Resonating a Stillness

Stillness vs. MovementWe often speak about the energetic effects that we can have on things around us – if we are developed or connected in our lives. That can seem hard to imagine sometimes, but it might be more clear when we think about someone who is comfortable in an emergency situation. The fact that they are not in a panic, and that they can take charge, can bring relief and calm to everyone in the room. We could say that person has a development in that specific area of their life – usually through prior experience. In spiritual development, our connections could allows us that ability to give what is energetically needed in any type of situation – whether we’ve experienced it before, or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation one really goes on an extreme and sets the tone. In the meditation dream I am shown the importance of an energetic unfoldment whenever I take in more than what I expect. When I take an unfoldment for granted, I am apt to get in the way of a natural process.

By holding onto the outer unfoldment, I get in the way of life’s natural ebb and flow, energetically. See, so I’m above all of this in a way; I’m in a different state, which makes me feel almost crazy.

I am meant to embrace the flow from within, and not experience the unfoldment as a kind of outer agreement world duality. I hurt myself over and over when I conduct myself as if I am entitled, instead of appreciating the natural overall unfoldment from within.

So, in the first dream, big story on this first dream, I’m in a large building. It’s kind of like a brick building. I guess you’d consider it a humongous house, although it doesn’t look like a house. It looks like an apartment building or something. It’s got halls in it and stuff like that, but I guess it’s more like a big house.

And it’s very late at night. Everyone’s in bed, and I suddenly notice a change in the energy, something’s about to happen. And, as I look out the window, I see a bunch of guys who are racing along, as if they’re militia or something, but they’re like a gang, and they are breaking into the buildings.

And they have it down to a timing. They’re break in and abduct everybody, and torture them or whatever they do, and they knock off building after building in ten seconds or less. And so I see them coming. I see how fast they’re going, and so I look for a place to hide.

I go into the corner of what would be my father’s bedroom, although I don’t see him in bed and there’s like a little well or like a depression where light comes out. You know you see those often times along sidewalks or something where there’s a cut down, a lower spot.

Well, this bedroom has a little lower spot like that, and a light down there. And there happens to be a bunch of mesh wire, so I jump down in that hole and pull this mesh wire over the top to hide myself down there. I don’t have time to do anything else. You know, I don’t even have time to address the light down there. I’m going to have to hope that it doesn’t shine through the mesh. In and of itself, why would anyone disturb the wire mesh laying there, unless they had a reason to?

So the bad dudes break into the place, abduct everyone, and go about whatever it is that they’re doing in terms of terrorizing, and torturing, or whatever it is that they’re doing. Unfortunately the light does shine through the mesh, and so the leader of the banditos sees this and says, “El macho” which I take to mean man of the house hiding down there.

Yeah, it had more than just that. Yeah, it did. You’re not going to pull the wool over his eyes. So he pulls off the mesh and I’m abducted. But he doesn’t torture me like the others, and we even seem to carry on a conversation in a normal way. And the whole time he has my sister all twisted and contangled in knots, as he’s doing his thing, afflicting people.

But I’m calm through all of it. It’s as if nothing’s going on. I’m just casually talking saying, “Well, I saw you guys coming. I happen to be up even though everyone was asleep.” And I’m indicating that I was watching them and I say, “What did you guys give yourself in terms of timing, ten seconds or so to break in to each place?” You know, just real casually, it is what it is, and his reply is, “Yeah, that’s about right.” So I mean you have this chitty chatty rapport.

Then suddenly, I don’t know, out of the blue, I guess the panhandlers are out late at night, and there’s this panhandler and he comes by and he acts as if, there’s people, maybe he can get a handout? And his eyes get really big as he sees what is going on but, you know, he’s an idiot. He is harmless, but still could be a problem from what he saw.

And so I say to the big boss, the main bandito, “I wouldn’t let him go if I were you. He looks like a problem. I mean he reacted, see? He could blither away somehow.” Of course this guy notices it, too.

