oceanThe world we appear to live in has been called an illusion, or a reflection. This implies that there is something else from which this illusion arises. Think of it this way: if we stand on the shore and look at the ocean, everything below the surface is unknown to us. So, what we do is we put all our attention on the waves breaking on the shore, and lose our connection to the infinite depths of the water. We are meant to see beyond the first layer of manifestation, the physical, and connect to the essence from which it arises.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Again, we’re still dealing with the subject, as you said, in terms of making a decision, or doing something that has to do with an energetic that arises from a certain quality of the way you hold yourself, or carry yourself, as a sense of balance, or stillness, in the outer. And then, what rises out of that stillness of things, and where does that fit in? Or how does that fit in? Or does it fit in? 

And so first of all, I have to make a report to myself in that everything in the outer is a reflection to the essence – which exists as a stillness within. 

To begin with, in the meditation, I am abiding in the stillness, not identified in any way, whatsoever, to a thought and mannerism. In other words, just sitting in the stillness. So I see a subtle effect make itself known to me, in the outer, as a projection thought coming out of the stillness.

It seems harmless enough, initially. The unfoldment in the next reflective image, and which you could say is now more like the thought being made manifest in the outer, and is now like a tangible and alive projection – it has the whole sense of taking on a life of its own. 

The final images have taken a sequence of dream images that have captured my attention, and they have now put this into motion. The challenge upon denoting this is, am I conscious enough to honor the stillness from which the reflections are derived? Or do I buy into the reflections as if there is a meaningfulness in the reflection? 

So the significance of the dream, the meditation dream, is that the theme is a looking at outer reflections to denote, therein, the stillness that exists, with the challenge being, am I able to do this and mirror the stillness’ essence while amidst outer reflections? Or do I stray? 

There is a saying, and the saying is, it is important to be in life, but not consumed by it. Or, to say this in another way, that I can be attentive to the essence of stillness in spite of the loudness of a projection, which exists as an illusionariness. 

Answer to the question: Dee had suggested that I need to look within to see, therein, if there is guidance. The issue has to do with an energetic projection. The dream is generically pointing out that the visibility is a bifurcation that is coming out of the stillness. The visibility is reflective, and reverberates on the inner stillness within – but can you hold on to it when you go into a bifurcation?

Or, said another way, stillness in its pure form exists prior to an embodiment, which seems harmless enough, as a thought, but reflections get denser and denser, in the outer, the more it emanates.

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Building a Base

4free3Everything we do requires space to do it in. We find a new hobby, we must create the time and place to do it. We start a new relationship and suddenly our schedule has to be modified to accommodate it. If we are expecting a baby, we need a nursery room set up for a young child. In our dream world, the symbol of our life is the house, and in this dream there is a need for lots of remodeling to make the house useful and more comfortable – and this is the unconscious processing a situation in real life that would require significant changes to be made to make it work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I think my first dream, that I didn’t really pull out very well, was that I was dreaming about what would happen if you went into the business with our friend. Okay. And all I can tell you is it was pretty chaotic.

And then I had a dream in which you and I seem to have moved into a house, but we had to do it rather hurriedly. And it’s a large house. I even think I’ve dreamt about it before, because I remember at one point I find a little restaurant that’s tucked into a corner, and I realized I really haven’t taken much time to go through it or check it out. 

And on the second floor of the house, we seem to have some nuns that are looking after school kids, and a woman whose husband has just died. And we have to go somewhere in a hurry, but as I’m going through the bottom level of the house, where we live, and you are stoking up a fire, there’s a fireplace that you’ve gotten going, and I realize that I really have to get in and remodel because there’s a space next to it that’s not being used at all that would make a wonderful sitting area.

And the area where we’re living is just really too small. And then right next to it is almost like an unused area with a bathtub and some kitchen cabinets. And if I could get somebody in and enlarge that space, make it something useful where it’s not really being used today. 

One of the reasons I know exactly where everybody is, and what’s going on, is I had been looking for a bathroom, but I couldn’t find one that everybody wasn’t lined up for. So I’m really looking at how we need to remodel this house so it works better – while still trying to catch up with you because there’s somewhere that we have to go. 

But I can see, in my own mind, just a few changes that we could make that would make this place get more grounded, and one could relax in it more. Anyway, that was the dream.

John: It actually is a good dream and it actually addressed the subject. The second dream actually addressed the subject – probably more than you realize. 

