The Ruse

abstrfn3We all have stories that we tell ourselves, ways that we rationalize certain behaviors or decisions. Still, deep inside, we know that we are only fooling ourselves, or delaying the inevitable. Because there is an interesting fact about life in this universe: everything that happens begins with a cause. Whether we speak of a physical ailment, or wonder why something grows well here and struggles over there – nothing just happens. There is always a confluence of energies that are caused to gather in a certain spot, and, when they do, something becomes inevitable. When we take this to heart, it can be easier to look at the causation of something, rather than to deny the result. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I have a couple dreams that modify this a little bit, to show some deeper aspects. In this dream, I’m driving a car that I usually don’t drive because I have a way of bringing out an abuse that hurts the environment; it’s just the way I am when I drive.

So the passenger of the car gets a kick out of telling the story of how I am pulled over by a cop, and in my amnesia and shock, as if I don’t know what’s going on. And the story gets exaggerated with each telling in terms of the shock of the cop, and that I could be so unconscious.

After hearing the story told a few times, with each telling a bit more cutting, I decide it’s my turn to tell the story. And I point out, before I get into it, that the way this is going it will come to this sort of story before it is over. So now I tell the story. Instead of a cop doing the questioning, my exaggerated story goes like this. I’m stopped by the side of the road with a flat tire, an old man comes down a hillside, cane in hand, and comes to where I’m at and says, “Is that how you treat your car?” He comments how I should never be driving. The way I shredded the tire before coming to a stop is unconscionable.

And so I go on and on with all of this, making this up to drag this thing out. And when I’m through, even though I had indicated in advance that I’m doing an exaggerated rendition, strewing things completely out of proportion, thinking that they would know that I’m making 90% of it up, too, and that the listener should get it – that is not what I noticed. The look on the face of the listener was kind of appalled.

So, like I said, this is a reprimand. So what’s the scenario that drags something like this up? I’m looking at grief as a means to taking greater responsibility – as a precursor to love opening up, is how that is meant to be denoted, or understood.

For example, when I learned that I was going to die of cancer in six months, and that nothing could be done to avert the inevitable, other than slow it down, the shock cut through in a way that nothing before had ever done. So, when I’m telling the outer story of the dream, making this up, and exaggerating the event, this is when I finally see it, or note it. Before, you know, I could always laugh it off, or shuck and jive, in other words, poo-poo the whole thing.

So the meaning is, is in a world of duality, there are two ways of looking at everything. Always are. And everything is in an inner and outer dream, as it is me, I am able to see everything, I should be able to see everything, from both directions. And both ways. And, as in the above scenario, sure, you could say that from all of that that joy is the greatest thing, but also grief can beckon a closeness not otherwise possible. And, in that regard, you could say, grief is love.

But it’s still not over. There’s another rather interesting one. In a prior dream, I am with another person, and we are introducing to a group this theme park. In other words, these guests are there and they’ve never been here before. And, of course, I’m just there and the other guy is actually the person who is in charge at the theme park to describe to them what it’s about. But I know what it’s about, too, because I’ve been with this guy.

Now the theme park is designed to give visitors a memorable experience, it’s like going to Disney World or something, and riding an event that tweaks your senses or something. Only in this case you come to it, and things happen around you – and you have something memorable as a consequence of it.

So my friend is about to present it in his usual, straightforward way what’s to happen here, and I decide, nah, let’s spice it up. So I say to the visitors that they need to hold back a safe distance because, through this gate off to the left, a bunch of ravenous mad dogs are unleashed. They’re dangerous and have been known to be uncontrollable. So, if they hold back a little bit it’s okay.

And I’m doing my best not to smile, because I’m trying to come across as literally shocking as possible, it’s a joke, just to spice it up. And my rendition of what is going to happen at this theme park is so ghastly that the guests are looking at me, studying my face real closely for any indications that this can’t quite really be so. Like, well, am I gonna smile? Is this a joke? As I am effectively jarring their sensibilities.

Meaning: The lilt and mannerism of everything in life is more meaningfully portrayed, in terms of least disturbance, by putting the best light on things, not spice it up to create a reactionary effect. Everyone already has the little nuances that hold them back. In other words, you can always see where a person’s got his little hiccups, you can always go to that. It’s just like a mother can always disturb her son, because she has an innate sense of what he’s about, and can keep him screwed up and control him – not letting him be free.

