Essence Within

i78esWe may not always realize how much of the stress in our lives comes from a deep feeling of loneliness. Why would that be, even if we are surrounded by family and friends? Our strongest urge, which is built into our design, is to connect to the universe we have been born into. That is the connection we truly seek, and all other connections become a substitute for the universal one, which means they will never really fulfill the ache we feel inside. To be on a path is to find that connection, which offers the only true peace and settlement we will ever know. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all I’ll go to the meditation dream. I see myself accomplishing the objective, which is to stop the doingness, and that effect leads to what I know it’s going to lead to. It leads to a stillness, a stillness that is everywhere. And then I suddenly go into shock.

Now suddenly there’s nothing to see. Existence as me is no more. I hadn’t realized that it could be like that, and I find myself scrambling to come up with a way in the nothingness, because all of a sudden when I went into shock I went into shock because all vibration disappeared, and when all vibration disappeared, I disappeared – and so what is there?

And so I wake up unable to find a cope-ability, or any capabilities, unable to find anything, in the absolute emptiness. In other words, it’s just a void, not even a vibration. It’s the epitome of true death. I can find no relatability that exists, whether positive or negative, there’s just nothing because I don’t exist – so there is no longer a knower and known. I can’t say anything about anything anymore because there isn’t a functional beingness for that.

So then I have the consequence. To glimpse absolute death is shocking. It can’t be done. My definition of death always carried a reference to a vibration. In other words, there was always a permeating vibration. You didn’t really die. You went to the other side, or something. To be without a vibration is a void without any cognitive at all, and so, when it was like that, I mean the epitome of where there’s really a true despair, a true breaking down of it all, that is when I got it. God is in the soul, or in that vibration. And the heart knows no death. It has to embody the universal soul of all of existence, or of all of everything. Since the soul never dies, God is everywhere.

So the conclusion is, since there is no death, because apparently there is always a beingness that aspires, that’s why there is no death, that means that the path of peace is a never-ending need for access, for access. Aspiring to access, peace is to engage the reflective that comes out of the essence, which is like the thoughts. Reflections don’t exist separate from the essence. There is nothing but essence, therefore essence is our definition of peace. Peace and essence are synonymous.

So anyway, what is the significance of this dream? Manifestation was not designed to be an angelic, sacred, in its absolute way that way, as the heart would like. Manifestation reflects or portrays the reflective consciousness of man in creation, while at the same time it embodies a deeper inner truth and essence that can be experienced, in spite of the misuse and abuse, or of the collective consciousness of things that are thoughts-upon-thoughts in disarray, is another way that one could kind of say it.

So I have to put my focus and attention upon what is important. If I fail to see the beauty that transcends the ignorance and views, I will remain wounded and out of touch. From the first dream I am able to see that I cannot ignore the vibrational essence of my beingness. This vibration radiates out over all I look out over.

There is plenty of evidence regarding how dire everything is. In the meditation dream, I reach a point where I actually give up, I check out, and lose the vibrational thread, even though that thread may be something that’s beat down, you can hold onto a more conscious aspect and raise something up. If beaten down enough you can actually lose that thread that’s meant to permeate creatively throughout the universe.

Such a vibration is part of the vastness of the heart. If it wasn’t there in the heart in this capacity nothing could exist. In the sleep dream, to be conscious is to accept what is and how I find it, both above and below, without any illusions about it all. You’ve got to be careful how you positively glorify things, yet at the same time, underlying it all is this uplifting, reverent, and divine heartfelt quality that you have to access, that you can’t lose track of, because it lays the seed for a transformation of what has occurred over a long course of misuse and abuse.

The rubbish of the outer is still there. I mean it’s going to take generations to transform this dump. In other words, those cans don’t just go into soil. They’re metal cans and whatnot. It takes a long, long time for them to be absorbed, which is a fact of life and a consequence of man’s mannerisms and attitudes from an unconscious history which is subject to change and transformation when it realizes the aliveness and divinity of a greater inner beingness. In other words, things come from within, the essence is from within, but from without one has been really wayward and unconscious.

So, as in the meditation dream, the heart is meant to sweep over all that there is, and, in doing so, the essence, that essence becomes all-pervasive. This underlying essence is the peace we seek. Outer reflective conditions in manifestation are reflective of both our lower-self and higher-self nature. Manifestation is the means by which we are able to transcend our plight and get closer to the all-pervading essence which permeates revelationally for those with eyes to truly see, and ears to truly hear.

Such revelation is not naïve, or overly angelic, innocently. In other words, it has to hold the vibration, the contrast. It is out of the collective dense unconscious outer reflection and appearances that a seeing and hearing is possible. What ensues is a redeeming, in other words what can ensue, in other words if you don’t just collapse and go like in the meditation dream into a void in which there is no spark whatsoever, what can ensue is a redeeming, reverent, and revelational revelation which heals the pain, suffering, and wounds that prevail in the outer, the outer being again a mirror image reflection of things, reflected into the lower self in terms of what we have done during the unconscious stages of evolvement of our being, in which the essence behind it all was disregarded.