He grabs the guy. He acts like he’s infuriated, pulls out a knife like he’s going to kill him on the spot – but he can’t do that. He’s not quite that kind of guy. And then he says to himself, that in the future, in other words if something were to happen and he’s caught and he’s brought before justice for prosecution, because he’s adequately terrorized everybody, that he can see five abstentions meaning, you know, they won’t say anything because they don’t know what could possibly happen if they talked. And then one person who talks, and of course that could be this guy.

And so he then, as if he’s commenting about it all, as if he’s reviewing everything in the scenario and he’s saying, everyone that he’s dealing with is acting according to Hoyle. You know, they get terrorized, they take all of this stuff going literally. But he indicates that he’s impressed by one man, and I know that that’s me because nothing fazes me. I’m not freaked out like everyone else. I’m just going along with the situation in a calm and balanced way.

The meaning is, the dream is portraying a demeanor that is able to take into account everyone as they are with an understanding and acceptance. To be like this is to reside beyond self-imposed limitations.

I see myself as being everything. In other words, I’m in an all-pervasive wholeness. I am like that because I do not subrogate my nature. By subrogate means repress and do some sort of cram down which is where you get all caught up in the affairs of the outer. That’s another way of looking at subrogation. And whenever you suppress something, then your natural energetic, which is all-inclusive, then is confined to having to sustain the energetic to keep something hidden, repressed, defense mechanism.

I am able to notice idiosyncrasies; ordinarily you don’t notice them because you’re shut down yourself. You’re always looking at yourself, kind of thing. When you think you’re looking at something, you can’t actually see it straightaway, but I’m able to notice the idiosyncrasies but do not judge or shut down. In that regard, I am like a light that is not put out. Or another twist on el macho, the main man, able to resonate a stillness into the overall.

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Relating Downward

aura_luceWhen we begin a spiritual journey, it can be seen as a type of reaching up, a way to rise above the planetary aspects (personal) to the more universal view of things (in service to something higher). But, at a certain level of development, that changes. That’s when we become a conduit for higher energies into this planetary world. And that is a very great service, to give access, because what is given access can then reach everyone else we come in contact with. This is one of the unique possibilities of our human design, and it brings new possibilities to the situation.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this next dream, it’s like I’ve gone into an office where I’m going to see a client. I’m going to be counseling. It feels like I’m kind of new to the office.

I have like a cubical, where there’s a lot of light, where I’ll be taking someone in and counseling. and then over to my left there’s a couch there, that’s just in the office area, where people can come and sit. And there’s a rather graceful looking woman reclining on that.

Behind there are three desks where various clerical, or secretarial staff, will keep things organized are sitting. And I’m walking around at this point in time, I don’t have a client yet, looking for paperwork, and looking for the paperwork history on the client I’m going to be seeing in a while, and just trying to get myself organized because it feels like I’m new to this office.

And then one of the gals tells me that my client’s here, but, just as I go to get my client and bring her in the room, I suddenly notice again, but more markedly now, this rather gracious lady that’s reclining on the couch. And I’m suddenly wondering: was she a client that had come, that I was supposed to see before this lady, and no one announced her? Or was someone supposed to be seeing her, and no one noticed she was there?

I can’t counsel one person with another person right there in the room that hasn’t been taken care of. And I suddenly look at one of the secretaries, who’s looking like, well, maybe they did forget to do something like tell me a client was there, or find whoever was supposed to see her.

The lady herself is very quiet and gracious and doesn’t seem to be worried about anything, but I’m suddenly kind of thrown off a bit because how did we all not, you know, take this into account or something? I’m kind of suddenly in a little bit of Limbo. I’m hoping I didn’t forget, you know, and if the secretary forgot I guess she’ll handle it, but it’s just kind of a feeling of being a little thrown off by that.

John: The thing about this woman is she’s completely relaxed and composed; you don’t see anything wrong with her. That’s the dilemma, all right. That pulls it together in relationship to my dreams. That’s why I was about to say, and said at the very beginning, that the nature of this kind of dreaming is that you almost wonder if you’re losing your mind because you start to perceive things in a slightly different context.