So, to understand this, it is better to direct the energetic waywardness by taking the latent force and effect and pointing it to a greater inner realization. In other words, if you’re going to do it, how do you slingshot to greater depth realization? That way the literalness of the outer does not get so strewn out of proportion that the inner meaningness gets veiled, due to reactionariness, or defense mechanism.

So the punch line to all of this is, if you can do it, it takes a lot of focus to carry off an outer divine play ruse to get to a deeper note from within. When this fails, reverberations can get so loudly in the way that the hint is lost.

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As Needed

universe-dWe may have experienced, in small ways, the settlement of knowing where we fit in and what role we play in the world. Whether that’s as a family member, or on a project, or singing in a choir, we can feel a certain well-being from understanding the relationship we have to everything else involved. Now imagine the settlement we can feel when we take to heart the understanding that we all, individually and as a species, play a specific and important role in the unfolding universe. In this way, we don’t need to fight for more, or for what’s “ours,” because we are already an integral part of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I see myself as seated in the middle area of a trial room. It’s like  there’s this courtroom, and a whole bunch of people are in this courtroom, the courtroom is packed, there’s the judge upfront, everybody likes the judge, he’s a very fair judge.

And people are there observing. I guess they’re not used to things being fair, and so they’re there to appreciate something that has changed. And I’m sitting back in about the middle area, observing the process, or picture of things.

And then there are always those that are your politicians, or movers and shakers in life, that take it upon themselves to do this, that, or the other, or can be easily be corrupted, or have their notions or whatever. And they’re closer up front. But because of the direction of this judge being as fair as he is, they plug in fine, too, because deep down their intent is to be real; it’s not to be a run amok.

So that means that everything that I look at is participating in the unfoldment. And in kind of a way that’s very enjoyable. Now, in terms of all of this, I’m like a stranger that has come into this town. I seem to know the people in this town, but it’s not like I’m part of it like they are. It’s not like I go through the ups and downs of things to the degree that they do.

And so I guess I didn’t know what to expect, and suddenly realize I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief, because that which is unfolding is taking into consideration the needs of everyone. Everyone that’s there; in other words, there’s nobody acting up. It’s all following along; it’s like they finally got a good judge out there for change. A fair judge, in every regard, who takes everybody into account. And, as a consequence, then, a calmness can permeate the atmosphere, and everyone feels that they are involved. And that there is no need to feel left out, or dubious that some sort of power and control is at play, manipulating things.

So what is unfolding, and the meaning is, is that I’m experiencing in this dream an all-pervasive stillness that permeates the atmosphere of the courtroom, as everyone is okay with what the judge is doing. This is a judge who has an awareness of what the best interests are of everyone, and is able to take all of that into account without creating any conflict or difference of opinion.

So I’m at ease, with how this all is, as I leave. And I’m also able to pick up all of my accoutrements that I brought in there thinking that I needed to try to find a deeper stillness. And what I found, instead, was it was all A-OK. So I pick up all of that which I brought with me, because in the stillness and balance, therein, there already is a peace. In other words, it’s not something that I have to try to fall into, it’s already there, it’s already present.

And so this causes me to note that: what was I doing when I was there? What was going on in my head when I sat down, only to be surprised that everything was fine. A-OK. I guess I had adopted a role of being a kind of counterbalance force, as if all around me there is some sort of misalignment and imbalance from an overindulgence of personal self interest. But that is not a way to look at things.

There is a way of looking at things in which everything, if you can see it, is in a quality of a certain depth stillness, where everything that is unfolding is just as is needed, and intended, for one and all.

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A Speed Beyond

im909sAll matter has energy, yet all energy does not have matter. The more matter an energy has, the more it is slowed down from its pure state – which is always faster that its material state. In our processes, we try to let go of reading all the information we receive from the physical world, and instead try to connect to the more refined, more pure energetics of the electrical realms. From the electrical realms we can get more information and intelligence in an instantaneous way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I went around and around with this, almost in terms of getting a bit of a reprimand as well, in terms of the process. So what I was describing, in terms of how the stillness is, was this unusual experience in the meditation dream, in which, instead of taking and being aware of something in the environment, it’s like my meditations are most effective in terms of something being realizable if I just let go to an inner stillness, and then out of the inner stillness come images.