Because if we don’t do that, and the heartfelt vibrations, so it seems from the meditation dream, could get so displaced that, as in the meditation dream, there would be a non-vibrational vacant void. That would be the end of everything.

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A Reverent Vibration

space debrisWe are all aware of the saying that a person is either a part of the problem, or is a part of the solution. We can understand this idea when we look at helping the ecology by leaving a smaller carbon footprint, or by taking our support away from people or companies who espouse ideas we don’t agree with. But nowhere is this concept more critical than in the energetic realms. And a useful position to take in ourselves is to either support something energetically, or to starve it energetically – because even putting negative energy to something we dislike feeds it. So we want to uphold what we believe in through our intentions and actions, and stay neutral to the rest. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now my sleep dream did this whole thing in yet another way. It’s actually identical. Everything is identical about it, it’s just a different story.

In the sleep dream I am visiting this couple who own a piece of property, a house that’s on some acreage, 30 or 40 acres or whatever, and the wife really loves the property. She sees it as having wonderful vegetation, kind of a little bit of a rainforest, nice trees; so it’s something that she appreciates.

Her husband has a problem. The problem with the husband is he likes to smoke. He can’t smoke in the house. So he goes outside; he’ll scatter his ashes in the dust so that it just gets blended in, and he buries the cigarette butts. It’s just how he is, and the wife figures it out. She is livid. He’s defiling this wonderful piece of property, smoking, scattering his ashes, burying cigarette butts. How horrible. How disrespectful.

This chaos creates a confusion, and I’m just a guest, and so I’m kind of confused by all the ruckus that’s being created there, so, even though I don’t smoke, I have to indulge a little myself, just experimentally, in order to be able to formulate what I think about the situation. Because she’s ranting and raving too much, and, in a roundabout way, he’s half true, too, in the idea that even though he’s smoking outside, and it is a little bit rude to the revelational beauty of the property, what he’s doing is innocuous enough that you generally don’t really quite realize or know.

Now why he’s doing that isn’t yet revealed. Why he feels that he can get away with doing that isn’t quite revealed yet, because it’s an aspect of unconsciousness, and she is right in that regard.

So I go out and decide to smoke just to kind of gather the facts of the commotion here. And so where there’s some spots where there’s been some digging I scatter the ashes there. It blends into the dirt and nobody knows, and I kick my cigarette butts underneath the leaves and whatnot.

And then, as I’m walking along, all of a sudden there are spots where I can see underneath the vegetation, and the soil, that has accumulated there, naturally, that is just kind of part of a slow progressive way that the essence of things works. In other words, appearance-wise on the surface it’s wonderful, lush, rainforest, beautiful trees, gorgeous in that regard, but just underneath I hit an angle or two where I look – and I’m in shock. Underneath is nothing but garbage cans. It’s an old garbage dump and there’s no dirt, there’s no nothing where the garbage cans and the garbage dump is at. It’s just one huge pile of garbage.

Now I can’t go back and say anything. I just know that. I just know that it’s one huge pile of garbage, and yet, over time, there is something of the essence of things. There is a revelation. There is something that can permeate through no matter how dire the situation works.

So what is the right adab, or approach, about this? Is it to go into a despair and totally give up because of how it is?

This is nothing but underneath the surface of things a pile of rubbish, and yet, over the course of time, something has been slowly trying to heal that, and vegetation has built up and is able to exist – but you don’t want to dig too deeply because it is overwhelming what has been done to it. And yet you can hold to that, and something more can come to pass, in a healing-capacity way.

You could use my dream as kind of a seed question answer to the idea: do you actually do anything to change the world? And in a vibrational way you have to carry something inside of yourself, and carry it in a type of reverent vibration, so that it is able to be above the garbage heap of tings, or above the calamity of fear and everything else, in terms of dense energy, or raw energy, which is needed in order to cause something more to be.

In other words, it’s a world not designed to collapse underneath the raw conditions of things. It’s meant to be able to take that in, rise above that, see something revelational or more. It is like that in an outer way of looking at it, yet revelationally, deep within, there is a way of feeling a transformative vibrational state.

And you can only do it by holding onto a quality of the vibration that reaches into the essence of an overallness, and, if that vibration didn’t exist there would be a void, and if there was a void then there really would be something called death.

However, there is the shrediment of something that even though it is what it is can be accepted. It can be accepted when placed in and upon the essence that is still there. It may be in dire shape, but it’s still there. You can place everything onto the essence.

The family that I visited, there was this shred of something that had, over the course of time, manifested over the top of the garbage heap. The same is kind of true with the guy and his smoking and his cigarettes. He’s still somewhat influenced by the unconsciousness of things, and the feminine energy was holding to what little was left of a reverence – but even she did not know how extremely dire things were. And you don’t want to create a despair.

