away and you can maybe perhaps get to the idea, okay, this is the way I’m going to be, and then if you’re like that, then you’re a wrecking machine in terms of how others bounce away from you, or bounce off of you, and have to maintain their motif so as to not be penetrated.

It’s kind of similar, if you think, to the principle of how meditation works. It’s a little bit along those lines. When you first start meditating your meditations are miserable because it’s garbage that’s coming up – and more so than usual because you’re giving things permission to be like that.

So then when you reach a certain freedom, and you start exuding that freedom, on an energetic vibrational level, now you become a force of nature that is doing this to others, right out in the open, no meditation involved. You’re bringing something straightaway right into life.

So what happens is a lot of people then get to thinking that they have got to be a bit transcendent. Instead of bringing it down, they have to be more transcendent, and if you get more transcendent you can take yourself out of life, and you could become something that’s not relatable by others, because you are not finding the intertwined similitude that goes beyond the appearances of the physical.

You’re not submitting yourself to finding that, to touching that; paying the price of whatever that is. So the more you can be in the physical, the more grounded you can be, the more you can carry across this transcendent state, which is like the statement now of, feet on the ground head, in the heavens, or something.

You can actually marry those two states as a Oneness.


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spiritualismIn this installment, John continues his description of the new energy that has been sensed in the world. One of the natures of this energy is that it requires something of us: it requires that we let go of our personal focus and agenda, and connect into the greater Whole. Only that inner location is supported energetically now.

(For the first two parts, see The Rules Have Changed and The Central Rule.) (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s kind of like a teacher saying he has this practice in which he takes and he looks at how everyone is. He can glance to see how everyone is, because he holds them all in his heart.

And some people are acting up, and some people are not, and you’ve heard our teacher say that, you have heard the Chisti teacher say that, that they have a practice where they take and they absorb everybody on the path, or whatever, is the way the Chisti teacher will say it. The way the Naqshband teacher will say it is he puts everybody in his heart.

And if you remember him, he remembers you. In other words, that’s the intertwining. And he has found that he is inclined to forget those who tend to forget him. It also works that way in terms of attitude, like for example, if you are confused about something, or blaming the conditions of things, and have an attitude towards the teacher, you get the immediate feedback because of the intertwining.

If you’re in a state of tremendous gratefulness, you almost can see something smiling somewhere. In other words, this is just another way of trying to say a way of connecting, being connected, that takes you from an intention that is inclined in the lower-self way – to be upon yourself – and placing it outside in a quality that soars in the Whole.

And those who cannot do that will suffer, because the need of the time is to do that. There’s lots of help here; something has shifted. When the teacher says that what’s coming into life is a Oneness, and it’s just being given to life, well, that’s both positive and negative.

The positive of that is wow, that enables you to recognize how the interconnectivity and intertwining is, and that it’s all one being – you’re not some chip off of the old block having to do something in some separate capacity; that it all comes together as a Wholeness.

Okay, that’s positive. The negative side of that is, if you don’t do it, and you’re caught in the density of your own peculiarity and mannerism, you’re stabbing the heart. When you create a veil, how do you get out of the veil?

It’s almost like something almost needs to happen to pluck you out of it, because when you take on a mood, or a trait, or something, you can carry that for who knows how long, perhaps forever?

I mean you could blow a whole lifetime just in one tone that you can’t shake, that you try to track down as the end all, be all of how it is that you see yourself. And it doesn’t work that way. It works in relationship to you being in the outer, doing something, I should say, outside of yourself.

Now, there are little steps along the way of that even. In other words, it’s like we have all had a dream process in which you’ve noticed for example, in your dreams, that you came to realize you had certain gifts, skills, and qualities that opened up inside and wow, weren’t those amazing.

You hadn’t paid that much attention to it, and now all of a sudden they’re opening up. And it’s possible that you could go around and get a little puffy about that, or a little floaty about that, or think you even know something as a consequence of that opening up, because it’s not there for other people that you know.

And then all of a sudden, okay, that has happened, and now somebody turned the page, something turned the page, and those propensity qualities and traits that are the energetic of you, that are that beingness of you, now takes and effuses itself into the overall.

