An Energetic Role

aur-fieldThe universe unfolds as circumstances dictate. It is never too early or too late, but responds to the needs of what is occurring. The human, in relationship to the universe, can be the same. As we make ourselves available and open energetically, then we can be seen as useful to what is unfolding – and can be called upon to help. But, of course, we have to remain open enough to respond to the nudgings, or else we won’t prove ourselves a reliable agent for what is trying to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, then when I came to bed, it was like these other dreams that were there were bizarre, so I didn’t want to wake up. I was so groggy because I didn’t want to take down what I was perceiving, and seeing, because I wasn’t making any headway.

And so, at one point, I decided at least I should write up a tiny bit about it, so I says, “In what I’m dreaming, and what I’m seeing, the more effort I make in trying to gather things up, the more they get scattered.” You know, I was just not able to pull anything together, and this was physically seeing things getting scattered around me, almost as living in a world in which everything was in complete disarray.

And the meaning is that when things get scattered in a dream, in spite of the well-meaning efforts to gather things up, this denotes self-consciousness. It denotes a type of insecurity, that denotes a quality of an imbalance. But is it really an imbalance, or is it like that because that is what gets askew when something else is trying to come in, and so there isn’t the sustainability of the linearity quality that holds the outer together?

Just like you have your headaches as a consequence of there being something that you’re not allowed to hold together anymore, or that you’re having to let go to, but you’re not doing it quite, and as a consequence the headache, that attack upon the physical like that, is coming because something is sitting back there perhaps… I’m even referencing it as a type of controlled waiting. In other words, its moment is soon to arrive and, until it does, it jars and shakes things up.

That’s why it’s even said that a person needs to be careful when they get on a spiritual path like this because if they try to break the process, after some point, if they go back and they try to break the process, all havoc can break loose because they’ve set in motion an unfoldment that they may not be able to alter and, as a consequence, if they fight it and keep doing things that they know better, deep down know better, because they are repulsive to what needs to open up, that can result in some ill effects. That can result in some things occurring from the greater teacher in the outer. In other words it’s not going to be denied; the inner divine, or the beloved, is the great lover, and it’s a jealous lover or something.

So, in this last dream, I’m observing this kind of gangly looking guy. It turns out I learn he’s quite an athlete, but to begin with he just looks like he’s more spaced out than anything else. Or, in other words, more of a type of person that I would consider kind of not really plugging into things, or out of place in every situation.

However, what he can do can be surprising. For example, I’m observing a scenario in which he takes his shirt off and is able to get into a role that is before him and conduct himself incredibly, so incredibly it was like going into another zone. And in this zone his acts and moves are unconscious, because he just flows without thinking. When like that he fits in naturally to what lies before him.

What makes this all seem so incredible is up to such a point he looks out of place until he does this; he just looks like he’s just a stumble bum. And you might even see a bit of a lack of confidence or self-conscious side in him, you know, because something just is out of twang.

And the theme of the dreaming last night, the meaning, has to do with identifying a higher-self quality seeking to live itself in the myriad of things. In the meditation dream, what I am able to denote within has a life of its own that seeks to live now and override everything else. This other stuff just has to start falling away that has nothing to do with what needs to be in the unfoldment.

This inner beingness is pent up until the circumstances are appropriate for when it comes out in a flash. I say in a flash because a moment before the person can look his usual checked out and self-conscious way, because what is going on within remains repressed, and is smothered by the weight of outer conditions.

And then it’s as if something snaps and the person goes into a zone where this inner beingness predominates and outer nuances step aside. The zone is like an energetic role, that I call a beingness, which functions naturally amidst the myriad of things in the outer having, for the moment, or when the moment of a situation necessitates, set aside the outer ego loudness.

In this dream, if I hadn’t seen the shift I would have felt that the person did not know themselves, or was out of touch with who they are in life, or some other peculiarity, you know, in terms of labeling things. However, after seeing what I saw, I realize that the reason the person looked so out of it before is it took a lot of the outer denseness that predominated in his life 99.9% of the time, and so it’s hard, then, to hear that one little tiny subtle note, and yet all of this outer denseness kept the overwhelming innerness from sweeping through – yet it was moving around. It was like a little light under a bushel getting brighter and brighter.

