A Calamity of Things

re33teOne way we could define religion, or any spiritual path, is to say that it is a set of ideas and triggers to help us fulfill our human design potential.  Said another way, for a human to do what it was created and designed to do is a religious act. Purpose and religion are inextricably intertwined – you can’t have one without the other (but you can use any different words you prefer). And we need these kinds of guidelines because we live in a world that has moved away from purpose, and mostly settled for pleasures of one type or another. In the end, a religious life isn’t for the dedicated few, it’s for every human ever born. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m a young woman, or somewhere maybe in my 30s or so. And I’ve been kidnapped by this big mob boss, or gangster of some kind, and taken to what feels like another planet – because when he puts me down, it’s almost like there’s some kind of surface he puts me down on almost like if it were a really large lily pad. But there are other people on it, I mean it’s quite large, like the size of this room at least. And there’s some other people on it, maybe they have places where they sleep and stuff. And sometimes it’s even a little sticky.

And I feel like wherever I am, it’s not like I can just leave there. And then it feels like he brings me little things now and then. And then he’s even wanting to encourage me to get up and move around. Or like maybe I actually can have some freedom of movement, but I don’t trust it, because I know he’s kind of a gangster.

And it’s as though he’s trying to convince me that everything’s fine, and I’m with him, and I can actually have a certain amount of freedom, but I recognize that that’s all an illusion to some degree. So it’s like this kind of a little tug-of-war going on there, where he’s kind of wanting me to pretend that I have this freedom. I can even maybe go to the spaceship, but I don’t know that I believe it. And it was all kind of murky colors, too. That was the first dream.

John: Well, you’re just portraying what it’s like to be caught in an amnesia of having to contend and buy into the outer. And, from the perception of the outer, it has like a whole monster, or harshness, or whatever it is, overlording quality to it, that is doing through it’s reflective way to get you to buy into it as being real.

And every time you have any intuition, or whatever, that something could be different, it’s hard to recognize that in the face of a situation in which everything is being done to convince you otherwise.

And the significance of the dream is to catch up with the vibration that belies the fact that this is meaningful, in terms of it being a reflection, and in terms of what it means, how it is, that a part of you needs to unfold.

And for reflection that’s there, and the intensity at play, to make this reflection seem all that there is, is something that you’re having to recognize, and realize, doesn’t echo to a point where you need to be at anymore.

And so, a dream like that, where everything is like that, and no matter what is done to try to convince you that it is otherwise, if you can truly see that and everything in the outer as being like that, then you’re at the threshold of an intense longing for there to be something more. And that longing can bring you out of the outer amnesia of things, which are the reflective conditions, the vibrations, in an outer, and can carry you through a epicenter, or depth, inside of yourself, which is able to take all of that in, in terms of the essence, as opposed to the reflection.

And so, you could say that your dream is a calamity of things, so to speak, in an exaggerated format, that’s at the gateway of the epiphany, breaking through, to something so much more on an other side. But, until you do that, and if you’re still caught in the equation of things all around you, then it’s like that, being in kind of a pressurized zone, and yet something is waking up, and yet there you are – not able to quite catch up with what is waking up. So you feel the kind of heaviness, density, and even a kind of anguish, at your condition in the physical.

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New Pathways

imagesIf everything begins with energy, then religions are energies, too. When a person follows a religious path, they connect to the energies of that path. But energy is never static, it is always moving and evolving. That’s why it is important to connect to the energetic aspects of any particular path, and not just adhere to the unchanging written words, because it is always about the connection. If we are connected to an energy, we have access to the intelligence of that energy, and what it holds, today, not just what it was holding a thousand years ago. And this is important for the same reasons that we don’t use medical procedures from a thousand years ago. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I had this dream in my sleep that I kind of wanted to ignore. For some reason I just seemed to have a hard time wanting to wake up and write up a dream. And so what was happening is that I was going back into this prior meditation dream, only this time the energetic, that had been destabilizing, like a fire and a destruction of things, had been diffused.

And, as a consequence, I could look at people who had come out of a house and into the outer, and just be able to aimlessly move about. Be easy going, not have to carry some quality of a vibration about them to have to contend with things.

