Part III: Taming the Ego

Ultimately, a higher union with the inner light, of which we are all capable, is pointed to, and that light can then become an active guide for the rest of our journey – if we continue to pursue greater awareness. (For reference, see Part I: The Return Journey & Part II: Shifting Our Alignment.)

John: The next shift is a shocker. This is when we realize that the light is not our own, and that we have a duty to release our separate awareness back into an awareness of the overall flow to which we belong. During this phase the ego is put into its proper place. Until then, we are unable to extricate ourselves from the influence of the collective consciousness (the culture of society). In this phase, we come to believe that there is more to it than a subtle guidance, but that we can actually surrender our pattern of unconscious choices that cause the heart to suffer, thereby acknowledging more directly a higher self-influence. The effect of dreams, synchronicity, and meaningful coincidences are then understood as a direct linkage between the higher and the lower, instead of as random phenomena. At some point we come to believe we can hear or see things within the flow. This is an energetic sensation, and our focus and attention upon it draws us even closer. We can begin to attune ourselves in accordance to the heart’s need to be sincere. Some call this a deeper longing. For others, it is recognition of a much greater overallness to be appreciated. Ultimately, it is both at the same time, as we consolidate into wholeness.

Then comes the point where we start to acknowledge imagery or symbolism from within that is perceivable; the will of the creator can then have a more direct effect on us, an effect that we are newly able to handle. The images and symbolism are still a veil separating us from the direct perception of the light. But we can recognize the images as simply us, distinguishing between what is meaningful and what is not. To this point, we have been going towards something – the face of god, or the creator – based upon a sincere attunement to our focus and intention. We reach a deeper understanding when we are able to relate more to the flow itself, from which the images arise.

The symbolic images are an in-between presence  seen from within, not just felt with the heart. A contrast is created when we begin to understand our light to be nothing more than a quality of the whole. We lose ourselves. To the degree we reach a true inner power within, we begin to see symbolically (symbolically, for me, is like a shadow image).

As a result, we are able to conduct ourselves, or have a better understanding of how to conduct ourselves, in this overall flow. When we get like this, we are able to ask questions, like “what is going on?” and understand more about the nature of the energetic cohesiveness and reply depending on whether the image within resonates or not. The image is a proximity to the message itself. Behind the image is direct light. The image shields us from being overwhelmed by direct contact with the light, but is important because we can now get a better handle on the apparent focus and intention of the symbolism.

That was the first part of the dream.  It started at 2:00am and I fiddled with it and only wrote one or two sentences, then held it all and woke up at 4:30am and wrote it down. Then I fell asleep and had the following dream….

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