Delving In


M.C. Escher

It seems that when we become good at certain things in our life, there is a process where we learn, and grow, and practice, and hone. Yet, at the point of mastery, we are still letting go of all that work and just being in the moment of what we are doing. We switch from doing, to being. And in whatever process we can achieve that switch, we will have found a certain mastery of the flow of it. And never is that more true than in our spiritual pursuit, where we won’t find our way through understanding the journey only with our brain, but when we begin to live the process with the whole of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, one dream that I had, that I seem to keep coming back to, it was like I was studying these dots that were in-between two lines, or sometimes they were just out there. But somewhere you knew there were some lines that were boundaries for them.

And what these dots were, and they usually came in pairs, but I’d see at least four of them at a time, is that they would be where you would hook up like a sewer line, or some type of a water line, and they were supposed to be hooked up two at a time.

Well, everybody had their ideas about this, and sometimes people would just hook up to one of them, and they didn’t hook up two at a time. They just didn’t quite hook them up right, and then they’d wait to see how it worked. And I would just keep studying this to see, well, did it work if they tried it that way? Or do you hook up two or more at a time? Or, okay, if we do just go and hook it up the way somebody wants to try, is that going to work, or isn’t it going to work?

And it felt like I would go back and forth studying this and see. Wait, okay, we tried it with just one, is that going to work? As far as I know you’re supposed to do it this other way, the way they’ve already been laid, and I spent a lot of time doing that.

John: The step that one’s being asked to take, at this conference, is to let go of how things work and just go ahead and plug in to a natural flow. That is the way the human condition is able to function in an overallness that’s impossible to sort out. That is so much that it leaves one, by comparison, the condition that one’s in, remains always trying to sort something out, always fumbling about.

And so what you’re doing is you’re taking the principle of an overallness, where you have the energy lines and everything, and you have an ability to catch up with that which is a little more profound than the average person is capable of doing, and you’re able to recognize that there is a way of delving into a flow, or into the depths of that; there is a naturalness there.

And you see the naturalness in composites of four. When in a composite of four, that’s in an ordering in which there is a naturalness, in which you’re able to surrender and flow. But you also note all that’s there, and you can try this way, and that way, the variables, and when you do that you find yourself having to struggle, and contemplate how this can be, and how that can be – which means that you’re making things overly complicated. Because it’s meant to just be a natural flow. When it’s just a natural flow it doesn’t matter what right or wrong is, or anything like that. It’s just a natural flow.

The isolation of things happens when one tries to comprehend how something should be. And you can develop an amazing kind of understanding about it, but that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere, when you can just have the natural flow, if you just surrender to that.

That’s why Lewin is saying that there’s only three things going on: there’s prayer, there’s meditation, and then there is the dhikr, the attention to the name of God, an energized charged condition. And it’s charged by something that’s sourcing from the absolute, or sourcing from the innerness of innerness. In other words, it’s not just a human being anymore.

In other words it’s like, it’s a common misconception, and was kind of thrown out there initially by Lewin, that a teacher is a person just one step further on the path. The path is endless. You just have to flow. You have to let go.

And Lewin is no longer looking at himself as just a mere teacher. He’s actually referring to himself as the guru, and a guru is a very significant term. To be a guru you can’t have the personal intertwinements that could throw something haywire, or off. You have to bring in the full transmission.

And so I’m looking and realizing that, yes, it can be kind of interesting to try to understand why it is that things get pulled and tugged this way, and that way, and there are people here who are overwhelmed by kundalini energy and such, but that’s part of the process, that’s part of the tugging, that’s part of the download that’s happening, and they will sort that out.

There is a greater design towards sorting it out. One can take and look at trying to understand that, just like you can try to look to understand all of the energetic points that lie in between two parallel lines, two Ley lines of life. You can look to try to understand that, but the understanding of that, by going from this, to this, to that, to that, as opposed to holding one’s self in a wholeness, taking each one on as a wholeness, as a greater overallness – and you can do that with the dhikr. You can hold that overallness by a certain quality that you can touch that with, with the dhikr.

But if you lose that vibration, then you can still try to needle along, but you’re going one at a time, two at a time, and you’re messing around in which you are actually tearing yourself up if you attempt to do that – and you’re making this whole thing complicated.