Previously our dreaming has been such in which we have to always denote where we come from, meaning, you know, that we’re grounded in a particular way and have to go through issues in life. And that we need to work off our edges, and everything else, in terms of the conditions in our environment.

And that, as we do that, we become more and more conscious in a functional way, having worked with As Above, So Below kind of a way, in which there is that balance and contrast, in that one is like Yin Yang, one supports the other.

But, in your first image, you took and you extricated yourself into a station in which you were able to relate, or project, across to others. You’ve gathered up all of your belongings, as best you can, in order to do that, and you’ve opened up a whole new can of worms in that process because you’re no longer working things out in terms of having to scramble in terms of the complexities of pressure in the outer.

You’re, instead, sitting in a position that has an effect that projects out, and that’s why it had the image. As you were telling it I was just looking at this image of a spiral going laterally. I couldn’t believe that that you’d be telling this, and I was just staring at this thing going laterally, like a spiral notebook going laterally. So then when you talk about the snakes and the snakes, and the image of a snake is part of the Kundalini going up, and the snakes are eating themselves; they’re crawling on the floor. So they’re being held by their tails and their heads are down on the ground.

But it’s a reversal, isn’t it? In other words, the snake climbs and goes up, and this is off the ground, held by the tail. In other words, the whole idea is the struggle in life is a little different now, in that you have something that you have to convey or relate. Can you bring it through? Can you bring it down?

It’s not a question of sorting things out anymore. It’s a question of causing; it’s a question of relating in a way that effectuates others who are still seeking and searching to figure something out. In other words, you’re in the band. You’re pulled into the band, and you had to gather up your belongings, and you’re spiraling sideways which means that whatever you do it effectuates something in a downward way.

Your change, and how you have to take something into account, is in relationship to that kind of flow now, or effect. In other words, you’re affected by how it is that others are able to relate in terms of how you are able to be.

So this is further accentuated with the client that sits in the office, that’s the sum total of an aspect of yourself. In other words, when a psychologist is working with the client they’re actually working with parts of themselves, and yet the client sitting in your office is complete and content and whole in and of herself. And yet you still have the sense that you have to bring something down into others, but you’re shown that the quality of yourself is meant to hold a particular space.

In other words, you don’t have the Kundalini energy with the snake going up. You have the energy of the snake coming down, and you are sitting in a position with the spirals going laterally with the snake coming down. In terms of your setting, your setting is something in which the client that is sitting there is complete and whole, the client is yourself. Because it is said that, as a general rule, psychologists are psychologists because they’re on a path to discover something about themselves.

I mean that’s like an outer change. I think we shift and we change as we go about living in different environments. I think you shift and you change when you go to a program, and that for awhile things can be haywire, in terms of what you’re doing just before you go to a program, because there’s a sense in the ethers that a change is afoot. It’s almost like one’s shifting. Around here you may have a sense of responsibilities and this, that, and the other that’s quite contractive, and now all of a sudden you’re seeing yourself as having to hold a particular kind of position, or presence, or a way of being, and relate from there – as opposed to struggling to sort things out, climbing properly with the Kundalini energy you’re dealing with the depths of yourself in terms of the heights of something.

Instead it’s like you’re in an expanse that’s somewhere else, and now having to take and function from that expanse, in a more whole way, in relationship to an environment. You don’t go down into such an environment and try to sort yourself out in relationship to that environment. You instead go down into that environment as an effect.

In other words, your being is that of having a particular kind of effect upon life. And how that effect resonates back, is now what you contend with in terms of your way of being – as opposed to getting into the predicaments and having to sort out the complexities, and then contending with that from kind of like above/below, below/above kind of condition. Now you’re more in a level, or station, or something, a kind of quality station able to relate downward. That’s a lot like a teacher does.