And now I’m seeing that it’s possible that these images can flash before me so fast, that if the flashes were to slow down, to like a palpable pace, that’s when you would have indulgence, ego, and corruption of the flow. That’s when the personal would come in; that’s when the lower self comes into the equation.

By being able to take in a wholeness of all of life in at this incredible speed means that I’m able to catch up with the inner knowingness. In other words, it’s just there, it’s infused, so to speak. So what I’m shown, however, is that this inner knowingness is basically a way of taking the outer reflections, of an inner essence, and realizing that if they go by fast enough, or if you speed them up, that there is no time for an indulgence. In fact, this can be so fast that, in layman’s terms, what I’m being shown is that this is a speed that the ordinary human senses, that sort of outer nature, cannot discern, cannot see.

Which means that my human condition has these barriers that hold me back. And so, the stillness, or a still dream, when it is happening, and when I’m able to report something back, I’m actually catching flashes that are quicker than the outer, which is of sound, maybe flashes of real light, that I’m able to somehow denote, but I don’t hold on to. They go by so fast that there isn’t the contamination, or the rub off, like there is in the outer where you noodle with it all. Our tendency is to try to keep up; that’s how our lower self dictates. But what I’m talking about is an inner essence that is going in a capacity that is too much to notice. It’s, therefore, also too overall and all-encompassing.

So then I ponder: what can this be like to try to put this together? The knowingness is the result of a speed of light inflection going by so fast that there is no time for indulgence. The speed is so fast that my lower self cannot control what is flowing; it cannot see the flow as an inner speed. Consequently, the effect of a knowingness is consciousness. In other words, when it’s like that, I guess you’d have to say that the knowingness is like a consciousness in a stillness. It’s infused from like a stillness, yet, actually, it was like images, but you just couldn’t pick up on it.

It’s kind of like they’ve discovered, in terms of running commercials, that they can put one frame of a subliminal frame, that might show a juicy hamburger, to entice your taste buds. But because it’s just one frame going by so fast on a screen, that it only has a subliminal effect because, in terms of your sight senses, you don’t actually see it. And yet some part of yourself does grasp the speed of that. And so it has its desired effect.

A human being actually does have some sort of discernment to a greater speed, and if you can sneak up and catch and grab that, you can set in motion something inside of them much greater than speaking to them in a black-and-white dense way.

And the significance, and the suggestion, of the dream is that this has me wondering if absolute consciousness is a speed within that has no time for indulgence. The flashes of light go by so fast that, in the higher self, there’s nothing for a denseness and indulgence to get a hold of. The speed is so fast that it is as if it never happened – yet it did happen. And yet, as that happens, is that what it’s all about?

Such a speed, as a stillness, beyond the capability to take in, that being what is really real. In noticing from within an overallness that is all-inclusive, as a flash, it’s like that because it’s absorbed it all to the point where it doesn’t register to the senses. That’s when I realized that my physical nature, how it’s missing so much; only my soul keeps up, or, this light, that is perceivable if i can catch it, is what is going on.

My physical isn’t able to let go, to be enabled, so the pure light can’t be there. Or, in other words, is there, but is unpalpable to the physical senses. That which is not perceivable to the physical senses, because it is occurring at speed beyond such faculties, is, from the perspective of the physical senses, well, you’d have to say it’s a stillness. Or it’s a non-existence.

That’s the suggestion: that to a higher-self stillness, the essence of all there is, is this. By slowing the process down, I now know what stillness and consciousness are about on the plane of the soul. The overallness is too vast, and fast, and I know now that the place of the soul is a plane of pure light. I mean now I know what they mean when they describe it as a pure light that you can’t see.

And I now know that the flow that involves the God essence, a seeing and hearing outside of the human faculties of power and control, I know what that means now. In other words, that power and control is something densed down to where you try to grab a hold of it. And to the human faculties, they have to have a somethingness to work with. They don’t know that they’re lost in a nothingness, because the human faculties can’t work at such a speed, a speed that is noticeable by the universal soul.

Stillness is the conditioning which the physical senses are unable to perceive because they’re not able to be there. The lighter, or the higher-self, speed supersedes and overrides all that there is. That’s why it’s always inner coming into outer. It’s just that the outer just really can take and confuse things.

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