A Need to Be Free

images-1Most of us have experienced those times when we are feeling down, even depressed, and then something wonderful comes along and we instantly shift to a higher energetic state. There may be many reasons for this, but the idea can show us that sometimes it is the energetics we hold onto that are affecting us, and that, when we let them go, we are free to experience something new. Even the idea of “experience” is to learn by coming in contact with something – but not necessarily taking it into ourselves where it collects as baggage. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m initially affected by a situation that is in need of refinement. The way the dream works is I have a piece of property that has a productive capacity of 24. But the property doesn’t feel right to me because it’s way too big for this productive capacity of 24. I need to refine this down, and still have the productive capacity of 24 – the rest is just too much, it’s kind of over the top.

So, in other words, I seek a more tenable effect. I’m able to reposition into a property that is productive but takes up only about half the space. I’m able to do this by honoring a sense of balance within, that, when I adhere to this, causes an effect that leads to this result. Same result, only I just don’t have all this other malarkey to contend with. I’ve honed it down and tightened it down.

That’s the principle of being able to look at something, and then what you look at you change and effect. It’s not that you look at something and it increases, it’s just that you drop away the things so that how you zoom, or zone, in becomes more and more effective.

So I’m amazed that such a shift was possible because I usually get stuck in a density, in one way or another, in which the weight that exists upon my heart causes me to lose my sense of judgment. But in this particular case, I seem to be in between, caught in what doesn’t quite feel right, knowing that something has to be honed.

Somehow, I know that this time is different, and certain things get dropped, and, as a consequence of them getting dropped, the sky changes. And there are now hundreds of parachutists descending from above that are a sight to behold. I could have never imagined that, in my surprise, that in a condition I had been, that there could be such an event.

So the meaning is, access to what is important in life, and a shift to a greater, heartfelt, aliveness requires finding that access within to what is important – as kind of a masculine sight, or something.  Recognition, a balance in the flow of the alignment. So I access this by watching my inner energetic. Such a balance requires me to recognize when I’m carrying conceptualizations that get caught up into supporting a mindfulness that is draining just the heart and weighing me down energetically.

I notice that when I move away from this burden, I am able to open up. I’m also noticing that, to open up to a more balanced way of being, I need to honor this energetic as being a guided essence that is seeking to permeate into a greater spaciality. Again, something coming through.

So I come to know, honor, and adhere to this as a graciousness I’m able to access when I let go of a rigidity mannerism that I am holding on to. Why do I hold on to rigid mannerisms that strain the heart, when, deep down, I know this to be a blight upon my soul?

I’m able to do so, meaning let go of things, when I honor the greater energetic aliveness, by abiding in it in spite of outer appearances. So when the outer appearances strain me, it is because I am not letting go of repressed synaptic qualities that have gotten housed, somehow or another, in my molecular nature and has a mind of its own that wants to do this, that, or the other, almost maliciously wayward, and has some sort of grip over me.

That’s what the human condition is like, in other words, because we’re in the outer and we’re made to function in this dense way. And we’ve absorbed all of these things and they kind of created a kind of a biofeedback. But my divine nature seeks; my divine nature, or the higher self, seeks the light of one’s greater overallness, seeks to flood my tissue with light.

Until the tissue is able to honor this light and transmute what would normally be heavily weighted habituations I carry as my human conditioning, I keep failing the soul of the world by responding from a pain that rises up. That which rises up, touches the heart, it is part of the heart and needs to be free, needs to be digested, freed, however you’d say it, from human conditions that are bound up in a molecular orientation in outer manifestation.

Freedom from that imprisonment requires a receptiveness to the spirit energy, again, a sight coming through, spirit energy, a liveness of the divine higher self from where an overallness predominates, or brings something through. It is in the energetic overallness that an access exists to a vibratoriness capable of letting go of stigmatic conditions, where something is veiled in the outer.

Until I let go, such stigmatic conditions kill me. They kill me because they’re stabbing the heart. And they’re keeping you stupefied. They kill me because I am not letting go of a repressed weightiness, so I feel a balm upon the heart.

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A Higher Order

The-AscendunFrom our first moments we have had teachers, and elders, guiding us in our journey. But who is our true teacher? Well, if we consider that, as a human life, we are born with everything we need to make a purposeful journey, we can say that we are our teacher, “we” being our higher self, the aspect that may not be in charge all the time, yet seeks always to guide us as we grow and evolve through our life. And, in our dreams, teachers, and elders, are often popping up to show us this, and those teachers and elders are the voice of our higher self in action. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I lost a dream right here, and then the last dream it’s like I’m with you, but you’re my brother, and a woman that’s probably my sister. She’s kind of a little more vague. It’s like we’re in a city, and we visited family. And then we’re going to be staying in the city for the night, but not with the family, because I remember we’re driving.