The first dream didn’t need to go any further because it pointed out that all it needed to say, and said, was that such an involvement, that may seem fairly benign, is actually going to be very confusing. There’s going to be so much going on that there’s no way that you’re going to be able to bring it into a kind of a quality of stillness. It’s gonna be chaotic, as you say. 

And then, in the second dream, you address a greater meaningfulness. And the greater meaningfulness is that you realize that there is something more that has to be brought through, that has to be opened up, that needs to come out in terms of a greater overall. 

That’s what you’re trying to do in terms of this house, in terms of trying to get it so that it’s more copacetic for enjoyment purposes, is that you’re recognizing that you see yourself as a person who has to be part of facilitating the awakening and the opening up of much, much, much more. And so you jump from what is chaotic, that has the heebie-jeebies because it’s chaotic, you jump to the other extreme to where you’re going into what is needed in order to open a space up, in order to bring more through. 

And so you’re spending your time trying to make that more feasible, and ease-able, in terms of a greater overallness, or a greater wholeness. In other words, it’s like a type of base building, because from that you feel then that something can go out. But it first has to start with a more universal, a larger, a more together quality of overallness. In other words, more needs to be present in an overalness than currently exists. 

That’s actually a very wonderful feminine expression because the feminine is kind of responsible, or it is said that one of the qualities is that the feminine is responsible for the family atmosphere. The feminine’s perspective is all in relationship to how that is, and its sense of overall cadence. And so, you’ve gone from what was chaotic, to looking at how there is something more yet to be reached, or found, or brought through in order to make the spaciality, the balance, of the environment, what it needs to be for something more to be able to happen. 

It’s an interesting way of looking at it. What it’s doing is it’s presenting to you what could get blocked in the chaotic, it’s pointing out that your sense is the chaotic, so what it does is you slingshot from what is a chaotic to a sense of how there is a part of your nature that is scoping in a greater dimensionality. Knows a greater dimensionality. Doesn’t necessarily have that greater dimensionality yet, but has a sense of it. And is putting a value on the sense of that, almost as if the other is like it knows, or has the quandary, or the concern, that the other is just too chaotic for that to be.

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A Closer Closeness

comet5If we think about most of our relationships, even our most intimate ones, we only take the intimacy to a certain point. In a love relationship, new depths are often only discovered during crises or problem resolution – otherwise we are generally content to know enough to make us feel comfortable and leave it at that. We can treat our religious or spiritual journey the same way, but as it is a journey, it really doesn’t end until our incarnation here ends. In this sense, there is always greater connection to be made between us and the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, in the next dream, there’s a question within, which is like a review of where I’m at, with the question being: how do you get there? 

The image I see is a dead bird being kicked from out of a particular spot. And when I kick the bird, it’s like I knock it into a whole bunch of feathers. And then I kick it again. And these feathers get knocked into dust. 

And the meaning is, it’s an image of “dying before you die” being a type of letting go, from substance to essence. That’s my answer to this kind of question inside: how do you get there? 

And so, in the next dream, it starts out with me being up on an edge; neither in nor out. What ensues while on that edge is, at first, I can only go so far. When I’m on the edge I can only go so far.

As time passes, it’s almost as if I forget about the fact that I’m on the edge. And I start to develop a closer closeness in which I see the image of going off to a table with two other people, and from there being able to probe the depths of an issue. 

And so what’s interesting is not only that, but, when on the edge it’s like I started something. I completely forgot that I had started something. When I have come off the edge, and have developed a closer closeness where I could go and sit at the table of these two, what I started long ago kind of comes up. Completely forgotten, but it comes back.

And although nearly lost, and dropped, and forgotten, it’s as if it comes around to where I’m at, so I’m able to give it a further boost, enabling it to reach an intended destination. 

So, the meaning is, this is a dream where I am picking up an embedded thread from long ago. I’m catching up with this from where I left off long ago, and boosting it home, or boosting it further. Because it looks like whatever I do, then, causes it to reach its final destination. 

Long ago, the soul was only able, or maybe to make a report about it, you could say that long ago the soul quality of one’s nature was only able to note an inner inflection, like kind of on an edge, neither in nor out, but lacked the closeness as an intertwined connectiveness to propel it the way it needed to be propelled – or to open it up the way it needed to be opened up. I’m now picking up the thread of what was started long ago, and bringing it to fruition.

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