How is it that a softer heart, or grace, or internal connection is able to quicken my nighttime consciousness? After having been made dumb by the myriad goings-on during the day, it is a testament to just how amazing a human being really is in terms of the greater wholeness of which we are a part. I now believe that the purpose of a spiritual life is to awaken to that inner dialogue connection, in a way that can be drawn from upon awakening, and to embody and carry it forward as a consciousness into the physical world; to cultivate an inner connectedness that is linked to all creation. John

Welcome to Dreaming Into Knowing. This is, perhaps, an appropriate beginning proposition for the journey we seek to undertake through this web site. Here we will examine “that inner dialogue connection” as it speaks to us through our dreams. Whether remembered upon awakening or not, all of us are capable of dreaming during sleep, a process where consciousness ebbs away and our unconscious has its play. And as sleep occupies nearly one third of our life experience, it is not a great leap to consider how important what occurs during this process is to us, and to our experience during the two-thirds we are awake.

What happens during dreams is not easily quantified or even completely understood, but dreams are one of our most personal connections to the active inner worlds, a state where thoughts are no longer filtered through the prisms of our daily actions, learned patterns, or our conscious brain, a place where our past and our future can be hinted at, played out, nudged forward, unfolded, even resolved. Through this work we will not presume to know the answers, but we do want to explore what can be drawn from a process that is such a huge part of a human’s life experience. And to see what it points to in terms of our relationship with the greater wholeness of which we are all a part.

During this journey we will be begin by delving into the actual dreams, fragments of dreams, and even waking, conscious dreams of two people, John and Jeane. Though the dreams of strangers may at first seem too personal and unrelated to you, our reader, the exploration will focus on what is fundamental in them, on what is universal, to find what can be gleaned from them as a message to bring forward into our waking life and everyday human actions. Perhaps all journeys begin with a dream, a dream that with the right questions, curiosity, and openness can, over time, become a knowing within us, and truly a link to all creation.

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