So, in this dream, so as to not be too much to handle in the ordinary schematic of the outer, this person practiced a kind of controlled waiting. In other words, he wouldn’t reveal himself until all of a sudden – which was when it was appropriate for him to take his shirt off – that is when he engaged in a flow in which he could access this unrestricted access, or quality, within with ease. And, when he would do that, it would really be like being in a zone. And what you would be looking at would be something of a phenomenon, when before, until that occurred, you would be seeing him in some particular defined way that was meaningless.

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a22spIt’s nice to think that we always face things head-on, with confidence. But, as we discover, not all parts of our nature have equal amounts of confidence. It’s true in waking life, and it’s true in our dreams. Here we find a woman on the run, hiding and being followed. Yet, since we are all the characters in our dreams, we can also see that there is also a wooing going on, as wary lovers try to find the best way to accommodate each other – so they may begin their future together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember any dream from last night because I kept coughing; had a headache. But towards morning I had a dream and, in that dream, it feels like I’m a woman. I have some children. I’m living with a man, but I take the kids and I run away from him.

And I seem to go to something like a villa, somewhere in Italy, and the villa is kind of in a little village where they have all these white stone walls, stucco walls. And I’m hiding out there, and I seem to like it because it has good music.

There is a man there at the villa, but I can’t tell if I’m actually with him, or if I avoid him sometimes. It seems like I do both. And then there’s a woman who brings the man I had run away from to the villa, or the little village. Sometimes it’s like she helps me hide, and sometimes she helps him find where we are.

I also remember that there was a garden area with some marble steps and, at the top, there were these headstones that were partially made out of leather and alabaster. And they were the carvings that represented some famous lovers who had been buried there. I think they were performers of some kind, singers or something,

And you could kind of pull a little bit on the stone and it would come forward, and you could see the statue and the carvings. And then you pushed it back a bit and it tucked itself into the leather, which helped protect it from the elements.

I think three different statues there representing famous people that had been buried, one was this couple, and the other I don’t know who they were. And then it seems like I’m trying to keep a certain freedom, but I also have the kids there. It just wasn’t a real clear dream to me.

John: It wasn’t a real clear dream because you’re hiding from something that’s trying to break itself through. Even the headaches you have, that you pretend have something to do with dust and this, that, and the other, are actually the result of something trying to awaken, or come through. And you have these headaches as kind of a dense nature that you carry to try to keep things in check.

It seems that there really is something to this idea that a person who gets on a spiritual path gets to a particular point where physically they can break down, or start to suffer more. And, of course, a lot of it’s easily explained from the standpoint that they get more sensitive, or something, and they can’t eat like they normally eat, and require circumstances to be a little different.

And, in this particular case, in your particular case, your whole dream went into describing and portraying this whole quality that you have in which you are doing things that peek at, and yet somehow or another, work with, hold in some aspect of your nature, that which you protect.

In other words, you have these kids that you run away with, that are your kids. And then you have this peekaboo way that you deal with the masculine, with what you find there. But what you’re saying in that is that there is a setting in which what is important and necessary for something to come out, in terms of how it is that you need to be, well, that you’re sitting veiled in, yet you have your moments in which something comes out, and you do have a sense of what it is that has to be protected.

And then you take and you repeat that, in another way, where you see these statues or whatever and you realize that if moved forward they have one kind of dynamic; pushed back, left in a kind of staleness of the past, they have another look. And yet somehow or another you have a sense of the before, or of the timeless beyond.

And, the thing is, your dream, this dream that you were able to pull out, you weren’t able to pull out the other dreams before because the other dreams before would have involved you breaking through, confronting a physical dimension, that is there, because the subtle loudness behind the denseness of the physical dimension is something that is being kept in check yet by the outer quality of your nature.

It’s being kept in check for some reason because the time isn’t fully right, or ripe, for it to come out, apparently. Yet you have the peekaboo with it. And so, when you mentioned the headache, I immediately saw that this was correlated to something that inside of you that is trying to find its way. And the outer circumstances, the effect of the physical outer, is imposing this limitation.