And there was a period of time where you would follow, for example, the idea or the principle that you had to take one step back from yourself to discover what was real. And so you would tend to look at all of the interests and the nuances of your nature, and realize that it kept you pinned down, and poisoned down, and veiled from being able to scope out in a more conscious, overall way.

And so it’s almost like you put a foot on that in order to be more receptive. And now what I’m seeing is, okay, yeah, maybe you had to do that because it was still too loud in your identification nature, but now that trait, that quality, that particular thought of God or whatever that is, now just takes and augments itself, magnifies its ability to touch something in a much more Whole way.

So, one is given all kinds of ways and means by which to do that. In other words, when you experience this new energy, in this new energy are hints of vibrational acuity around you. And you need to allow yourself to feel that, and see how it is that you are just part of that.

And that you then are intertwined in a way that you facilitate that becoming more and more in terms of what is real.

For example a few nights ago I had this dream where I was on this lake, and it was 11 miles around this lake, and I was floating on this lake and I was looking at the shoreline and whatnot. It was kind of cloudy and dank out, and what I was trying to determine was whether this vibration on this lake swept this whole lake and whether this alivement was something that was there now, at a point in time when nobody was noticing?

And then when I realized that it was, then I’m presented with the dilemma: what can be done, what is possible? Is it possible, so that everyone can come to grasp this, so that someone can come from whatever space they’re in and pick up this, when normally the loudness of the space they’re in would never be able to notice it.

That could very easily be taken into a talk about how vortexes work. How certain energetic spots on the planet have an aliveness to them – if you are able to be receptive to it. The whole world is like this already, and maybe you can only notice it in certain specific isolated ways to begin with, but eventually you have to notice it in terms of it being like this all the time, all over the place.

And that your sense of beingness isn’t exalted, and a true beingness, until there is nothing that can phase you because you are the Whole. You’re able to be the Whole.

But I don’t know if that s an experience that people can have always, like a sheik can, perhaps, have that more readily always, or whether it’s something that kind of flickers in and flickers out.

All I’m seeing right now is the qualities and the traits and the characteristics as, you know, the bits and pieces I should say, that enhance it a bit, like where you can do something for someone that they can’t necessarily do for themselves, that takes nothing out of you to do it.

And that enhances something, that sets in motion something, that wouldn’t normally be possible and the fact that that gets set in motion leaves you just thrilled, elated. A side effect of this is, you can get lightheaded.

That’s more of a feminine nature quality, than a masculine nature quality, where you get a little lightheaded. And you think, oh, golly gee, is my blood pressure changing? What is the difference here? And that’s because you slipped up, and your attention isn’t dwelling as rigidly as it normally is, upon your own motif, your own mannerism of yourself, and it’s almost like you accidentally started to appreciate the Whole in a more overall way.

And doing so in a capacity that sets some part of your normal motif aside. That will leave you a little lightheaded – a woman anyway, it will tend to leave them a little lightheaded. For the masculine, it makes it look like they are on some sort of speed or something. They just, you know, somebody turned the juice on and enough is enough, can you just step back, can you taper off a bit here? And you just go and you go and you go until you trip something, you hurt something, and then that slows you back down.

But you don’t have to hurt anything. You can take it all into account. You’re meant to be able to take it all into account. You are meant to be able to live throughout the Whole.

This is the new energy.

Ann: Just incredible. Wow. It’s just incredible. Oh boy.

John: And who can you explain this to? How can anybody get it?

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John: In my dream, there’s a component in which there’s a distraction. It’s east to denote the distraction, in my case, because it can be seen as something that’s bugging or hurting me. This distraction lies in the fact that I’ve got a painful shoulder that I have to contend with when I sleep.

This distraction can be dealt with as something that’s separate from whatever else is going on in my surroundings. The distraction or pain or awkwardness is something that I deal with singularly, but then, as I deal with it singularly and get free of it, I’m able to take and look at the traits outside of me that are in others.

I can’t do that if I remain dwelling on something in a singular way, or if there’s any tone or twang that I still carry, because that then projects across and discolors, as a bias. It doesn’t come across with cleanness or emptiness or wholeness. It comes across as a projection from that state where I’m still struggling.

So when I project some aspect of that, it contaminates the inflection from within, and the outer becomes a reflection of what I project. If I struggle with that, I don’t quite hear that which touches from within. It’s an interesting kind of touching too, because I’m shown that it touches in terms of pulling a common connection together. In other words, it bridges the gap between inner and outer.