Because what that image is also about is a means of being able to delve in. You have this in-between, and this vacuous space in-between is something you could delve into like water. You can go to the depths of something there, but you’re not going to go to the depths trying to figure it out.

Like the gal I was talking to the other day, wonderful, wonderful person, but is trying to understand the meaning of what it is that she senses in order to find a sense of peacefulness for herself – and you never can find that peacefulness. That kundalini energy that you have will sort itself out, if you surrender. You have to surrender to a naturalness; a naturalness that flows within.

Your human condition works when it works in that capacity. It doesn’t work when it is constantly having to follow a path, or to try to be in a particular way, or to have a grasp of something in a particular light of understanding. Those lights of understanding get in the way of the heart.

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doadTo understand and connect to what is unfolding, energetically, requires that we tune into the subtleties of the unseen worlds as they unfold. But energies are not always subtle, sometimes shock effects need to be made to awaken things from their stupor. We see it in individual stories when a personal catastrophe becomes the “best thing” that ever happened to a person, because they woke up to find their true path. Yet the need for energetic upheaval, whether in an individual’s life, or in the history of the human race, occurs when all the subtle signals are ignored. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, my sleep dream dealt with the problem that he created. In the meditation dream, I observe an energetic effect that destabilizes the prior status quo. Now perhaps the prior status quo set off energetic reasons that made sense for the change. Nevertheless, the energetic abruptly altered the energetic unfoldment.

In the meditation dream, the effect was an unanticipated result. The energetic aliveness within me quickened, but the vibrational net result is not what was anticipated. For reasons I can’t explain, the energetic effect involves, as its say to the process change, a usurping of the energetic, just like where the outer can take and become greater and do the dumbing down again.

Because the letting go reality accessed this pent up, it’s also pent up as in the world vibration, the net effect of the transmission was a switch that shocked out the potentiality, shocked it out, in other words, caused it to go almost into a stunned condition instead of shifting it anew.

The meaning is I am seeing that an energetic unfoldment in the psyche of an unrealized soul who takes the upliftment, who experiences like the upliftment, and this causes an effect that tears things down more proficiently, because the time to the outer unfoldment was energetically quickened to take in and effectuate an inner design vibration before it was properly honed.

In other words, there was too much brought, and the outer can’t handle it, before it was properly honed, and the result was a disturbance in the collective that took those with hope to the condition of shock and alarm. They don’t know that they’ve been shocked and alarmed, but inside something’s been rippled.

So the scenario is that man has gone off on a tangent in the use of an inner energetic connection. That’s like what your first dream did; you had your shadow aspect there. And, as a result, life is deteriorating and sits in jeopardy, or is deteriorating and the effect is jeopardizing mankind’s survival.

The scenario was subjected to a huge energetic download to shift the current state of things. This led to a result that was a shocking surprise because this wasn’t what was expected in terms of the redesign. In other words, it didn’t happen smoothly. All of a sudden it was a kaboom.

So what is this saying? The dream is saying that the initial download, in and of itself, destabilizes. This was not the intended effect, or maybe it was because it’s got to be put together. So the way I am understanding this, there is more to come to what happened on the first day of the program, which was just a start, needing packaging in a way that retains the net effect of a divine inner prevailing. That is not the case yet.

The sleep dream actually supported it, too, but what a strange dream. In my dream, I took a long time to get some documents to an accountant for putting into a proper order. In other words, these documents are all supportive documents in relationship to something that had to be pushed into life like effectuated with an attorney, but first the documents had to be put in order.

I’ve already got the attorney to handle everything, but then this opinion review with the documents is next, and it’s as if the documents have gotten lost in the mail. What I had scheduled to do is held up waiting for this to clear, for these documents to get there. I mean, what in the dickens is going on? Each day I call, and finally one day when I call frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet, I am told that the documents just arrived, and it was just like a coincidence that they just got handed to her the minute I placed the call.

And so I go into the accountant, who’s also like an attorney, and he says that no matter what he did on a prior situation like this, in terms of getting something set up and arranged in a straightforward manner, the judge just refused to accept the obvious. And so he indicates that, since it can’t go anywhere, he’s too busy to help. And his comments about this are real disparaging.