And you’ve dropped me off somewhere for the night, and then you’ve left. And now I want to get in touch with you, but of course you never carry a cell phone. And I don’t know where, if you two went back to the family, which I doubt, I could call the house. But, if not, and you’ve just gone on to a motel or something, I won’t be able to reach you till the morning – unless you left a number with the family. The most I can think of is that maybe I can call the family.

But I’m frustrated because I’m the only one that seems to have a phone. I want to be in touch, but I don’t really know where you’ve gone. And it’s just a frustrating feeling. So I wake up.

John: So what you’re talking about there is you have a responsibility over the accoutrements, but you don’t have a responsibility over a quality of sight – that’s the masculine principle. So in your overallness that’s spread out, in terms of how it is that you have to encompass things in manifestation, there is the need to know what is going on, or what is meant to be – kind of like a will of things. A greater sense, in other words, than just the atmosphere of the overall.

And that is an aspect of your masculine nature. It’s an aspect of sight. So it’s almost as if this dream is making clear delineations: wherever you put your attention in terms of manifestation, like you have the accoutrements of things, the cell phone, the this, the that, the other, that is something that you have done. And once you have done it, it’s been invoked, and once it’s invoked there is a quality of something missing that is implied.

In other words, in your previous dreams, you were working with an aspect that has, at its essence, a quality of completeness about it, that you are meant to embrace, assist, guide, direct and fulfill. In this dream, as you’re going about this particular process, there is something more that helps you in this process, that helps you zoom in better, that helps you take on a greater, all-encompassing overallness in manifestation, and that is the principle of sight, which is a masculine quality principle.

And so, sight, in a highest, purest way of talking about it, is the responsibility of the teacher. In other words, if you take you go and you do something that causes you to fall into a huge pool of despair, or collapse in some awkward, strange, malingered, out-of-it way, when the teacher has taken you on, the teacher has the responsibility of doing the heavy lifting.

And so you’re meant to be able to keep stretching, and meeting challenges, and whatnot, but when you goof up, is it your fault? Deep down, no, it’s the teachers fault. The teacher needs to figure out, okay, I didn’t thread the needle correctly, and figure out how to thread the needle. Because you have, as the principle, as your essence, you have this completeness about yourself, but in the aspect of bringing something through, which the idea of bringing something of the sun, or from the Godhead, or something down through into life that touches, and shifts, and changes life, that aspect of bringing something through, from inner into outer, that awakening process that breaks one out of a type of density, that’s the responsibility and role of the teacher.

And if you continue to fumble and go off on this tangent, and that tangent, the teacher suffers because he has taken on that responsibility. So it’s an awkward thing, because the teacher chooses those that he’s willing to work with. And then, once he’s done that, he can’t just throw them away. He has to work with guiding them forward. And he has to suffer the price of them when they fumble and stumble, because, somehow or another, he has an adamant quality about himself that is transmitted across into everyone that he works with, in terms of a way in which they are to unfold, they being him and him being them.

And that is a very, very amazing and peculiar chemistry. Now, that happens whenever you get the teacher’s attention, The way the teacher puts it, it’s like something then gets transmitted to God with that look. And once that has happened, I’m the only one that can change that. Unless I do something really radical and wrong, that doesn’t change. The teacher is required to continue.

Now what we’re talking about is basically the masculine principle working with something that is a completeness in manifestation. Because this works slightly differently between the masculine and the feminine in creation. The principle of sight is worked with directly, in terms of the feminine, to awaken a completeness. The principle of a knowingness, or a wisdom, is worked in terms of getting the masculine to catch up with the wisdom of themselves – as they are in creation.

But it all is the working of a higher order of oneself, which is considered the teacher, or the principles that work with us from that higher self, or other side, that has to break itself out of its trance and nausea.

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Knowing Your Place

BN-BL359_0210ho_J_20140210112634The idea of “knowing your place” is usually a condescension, an insult. Yet we, in our lives, should know our place: our total connection to all that exists. To accept anything less is to cede the greatness of our possibility; we must inhabit the many floors of the house (of us), as shown in the dream image, and harness the power of the horses that are available when we are ready. This isn’t a movie script, this is a message from one part of a life to another part, to show what is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, you and I have gone to this university, and we’ve hurried to get to a class. It’s a really large classroom, some professors up there presenting. It’s not quite like the normal class that’s held in an auditorium. So it feels more like one of those classes they might have the first day of school, where they’re explaining something.

But, as we’re there, and as the professor’s up there, I realize we must have missed out on some point of the orientation because some things aren’t quite making sense. And we didn’t really go by the registrar office and do a lot of things, either. It’s like we just showed up at this class.