I’m shown this though the dream where I have a distraction, but once I overcome the distraction, I totally let go and it doesn’t get in the way at all. Then I’m able, now that I’m free of that bondage, to take a crayon and write various little things. These things may not make sense, but they portray another part of an aliveness in me.

For example, I might write the word “raw” with a crayon. Whatever I write is just “R” and “A,” I don’t have the “W,” but it’s something that depicts how something is, which is a part of me. Yet in the dream I don’t see it as part of me. I see it as something that stands out, let’s say in another person. But because I don’t hold a stigma that I project, I can then say or joke or point out something and that pointing out doesn’t come from my singularity to their singularity – it’s not personal.

Instead, it comes across as if I’m talking to myself, so the other person can’t object to what I say because I don’t have any discoloration or bias. When one does it like that, the other person can hear it completely because it’s as if they’re talking to themselves, even though the words are coming out of me, or the energetic is coming out of me.

That’s what a teacher does in terms of mirroring. In terms of getting to a point where we no longer sit and dwell on our own neuroses, we can automatically become the mirror for ourselves. We’re always relating to ourselves.

That’s why it’s said that the student has to become less than dust at the teacher’s feet, which means we have to let go. We have to let go of all the idiosyncrasies that we hold onto for identity purposes – which are our reactivities to this, that, or the other, or however it is that we continue to struggle and therefore see ourselves in a reflection and as separate.

We have to be free of all of that. When we’re free of all of that then the dialogue and the connection is always with ourselves, in every aspect, because we’re everything. We need to carry ourselves in this conscious way.

It reaches the point where it’s almost like there’s only one person. All characteristics that are repressions or limitations, which are based in seeing ourselves separately, fade away. That makes everything knowable – without reaction and distraction from ego (ego being part of reflection, reacting to reflections, in an outer motif).

In this way that which is needed in the whole can be healed because we recognize it as part of us and we are whole and complete. I mean, you really don’t have the outer, any longer, when you recognize everything as being One.

What I’m describing is an all-accepting genuineness that’s able to penetrate all barriers, and what is real then is just this pure inner sight and light that exists, from which all outer context and reflections are absorbed.

Reflections are projections and, if we have no projections we won’t have any identity issues because it all comes together as One. There are no veils and the heart doesn’t find itself struggling with having to sort something out in a duality. The inner stands as the inner, or, I should say, what’s real stands as what’s real in the face of the reflections because instead there is the connectivity.

The reflections are outside the connectivity. Thus the underlying theme is that there’s only one thing going on, and it’s a flow from inner into outer. Whatever is projected in the outer is a consequence of a flow coming from the inner. We can be in that inner and then what’s happening in the outer all makes sense in terms of a greater schematic, in terms of the wholeness.

But if we’re dealing with outer aspects or manifestations, then we’re dealing from the outer trying to get to the inner, and we’ve got the whole thing backwards. When we try to take what isn’t real and try to find what is real, we’ll never get there. We’ll always be struggling and banging our head against the wall and being distracted.

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John: In this dream, I receive a call from a realtor who says that I’m not tending to things properly. I’m not sure what she’s talking about – I can’t place the scenario in my mind. 

She tells me that the way I’m handling a piece of land makes no sense to her. She feels that “nobody does this,” and I shouldn’t be an exception. I ask her what she means. She says that this property has a person living on it, and I didn’t give that person permission to do so. The person’s name is Pilate, and he just decided for himself.

She’s assuming that I know all about this and that I should be responsible and do something about it. She feels I’m letting him superimpose himself on the space. There’s no contract or agreement, he has just moved onto the property and is acting as if he has a right to do that. She feels that I should put a stop to it.

It makes no sense to her that I’m not more attentive and responsible towards this issue. 

Well, this dream underlies what I’m feeling, which is a sense that my attention is being shifted to a different perspective on life. As in my last dream (see Hitting the Linkage), where my view encompassed the whole world and my responsibility toward God and Creation, here that’s being challenged because I’m being confronted by responsibilities of a mundane variety. The realtor feels I’m not “doing my job,” in terms of the outer world, whereas I’ve just been asked to do my job as part of the universal.

