Part I: The Blob

A horror movie? Yes, in a way, a very familiar one, but here the ending will surprise you. Today we explore a detailed account of one of Jeane’s dreams, and tomorrow John will give us a deeper sense of what is at play. It is interesting to follow John’s questions, in the back and forth that follows, as he digs into what he sees as the details that need clarifying as he forms his assessment.

So it is a horror story, with a surprise ending, and today we leave off with a cliffhanger. Grab your popcorn!

Jeane: In my dream I am in a school-like setting with a teacher, but we are all outdoors. The teacher reminds me of a science teacher I had in high school. He was a good teacher –  I always liked his energy. Anyway, he suddenly announces that on Monday or in three days he is going to give us an exam which would have been okay except it is going to cover three different classes – one of which is physics. In my mind’s eye I can see I have not even cracked a physics book, let alone the problems at the end of each chapter, and I suddenly have the impression that perhaps he is even going to expect us to bring in answer sheets for all of the chapters, or something like that. Of the three classes, the physics class is the one that I had just kind of…

John: So your feeling outside was casual, and all of a sudden he springs the serious news of the test?

Jeane: That’s right. I know I haven’t prepared for this physics exam. There are two other classes. One of these classes, I am never sure what it is, it might be math or something else, but I am not worried about it. The third subject has to do with these little vehicles and what we can do with them. I am calling them vehicles because I don’t know what else to call them. They almost look like… have you seen those doggy beds, they’re like big blobs or pillows that puff up on the sides and the dog sleeps in the middle?

It looks like one of those except they are also animated. They can move or fly, and they interact in some way with the driver. It’s not verbal but it is an interaction and so you have to have a relationship with them to maneuver properly. I usually spend all my time with them. So I am going out to the meadow and I walk by a friend from high school who I remember as being a serious student; she is sitting beside a large rock and I can see that she is going through those physic chapters, the problems at the end of them, and she has probably been keeping up all along. Just doing exactly what she should do, right? That wasn’t me. I keep going on and there is a drop off down to the meadow and there are even some rocks, slate-like rocks, and a little ledge that you could even fall over, but another ledge that you can catch yourself on going down to the meadow. I know at one point, it is either this point or a little later in the dream, I actually stumble a little and I have to catch myself on the rocks. I think I am going to fall really far down and because I hit the rocks I think I am going to hurt myself. Then I discover the rocks are actually like plaster or papier-mâché. I have broken off one and I am kind of delicately setting it back so it would look half okay. I did not really hurt myself or anything.

Down in this meadow, I go into a little hut that seems to be my place and I have got my vehicles, as I would call them, there.

John: Are you describing these blobs again, these vehicles?

Jeane: Yes. I can get in and actually lift up one of its corners on its own, and do all this stuff with it, and I just really liked it. But it seems when I go to spend time with it I get a little lost. Then I have to take it outside. For the test you have to complete certain maneuvers with it. I take it out and up in the sky and I have to do tricky maneuvers with it through the branches of a tree and I pass some other people who are out in their vehicles who are obviously doing their routines for the test too. Then it feels like I have come back down. I have left that vehicle and I am with some friends nearby in a car on a road and it is nighttime now. I realize the remaining days before the test are going to by pretty fast and I have been spending all of my time with my vehicle.

John: You are supposed to be studying the other two.

Jeane: Yes, all three of them.

John: What is the other one?

Jeane: One is physics and that is the one I am really behind in. The other one I am really not sure what it is.

John: The other one is math and you are not concerned about it?

Jeane: Right.

John: Then there is the blob test?

Jeane: Yes, I am doing really well with the blob test here. The physics test is not going so good.

John: You are spending most of your time on the blob?

Jeane: All of it.

John: This is classic.

Jeane: So I get into a little car with some friends who are going on the road somewhere at night, just in the same general area, right next to the area where I had my little hut where I keep by blob and there is another car right in front of us that is stopped when it should be going, because we need to get by it to get where we are going. There are three people in this tiny car in front of us, they are both like cartoon cars, and you wonder how three people fit into them. So I get out and I walk up to the car in front of us and I notice that the three people inside,  who I think are Native American, are lighting up a huge joint. So I take one look at that and I kind of give their bumper or the rear end of their car a little shove so it will move out of our way. But with this little shove, it not only moves them out of the way, it speeds them forward and the car goes over an embankment and crashes down the hill not too far from where I live. I go running over to see if they are all right, but they are pretty stoned. They get out and they wave at me, they smile, they are happy. So I can continue on to where I was going.

Then it feels like the scene shifts outdoors again within the same general area and the teacher comes walking by and makes some comment. I realize time has almost run out for when the test will be given. I am in a little panic as I realize I am not that prepared for the physics test. I am reviewing all of the material and realizing I am not in very good shape and then the teacher makes an off-hand comment that he will be back in about 10 minutes or so to help people who are not prepared. I think, “Oh, relief.” Then I look and realize the teacher is alone and he will help.

So, that’s the whole dream and I am sticking to it! I had fun with my vehicle.

John: You know what the blob is, don’t you?

Tomorrow, the mystery of “The Blob,” the sequel…

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