Easy Passage

John: I had this dream of going from place to place using corridors into a storage room, etc., to get to where I thought I needed to be. In many cases, I was going against the flow of everything else. I had a focus that was able to go against the flow and to act decisively. Others appreciated my forthrightness and I was able to proceed as I went along. However, at one point I realized that I had left my jacket behind. I was in an open area. I asked if there was a phone. A station attendant saw my confusion. He did a quick check. He reported that I had left my jacket in Cinderella City. They had found it and were holding it. I told them I didn’t know how to get back there. He said, “No problem, train 71.” When I get there, I ask for the attendant. He gives me a ticket and walks away. At that instant, the train doors open.  I ask, “What train is this?” No one answers. The doors close. I glance and realize that the ticket says 4:51. The time is 4:51. I see doors open a bit from further away and race in their direction as I wake up.

In this example, I think the dream shows a more connective flow that enables me easy passage to move around. I can’t tell, however, where I’m going or if I am properly holding it together. But I am still functioning within a connective flow. I don’t know how to hold onto a real knowingness about the scenes, nevertheless I seem to be getting closer, as shown by the good fortune that’s looking after me. If I mess up or leave something behind inadvertently, help is there to get me back on the right track – providing I can stay in flow.

Then I remembered something I had realized earlier:  My recognition of things is still dependent upon hearing in order to support my seeing, where the clarity can flicker in and out. Seeing is a masculine feature. Hearing is feminine.

Oh, I remember another dream, just now flickering in:

I was on the phone and I was talking to a guy back East. I’m describing something to him and laying it out.  What I’m describing and laying out is important to something that is more removed, and suddenly that which is more removed is actually there in the background at the other end of the line, to my surprise, and I was able to get to communicate about it then.

I almost forgot that. That was another little dream in there. All the dreams, of course, are linked in a night’s time. I guess we’re on a fishing expedition, but things are tumbling a little bit into place. But it’s not quite to the point where the fish are biting. Interesting.

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