And I think, at some point, I even have a thought that maybe in the past, when I had been involved with the school before, I had even done something where I cheated on one of the tests and never told you, I don’t know, just a vague feeling I have. But I do know there’s information we don’t have. And so some things aren’t making complete sense.

Then when we leave the class, we’ve been in such a hurry to go to the class it’s like we’d put everything in the car and we’d showed up at the university. Well now I realize we don’t have a place to stay for the night. You’re looking at me like, okay, where are we going to stay? So now I’ve gotten in the car and I’m driving.

The town that we go into is a little bit like my hometown, and I remember, maybe from a previous dream, that there’s a section to the right where maybe we could go there and I knew someone that rented out rooms to university students, but I seem to feel like she only rents out to women. So, if we go to the left, I know there’s a series of houses there and some of the people have guest houses or other things and they rent out to students – and I’m pretty sure about that.

So you and I walk up to the door of this one house and a family that lives there. Well, they suddenly just sweep us in. And he has something to do with horses because there’s a corral in the back. He manages horses and people that go out on horse excursions for some wealthier person. But when he sweeps us into the house, the first thing we notice is that it’s like a two floor house, and he and his wife and a son, at least, live on the ground floor, and his mother and what feels like maybe either a couple of his daughters, or sisters, live upstairs. And they just sweep us in and show us right to a room, like, of course, we’ll stay there. We hardly seem to have much say in it.

We first sit in a little room, in fact, two little girls come to stand in the door and they’re staring at us; they want to see what we look like. I can tell that there’s an estrangement between the wife and the mother, because the mother stays mostly upstairs, because my wife finds her difficult to deal with. When I look out the window of the place and I see the horses, I realize we’ll probably be able to go on some horse rides.

And suddenly it’s morning. Then I seem to go in and I’ve gotten on a bed and I’m sitting and talking to the wife, because I can tell there’s a stress in the house with the mother there. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: Well, this dream is like two dreams, in that you have the first part where there’s something that you have to do in terms of your overall presence in life. The way to look at this dream is to act like everything in life is like a shadow to you. And so you have to confront that in an honest, and straightforward, way; and you have to take it in. In other words, you don’t take it in as a sight, you take it in as something that you encompass.

So, when you go to the university, the immensity of the university, you have to take in that whole immensity. If you don’t take in that whole immensity, there is some aspect about you that is kind of lying, or is not telling the truth, in terms of what it is able to do.

Then the dream continues, to add more information, by indicating that part of taking on all that there is in the School of Life involves, then, you’ll have to do that. Because if you don’t do that, then you don’t know where your place is, because your place is in the wholeness, or in the overallness of life.

The feminine pretty much directs that sort of dissemination of a flow, because the masculine works with the principle more of trying to know where something is at, sight-wise, when the feminine is supposed to know naturally. So the feminine needs the power of something, though, in order to encompass, or to sweep in, in an overall sense, to keep from having heebie-jeebies, or whatever, in terms of the overallness, does not know that they have this immense responsibility.

So, to point that out, the feminine goes to this family that sweeps them in, meaning that they are meant to take in all of that, and that is your home. And, in this place, this place being a place in manifestation, in that is the power, represented by horses, for you to find the completeness and the wholeness. You’re doing this, not the masculine. You’re doing this because this is your role, this is your responsibility, this is what you have taken on.

Now, this is the nature of how the feminine principle is evolved in life, in that it is taking on roles and responsibilities. And as soon as it has taken them on, it can’t just throw them off. It can’t just go and say, Okay, I’m done with that. I’m not going to take that on anymore. It can’t. And so it has to kind of see it through. In other words, this is a higher octave of this kind of dreaming.

If you’re taking on a certain quality of how you’ll be in an orientation that is receptive to a type of atmosphere, called the university atmosphere, once you have put your attention in that, you have to take on that whole thing. Once you decide that the way to travel, or to go, is in such in such a way- in terms of a home and such – you can’t then ignore that as a calling, or a responsibility.

Now some could call this dharma; some could call it karma. But the general way of looking at this is to realize that wherever you place your attention, you now have invoked a responsibility. Now, if you don’t place your attention out into many things, only into a few things, even then whatever that might be, your responsibility is engaged. Wherever you look, you have a responsibility. It’s just the nature of the human being, because a human being is a Crown of Creation in which, how they see things, what they see, how the world is as an effect upon a sense of themselves. And they have a sense that is as big as the universe.

Wherever that gets directed, that then becomes something that you have to contend with. For example, you have the responsibility, in your dream, over the university atmosphere. You have the responsibility, in your dream, over the place where we stay. You have the responsibility in that place, where you stay, to catch up with the power of that place. That’s the quality of the feminine principle in manifestation.

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