You hold to the vibration, you hold to the hope. It’s the only answer that there is that sees things through.

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Snakes on a Plane

rattlesnake-1A scene filled with large rattlesnakes would be the stuff of nightmares for most people. In a dream, it can stand in as an analogy for all the things in the world that are venomous to us, that can make us sick, or even kill us, meaning any enticement or distraction that draws our attention away from our human purpose. And we may think that human purpose is something for others to worry about and pursue, it’s really everyone’s problem because every generation we get further and further away from our truth, to the point where the species as a whole is in danger of losing its universal support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the first dream I remember, it’s like I’m in a room but it must lead out into the desert because there’s all these rattlesnakes everywhere, and some of them were big, and they strike at things.

And it feels like we collect the snake venom or the snakes, or something like that, and it even has to do with collateral or income. It’s like the initial part of the dream I don’t remember as much what it related to because I just seem to be studying how people did that, and how you had to be really careful because the snakes can sometimes jump way up in the air and you can get bitten.

And then after I’ve studied that out a bit, it feels like this man comes. He’s from Mexico and he’s got a native background, and he takes me elsewhere, and I figure out that he’s actually a real rattlesnake hunter. It’s more like we were just coping with the snakes we saw. I’m trying to understand how they interacted with things, but he takes me out and then he takes me into a building, but this building seems to open up into like a desert-type environment – and it’s where all the snakes live. And as I look around, even though it’s a little bit dimly lit, I see there’s big snakes everywhere.

And there’s also these little things that crawl on the ground that look like kind of pale frogs. I never can quite see exactly what they look like. They seem to accompany the snakes, and I think that maybe they’re a food that the snakes have, but I can’t see them clearly enough. But I think of them as some kind of toad, or frog.

And then I find out this guide, who’s taken me, he belongs to a certain tribe from Mexico. He’s like a professional snake hunter, and then he even shows me he has a dog with him, and he’s got the dog all wrapped up with a coat to protect it from getting struck by the snakes. And it’s a Doberman.

And then he’s dressing up for us to go out and collect whatever we need to collect in this kind of desert of snakes, like he’s putting some kind of cover over his shoes, because they’re kind of like the shoes you see native Americans wear that are like moccasins that lace up the leg a bit. But then he’s covering that with something that would protect him from snake bites, and he’s putting on what looks almost like a fireman’s uniform, in a way, because it protects you from snake bites. And then we’re going to go out to collect something. So I’m curious about this, but also a little leery of the snakes.

And then I see that where he’s gone out into this desert that seems to be inside a room, and what he’s brought back are these bones that look like carvings of people from the village of the type of Native American that he is, and he’s explaining to me that he’s going to take it back to the city because it’s like, even though there’s a city and it’s populated, there’s not that many people from his tribe left.

And so it’s like if he could go out into this area, this desert where all the snakes were, to these artifacts which look like little carved people, and bring that back, it’s like that will lead to there being more people from his lineage, or his village, or his race, that will be in the city afterwards; they’ll be born there or something.

I wasn’t quite sure how it all worked. I was just studying it out, and that was when I woke up.

John: The dream starts off with having to do with conditions in life being what they are, that have been this way for a long, long time, that reflect or permeate a direness.

In other words, the dream starts off in which it’s like in the city of things there are snakes. Something can be too much, and then when you go into the outer you see that it’s accommodated in some fashion, by nature, but it still reflects an imbalance. Nature is trying to transform, or reform, the condition. And, in nature, even though you can see the reflective remnants of things that are in a process of being transformed, when viewed from the perspective of where it all comes from, in other words going back into like an overall collective, it is an accumulation. It is a conglomerated accumulation that tears things down.

Now if you were to take and dwell upon the way things are being torn down, it then tears you down. So what you have to do is you have to recognize that all of the snakes in the conglomeration of things from which they originated, that go back maybe having been put in place by misconduct, and unconscious nature, that goes back you know lifetimes, that it has gotten to a point where man, in order to redeem himself, has to take back the issue, and he has to take it back in a revelational way.

In other words, you don’t go looking at the overtopism that was created, and yet at the same time you can’t ignore what was done, because you can see it, and you go into the all natural country – it’s there too. It’s infected, or permeated, through everything that exists.

But if you try to just lilt along and put the best spin on it, where you could avoid some of this, it doesn’t change the slant of manifestation that has been overwhelmed, and overpowered, by this collective ignorance. And so much so that it is causing things to be on life support, to break down.

And so deep down you know that there is a thread from somewhere deep, deep that can make a difference. It’s a vibrational thread and, instead of recoiling to what is out of balance, you come to realize that you have to take it into account. You have to accept it in the condition as it is, and thus, if you are able to do that, you bring the vibration back that is going out of life. You bring it back, and, of course, you’re told that if you don’t bring it back, the alternative is your species will die out.

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