Declaring War on God

Jeane: In the first dream I am in an informal classroom. A woman friend and I are near the back wall where we can see the teacher. We have a tape recorder and tape certain things, but what we are recording is in Arabic. I’m not sure we are going to understand it so we don’t record that much. The teacher and his students are standing. He walks to where we are, looks at us and wants to see the recording. As we are not recording at that moment he becomes annoyed and walks off. I walk toward the front of the classroom and glance at my friend. I sit, observing the teacher talking to his class, and am thinking that I don’t know why he wanted us to record. We aren’t going to have time to listen to the recording, and the sections we recorded are in Arabic, so what’s the point? Also, I am aware that I’m not going to be going  to school any more – it’s either an elective class or it’s the last class I had to take. I’m annoyed at the whole process. This dream then sequels into the next…

John: When looking at your dreams I look more critically rather than just going along with them. This dream is indicating that you are not keeping up with the images, so you are recording them. You are trying to take a short cut and making a choice that “enough is enough, I don’t need to be in this class anymore.”

We all go through moments of wondering “what’s the point to all of this?” I remember struggling with this years ago. I would experience a wonderful inner state, but what does one do with it? Where does it go? What’s it about? How does one apply it to life? I had no connectivity to anything on an inner plane other than being able to feel good, to be more buoyant and enjoy life a bit more. But that didn’t put bread and butter on the table or deal with the normal ups and downs that one goes through. So, I declared war on that state, or way of being. I could not see that it took one anywhere that was meaningful in terms of the outer world. I felt the outer world had a momentum that one needed to be in step with in order to appreciate what was happening. I was focused on the personal. I didn’t realize that one had to stop the personal focus and take on instead a quality that is able to recognize that what is real in life is not us. Life is not about our trying to stand out and being individualistic. That is a deception. We are meant to recognize that the real action comes from being part of an overall flow. We are just a minute particle within the atom, within the universe.

Looking at life from the personal, I made a choice to shut off that higher, or inner, dimension – to declare war on God. That is what your dream is about. You are, by choice, taking a step back and purposely not staying current with the flow. And because this is a dream, it is a tease. You are not meant to take it too literally or beat yourself up about it. It is hinting that just a slight change of focus and attention will open things up a lot more. The punch line is that “Hey, enough is enough. I don’t need to be taking this class any more, anyway.” That’s meant as a way to make sure you don’t rationalize yourself out of this.

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