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Nothing to Wear

Nothing-beIt’s not uncommon to find oneself going to a certain place, or event, for the first time, and feeling that the clothes we have are all wrong or inappropriate. In the dream world, that feeling is expanded to show a lack of preparation, or a type of unreadiness, for what we are dealing with. In a sense, we are unable to “wear” what we are processing, or unable to own the energies at play, as we may be able to do after dealing with something dozens of times. Yet this is how we grow in our capabilities, even if there is an awkward phase. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in one dream, it’s like I’m at a party, and there’s a group performing. They’re like a band or something, singers. And then they seem to be pulling people towards the front of the room, and one of them pulls me up to the front.

It feels like two of us have been selected to go with them, on a picnic, maybe even pulled on stage. And I kind of feel like a fish out of water because I’m not sure why I was chosen. I feel like other people there know the songs, or they’re more clued in with what’s going on with the whole scene, whereas I’m not. So it’s feeling kind of awkward for me.

But it feels like there’s two of us they’ve selected that will go. I think the other person they selected too is wearing a kind of rose-colored outfit. Then, because we’re going to be going before long, we’re in an apartment-type setting where all of this was taking place, and before we go to the party like I have a feeling I need to get some more clothes or something.

I go into the room next door. It’s actually the room of this woman who has a little boy, and she’s gone into the bathroom and left me with a little boy who’s kind of climbing all over everything, including everything in the closet, and pulling out clothes. And I’m looking at things in the closet and trying to see if I brought any clothes with me; I maybe need a pair of jeans or something to wear to the concert, or wherever we’re going next with the band, and I can’t seem to find the right clothes. Plus the boy is like climbing all over everything and kind of disrupting it, so I’m looking to her when she comes out, because I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to have time to go somewhere and get the clothes, or if there are some clothes here I don’t know about.

And then it feels like there’s just a slight shift in the dream, and I’m standing around watching everyone. And I look down at our feet, and at her feet, and at the feet of the other people in the room are these snakes. And I think they’re holding the snakes by the tail, but the snakes are crawling on the ground. But they’re not paying enough attention to their snakes. I’m kind of just trying to stay out of the way of the snakes. Some of them are very flat looking and some are a little more round.

All the people around me, everyone but me. And they’re just barely holding them. They’re supposed to be watching them, but it’s like they’re talking and milling around, and so they’re not noticing enough what their snakes are doing. And so I see one snake go over and swallow the head of this other snake of the person next to me, and pretty soon three snakes seem to have gotten themselves in some kind of a configuration like that.

And when the owners finally start paying attention to them and pull them apart, one snake maybe even lost its head, you know, and so I’m kind of appalled by that that all these people weren’t watching what their snakes were doing, you know.

John: What we’re going through is hard to keep one’s sanity, and the reason is because there’s kind of like a shift that’s occurring, and it’s a shift that one’s got to be careful because you have to be inclusive. You have to be able to take into account everything that’s happening on all levels.

And the shift that is having you being pulled up on stage is something that is kind of like distancing you from everyone else that’s, you know, just in society. And it’s like when that sort of thing happens you tend to struggle to have the clothes and the things that you need with you. You tend to develop that balance from having been grounded down into the outer of life.

And yet you’re shifting, and what this shifting looks like when you were describing it, is it’s like the Kundalini energy of the snake is a spiral going up, but that’s not the energy in this particular case. It’s an energy going around and around on a particular level.

And so when you were being pulled up into the band, it looked a little bit like the spiral binding of a notebook that’s flat, that goes straight across. And so then when you’re dealing with the energetic of that, you’re dealing with the energetic of something that is, from a relatability standpoint, the consciousness is expanded.

You didn’t bring the clothes that you needed to bring with you to be able to contend with that. In other words, you’re perceiving yourself as having taken a step, outside of the way things are in the environment that you had been in, and it’s almost as if maybe deep down you have a sense that going to Vegas puts you in another plane, or another world. I haven’t looked at it like that, but it kind of does because this is contractive and that is expansive. Is that going to be too expansive? Did you have another dream?

Jeane: Yes.

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