There was also something very interesting about this house, in that it had a stairway built like a kid might build a tree fort, where you can climb up, and it’s wooden, and it goes from various main trunks to various main trunks. Looks kind of flunky, and it’s not really a house, it’s up in the air.

Well, this house had this stairway, and it looked a little flunky, it didn’t do anything for the appearance of the house, but it had this wooden stairway that was built upon the fire exit. And a person told me that, if it weren’t for this stairway, he wouldn’t be able to come and go. The front door entrance to this place, he couldn’t go in that way because it didn’t get to this part of the house that was way up high. It was shut off, somehow or another, from that kind of an approach.

And the place this stairway went to, on the upper floor of the house, could be accessed no other way. And if you hadn’t told me this, I was about to consider it maybe an eyesore, it was out of place in terms of the conventional way of looking at things.

And then there was also another aspect of the dream, I guess as I must have been pondering this more, in which I took the inside way up high, I went through a narrow window, and it was just straight up and down. And I realized I was in trouble because I was so far up in the air, couldn’t climb down, can’t jump down. And I woke up realizing, I’m not sure I can climb back into this narrow window.

So, what is going on? Well, in the prior dream, I reached an inner acceptance, in which all that existed was in the heart, and there was no barrier of outer energetic projection. The putting of everything into the heart, as an absorptive forgiving, is a union to a oneness, in which deviation and separation go away, they just blink right out. It happens that fast, which is surprising. One minute you’re disturbed, and the next minute you’re calm.

To find this again was not possible, meaning to find the deviation and separation and anxiety is not possible, when the all-pervading stillness is what remained in its place. In other words, I would have had to violate that stillness, and so I’m not going to do that. So to find this other is not possible; it just blinks out, like I say, it just gets absorbed.

And what’s also interesting is when it’s absorbed like that, where there had been the vibrational complexities, that caused outer motif reactions and such, what existed now in its place is a rejoicing and joyousness that rose up out of the stillness. I mean, that actually hardly makes sense because how can you have that – and you have a stillness? It’s like that got transmuted. Behind what is a vibrational characteristic is really something meant to be joyous and rejoicing.

And so then, in this dream, the image of going into the outer with ease, and a calmness, is kind of a given, this dream starts out that way, coming and going back and forth, like an inner into outer, and outer back to the inner, whatever, without the vibrational complexities. And where access to a place at the top of this house had not existed before, a new way was devised. The wooden stairway may have looked a bit out of place, but it enabled access to a room at the top of the house that would have been cut off, and not known about, if not for this.

I suppose time and effort could have resulted in the opening up of an inner corridor to this place that existed way up high. And then you could put in a window to see out. However, how could you come and go except under a prescribed inner way that would have its definitions and such, because I tried to go out that window and found myself limited, I was way up high, I couldn’t come down. So, I had no option other than to follow some sort of system that, in and of itself, had a defined modality.

So, the meaning is that the conventional spiritual paths may seem good, and sound good, and work under carefully prescribed circumstances, but they do have their limitations in terms of enabling a simple, inner into outer, and for the outer to recognize an inner. So it appears that for this period of time and evolution, the system has been modified. The person using the stairway built upon a one-way, energetic fire exit basically said it very well. If not for this odd-looking stairway he wouldn’t be able to come and go, or be here.

So the significance, of course, is what triggered this dream was, I was listening to a tape and the seed thought of this tape, or an important statement that was made on this tape, is that the consciousness is constantly changing – in terms of the way things are evolving – and that the spiritual paths have to change to accommodate that. What may have been kind of the depth of something is not necessarily the workable format for now.

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Universal Heart

qLz00_If we truly understood, and embraced, the cycles and purposes of life, the world wouldn’t look the way it does. Because we make the physical life the be-all, end-all of our existence, we strip our life of its real purpose in the universal unfolding. This makes us susceptible to the pain of gain and loss, in comparison to one another, which ultimately can bring out the worst of our nature. When we accept that we are here for a reason, we will use our time and energy very differently.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m observing the landscape. The landscape is such that it affects how life unfolds. In other words, in this landscape you have two things, you have things either expanding or you have contracting. And if it’s contracting, it means it the conditions are getting direr and direr as the tearing down and blowing up continues to predominate.