As a human, can we fulfill both responsibilities – our day to day cultural life and our spiritual journey? Of course we can. And it’s never been more critical that we do so in within the culture. Going up on a mountaintop for a spiritual life is no longer the way. Our spirituality needs to be held within in us everything we do – shopping, working, etc. We need to make it our first priority and responsibility, and live our life through the lens of that choice.

What this dream is showing me is the lure of lesser responsibilities, in the sense that they can create noise in us that can make us forget our spiritual journey until the “problem” is resolved. But that’s not the way it should work. What is spiritual in us should also guide us in making our decisions every day. The realtor is in a frenzy over this problem, yet because I have a more universal perspective, I don’t see it in the same way. It’s less personal to me, and I can understand that it means very little in the scheme of things.

Such a perspective actually makes me very capable of dealing with the issue, because I’m not coming from an emotional place. It’s a matter of priorities.

In a sense, we don’t become spiritual through studies or knowledge, but by acting in a spiritual way – in everything. We are all spiritual beings, but we mostly act like planetary beings. It’s an easy trap to fall into because very little in our culture supports a spiritual life.

Yet just as there is God in everything, there is our connection to God (or Creation or the universe), or lack of it,  in everything we think about and every action we make. Keeping ourselves connected is our first responsibility as human beings.

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John: So yesterday we looked at the first in this series of dreams (see Not Being There), and each subsequent dream progresses in a way that seeks to fix, or evolve, the situation into a better state, from within, but it’s still off. The general inspiration for these dreams is our recent transition from the Northwest to the city of Las Vegas, and our process of making adjustments within ourselves as a result of the different environmental factors

The next images have me preparing to meet with someone. I’ve spent more than 15 minutes trying to get my glasses clean because all kinds of weird stuff has fallen on them. I’m trying to scrape it off.

I see that I’m veering away from where I’m expected to go. When I get to a building, I realize that I still need some sort of metal object that can slice; I need something that’s strong and firm enough that it can cut through things. I must build it myself.

I have permission to go into an area where odds and ends are stored to select something that might work to help rectify the condition. I take out four objects in an effort to alleviate the situation. I think I can use a welding tool to cobble things into place, but what I’ve selected doesn’t work because when I apply any heat to it, it will melt or burn through the material. The tools I have do not have what it takes to hold something in place, so I’m using this material to create something that can slice through. 

Meanwhile, I need to set this project aside because I’m running late and I nearly compromise my principles because I’m under pressure. At the last minute I clean up after the work I’ve done.

In other words, I tried to cut a little of this off, I tried to burn a little of that off, and I made a bit of a mess. I pick up after myself and take what’s left of the implements – they need to be returned. They didn’t work for me, but maybe they can be used as components for something else. I look around to see if I can make anything else work for what I need.

Someone is coming over so I have to put everything aside for now. But instead of putting the tools into a closet or some drawers where they would best be kept, I put some of them into a refrigerator. I can straighten that out later, but at the moment I need to gain some composure for my meeting.

What is this showing me? Well, although I still haven’t accomplished what I was trying to do, I’m aware of what the problem is – I just haven’t acquired the proper tools that I need to be successful.

However, I do realize that I must look within myself for what I need, in order to find balance in the outer life. This will take time, but at least I’m looking around (within) for the tools to resolve the imbalance. If I were looking for the solution in the outer life, I would be in serious trouble.

In the next dream, the imagery moves further toward a sense of completion (after that, my dreams again start to deviate from it, showing that nothing is complete, all is just a step forward and then it all starts over again).

In this dream, I find a condo that I feel I can make into a place of balance. I notice that in doing this, other apartment units near mine start changing, shaping themselves up to be more in a balanced energetic.

So what had been a state of confusion and chaos, in terms of everything being too much to cope with (because of the sensory overload of Las Vegas), is now being brought into greater alignment. I see that I’m able to move about without feeling so lost.

What this adds to the scenario is that, if I take the time to look at what lies within – as an awareness, or as an answer – I’m better able to flow in the maze of the outer world. I’m learning how to hold onto and apply an inner connection that is able to reach into all that is before me.

And I’m starting to find the value latent within (the outer world of Las Vegas) that I ordinarily don’t reach (nor do most people). Nearly everyone in Las Vegas is expecting to catch up with the meaning of this place in some sort of outer reflection, and that is just a veil over what is really here.

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