The way that you work with that, or struggle with that, is causing you to slowly break through it – yet you don’t break through it as naturally as you could and, as a consequence, you have headaches and such. And, of course, almost in answer to a frustration, you have this dream.

And the dream portrays this little quality of, you might say, a scoping out that is occurring in a very steady and unfolding capacity. That’s interesting.

What a theme huh? Because the theme had to do with being able to recognize and identify a quality of a deeper innerness that’s at the depth of a person’s nature and being, even though outer appearances could easily, and tend to, suggest otherwise, because it’s the outer appearances that predominate, or appear to predominate, most of the time. Rarely is a person able to see through the outer appearances to denote what is trying to move around within.

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Where the Action Is

57719As humans we are quick to dismiss our effect on other people and other things. Yet we know how profound the love of one person can be, and what it can make possible for another person. And that loves begins as an energy generated on the inside – by thinking about that person, by holding the best of them inside us, by having good intentions toward them – only then can it manifest in the many expressions of love that we see in the world. This is the mechanism of it, and it is applied by us toward anything, good or bad, that we put into the world, whether by specific actions, or just by the quiet, inner holding of the intentions and processes we have in our daily life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the theme of the dreaming has to do with coming to understand what action is. And we’re inclined to think that action has something to do with an image in which we see ourselves doing this, that, or the other, in other words, a literalness to it. But true action is in being able to hold a spatiality from within – and that can take and awaken and do more as an aliveness than any literal moving about can possibly do, because you’re limited in terms of how it is that you’re able to move about.

In other words, you can only cut a certain defined swath when you move about, literally speaking. But if you move about in terms of the inner aliveness as an action, and that action as something that you feel you contained inside of yourself, it can take everything into account because it’s connected with everything.

I give many, many examples, in my meditation dream, of what that action actually is, as seen from within, but the simple way of saying it is that it is a quality of something that you can touch, as if it’s in your cellular bones or makeup, and that you can hold that, and you can create with how you hold that. And that the striking out with that in a literal sense dissipates that, and takes that which you can know literally in your bones, that being the real action, when you strike out with that in motion in a literal sense, you personify that which you can feel equating on this whole inner level – and thus you veil it, and that striking out causes you to lose the potency, puts you back into kind of an amnesia of paying attention to the action that you’re doing literally, rather than the real action which you carry latently, and creatively, in an intertwined nature within.

It becomes more obvious from my meditation dream, because I think my meditation dream is really loud about that.

In the meditation dream, action is a condition in which I access a presence within my beingness. The access I am talking about is nonverbal, and it is nonphysical, in the outer sense of the word. It is physical, however, from the sense that the action rises up within as a recognizing of an inner vibratory movement imbedded silently in the cellular tissue. Such access is action that does not require outer movement to be complete. The action is handled in the inner stillness.

For example, when a student is sitting before a teacher the student can go deep within, in a letting go way, and get an answer to a non-asked question. This action is from within. To rephrase the issue of action, from the perspective of an inner knowingness, action is when the beingness responds to nothingness without having to lift an outer finger.

Or cite another example: access is like being kicked from under the table in that I get the memo without an outer word having to be said. In other words, it’s like an energetic kick from under the table, and I get the memo without an outer word having to be said and I am able to respond to this, as a kind of stillness, pointing to a need that needs to be.

Or another imagery, and then I saw this one, this almost was quoted to me: action is the effect of taking a toothache, on the inner level, into an inner stillness and, in so doing, alleviating the condition.

In going to bed, as I’m about to fall asleep, the words from “Rhinestone Cowboy” come to mind as yet another way of portraying action in a nonvisible way. I didn’t realize the depth of that. It just came up. There’s a lot of meaning in that song. That’s actually a pretty profound song.

And so, one’s accustomed to looking at access from the standpoint of noticing this inside of one’s self in a sentient way. In other words, it’s like looking at one’s self, or I guess you could say that would be a looking at your personal light. Or I guess you could say it would be looking at your individual soul. But, in reality, in the wholeness of things and the oneness of things, there is no individual light. That light is the light of the whole. And there is no individual soul; the soul is the soul of the world.

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