In other words, it’s like a type of fire that’s sweeping the land, and you’re left to a rear-guard kind of coping. But, things are dire because you’re not gaining any headway you’re only having, in the expanding aspect of things, you’re only having reprieves that open things up. But, in the overall, things are still breaking down.

And so this is what I keep seeing, as far as the eye can see, indicating that my world is steadily shrinking, and that means my outer world. And that just also happens to be the prevailing reality; in other words, things are getting harder and harder in the outer. However, in spite of such appearances, my attention is such that I am straining to isolate instances where there’s relief from the breakdown, where there actually is a counterbalancing, or something.

The fact that there is this sort of thing gives me hope. As a realist, the outer is losing ground to the steady breakdown fire that can’t be put out. But then there’s this, almost unbeknownst, that that breakdown fire is seeming to emerge on kind of its own track. And what is interesting is that in the dream, I’m calm about what is unfolding, because there is this other, that’s expanding, it means that I can be calm and let go. If I didn’t have any choices, or alternatives, I suppose it would be kind of depressing.

It’s as if facts are facts, or, it is what it is, kind of thing. And yet I can be okay with that, I’m able to be surrendered to the inevitable because, for me, there’s a bit of an alternative. I mean, there is the expansive aspect that is like a hope, and has its healing effect in terms of my perceptions, in terms of my way of handling what is unfolding in manifestation, in general.

Consequently, I’m able to be in the midst of the steady, contractive destruction and not be in despair. That’s the meditation dream.

So, what is going on is, I am able to discern that which is real, on an inner level, from that which is falling apart in the collective consciousness of an outer. I am okay in the midst of this. It does not do me any good to dwell upon the uneven unfolding unpleasantries that are like a fire burning out of control, destroying the overall outer habitat.

I’m able to accept this as an outer reality, because there’s inside of me something else, that kind of counterbalances it, at least it does so for me, because there is the expansionary perception that redeems me from within. My contribution is to communicate that way of life as being what things are really all about.

Or, to say it slightly different, to communicate what life is really about, by directing conscious attention to the interaction, it is able to open up for me more and more, or it has opened up for me more and more, and the degree I’m able to communicate the stillness of that opening up, the more my heart is able to hold, within itself, all of manifestation cradled therein.

I’m able to perceive the distinction between hope, which is expansive, and despair, which is contractive, as being like qualities of accommodation. So, am I able to host everything in manifestation? Or, are the guests in charge of the ship of manifestation? If I am the host, I’m able to put everything into my heart and draw projections into a stillness. If my reality is to the projections, the guests are in charge, and the breakdown of despair predominates as the outer projections control.

Access within is a communication that breaks through the veils of despair. The collective patterns and habituation cannot stand in this light. The need is met when, from within, the all-pervading heart presides over it all. What I’m talking about is a forgiveness that absorbs vibrations by taking such deviations into the heart to be redeemed redemptively. When this happens, the predominating veils naturally lift, our beingness is able to be the universal heart.

Everything functions that way, as the universal heart, so to speak, or the all-encompassing oneness of one heart. And, when that is like that, joy is in this one beingness heart and everything is whole and at home.

Such a joyous effect seems to rise up from this all-pervading stillness, where prior vibrations had existed, that despairingly distinguish and separate. Such vibrations, that despairingly distinguish and separate, have been absorbed into the stillness. And, oddly enough, rising up from that almost like – poof! – just like a flash, is kind of excitement and a joyousness.

To be able to timely let go into an all-pervasive heart, which takes in vibrations as food, changes the atmosphere automatically. There is nothing to do; doing ideas of this or that is a mind still in the veils of outer projection.

Reported answers are the problem. Or, as Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. When all vibratory states are stilled, the heart is able to take everything into an atmosphere, and the station of love, joy, peace and happiness exude as a wholeness of soul.

The atmosphere is that of rejoicing. And, in a stillness, this is all that remains. And, of course, that’s like describing the angelic state, too. That’s an aspect of the angelic state inside myself. It’s said that the angels can only sing the praises and glory of God, so this is like catching up with the angelic side – inside of oneself. In other words, they don’t have freedom of choice; they just serve and praise.

So, this is interesting. This is bringing that aspect in, in another way of looking at it, in terms of how it is part of the whole, instead of something that is skewed a bit, as a consequence of overindulgence in terms of projective outer.

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