And I’m thinking, oh my gosh, I don’t need to have this contaminant perpetuated. Well I seem to be with, all of a sudden, a kind of shadow figure that is adamant that we’ve waited long enough, we’ve got to get these papers set in order to go forward with them. So he says, “I know of some poor accountants,” meaning not good accountants, but at least accountants. We didn’t need that super expert, and these accountants just happen to be even in the same building.

So he leads the way, opens the side door into this other part of the building, and asks for a particular person, of which we find that person on a lunch break. And we walk up to him as he’s eating his lunch. And then there’s a moment before either of us speak and that’s when I wake up.

So the meaning is even though I seem to have a clear-cut and obvious situation, in terms of what should unfold, I am not able to cut through the red tape to get justice. When I do, I am told in a pragmatic way, that my position can’t go anywhere because no one cares about getting to the bottom of such deep, underlying issues. I don’t give up. I consider that to be outrageous. My shadow friend seeks out a simpler and more straightforward approach that bypasses the usual protocols, which are going nowhere.

The deeper meaning is the dream is about pragmatism versus the obvious. The obvious, on a deep level, is quite angelic and is in the light. The pragmatic, on a Jin level, is in manifestation and action oriented, and is not being accountable to the levels of beingness that I know permeate through the universe – but I am unable to get that to be embraced here, to be taken into account.

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Care Giver

gangsdWhen we talk about communication between the inner aspects of ourselves, it can appear in all the familiar imagery we know happens in the outer world. For the masculine energy to speak with the feminine energy, we see a prostitute and a gangster, the seduction to bring the energy closer, and the care-taking of trying to protect this energy from external forces. In this way we can understand how our unconscious uses the stories we already are familiar with to get its message across. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the later dream I had, it feels like I may be a prostitute or something. Anyway, I’m a woman who’s at a house more for the entertainment, along with other women, for the entertainment of the men who come, who are gangsters.

And the gangsters in this house, I seem to be more affiliated with one of them, and what I notice is that another one of the gangsters has come in, that’s probably connected with the boss, is probably trying to kill these other gangsters off. So my focus is kind of like on being both kind of invisible and, at the same time, trying to help the one gangster get away – without being overly obvious about it.

It feels like I try to help him get out of the building, and even down somewhere on the waterfront, because we seem to be over or in water, but the people that are following him it seems like he just can’t shake them.

And that’s all I remember of that dream. It went on for a long time, and it felt like it repeated a bit, but it wasn’t really clear to me. I could just kind of relate more to the theme of it.

John: Well, what the gangster energy is, is first of all the part of the gangster that you’re trying to rescue, or to save, is kind of like the masculine quality, or the higher-self quality, very similar to the first dream. It’s like the shadow dynamic masculine that you’re able to work with in manifestation, which means that you’ve created and come up with something that’s marginalized, for coping purposes.

And that, as I mentioned before, if something gets too over the top in terms of bringing something in too directly from the other side, that that will set off a reverb chain reaction of collateral impact. And the same thing is true here, where you’re using the word gangster to represent raw energy, and that raw energy is actually like the kundalini energy, or the energy of a higher self, or a greater aliveness, that comes down into manifestation.

And so you have caught up, just like you did in the first dream, with being able to cope with a degree of that under palpable circumstances. So you’ve got your gangster type that you can contend with, that you can take care of, that you can at least attempt to take care of. And then there’s the other that is so much more, that’s also coming into the situation, and what do you do with that? And that jeopardizes everything. In fact, that could kill off whatever it is that you have as a semblance of a relatability of a balance and that’s exactly true.

That’s what I dreamt about. What Lewin did in terms of the light actually has to be fixed now, because he has set off a collateral damage that actually has disturbed the ethers of a greater wholeness. It’s worth a shot, and, as he said, “Now we’ll be exploring the subtler qualities of this ebb and flow, this in and out.” And conceivably he can bring and adjust those, and what he is doing is we’re all greater octaves of himself. He’s got to adjust this. It’s his responsibility to take and make this all copacetic for everyone of us, and we just have to sit here and take and go through the up and downs, but that’s his directive.

What a huge, huge job this is when you suddenly see it now; huge job. We sit here and fumble about how all of this is, you know, a delirium here, and an issue there, and this has got to come through in a transformitive way. And, as he presented it yesterday, he has set off a little bit of a problem for himself to solve this. He obviously did this on purpose. He’s got three days to pull it together.

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