The Feminine and the Masculine

Over the course of the next few posts we’ll be discussing the energies of the masculine and feminine, as they appear inside each of us, as part of our inner lives, and discover some of the ways they interact, the roles they fill most naturally, and try to get a sense of the way they support and balance our efforts and actions in the outer world. We may imagine ourselves to be either completely male or female, but both energies are at play within us, throughout our lives. They keep each other in check, guide and encourage, and make an infinite number of things possible that would be impossible to accomplish for either aspect alone.

Jeane: In my dream it felt like I got tossed around a bit. What is a little different about this dream is that I seem to see it at first from an overall perspective, and then it’s like I dream it again with a more detailed view of the part I play.

In this dream there is a couple with a 9-year-old daughter, and they are on the fringe, or they are doing something illegal. They rob people… I don’t really know what they do. I want to get their daughter away from them and do it in such a way that they are either arrested or out of the picture. I want to do it so that they would blame each other, or not remember my part in it, so that can I get away with the girl. I just see how it happens, partly from a bus ride late at night, getting the mom more stoned on drugs so she won’t remember when I take the girl, the getaway, and everything will be confused about who did what when.

Then I seem to go back and see exactly how I did it from just my perspective. I see that the first thing I did was move somewhere out of town, a nice little two-story white house that I rented, and then I waited until late at night so that anyone out drinking or carousing would already be off the streets. I dressed in identical clothing to the mother for that night and I made sure that she took extra drugs. I remember I had to avoid the advances of some men on a bus because of the way I was dressed. It was like I reviewed it all within the dream. I’m thinking about all this interplay when I wake up. It was such a peculiar way to feel a dream.

John: When you were having that sense of reviewing within the dream, you weren’t able to understand it in terms of your perspective being from an inner plane level. But it is all taking place on an inner plane level. The details of the story have an external reality to them, but the way you did it, the you way you pulled it off, was from an inner plane quality. The drugs keeping the mother out of it so that she wouldn’t recognize and remember you was an inner plane effect. It may have seemed like renting the house outside of town and the identical clothes were happening in the outer world, but what you were doing was creating a flow of events from a hidden position. The feminine naturally carries an aspect of the whole that is a knowing, and the masculine part is more overt, it has to disturb. The masculine actually deals with the outer effects, the feminine does less so. So the feminine nature supports the flow of events, but does so from an inner, hidden quality. That support of the flow by the feminine enables the masculine energy to accomplish something in the outer plane, in what seems like a reality. The feminine acts as the holder of the context in which the events take place, so it has to oversee the effect it has created, but keeps itself unconscious on an inner level because it flows better that way. That allows the masculine to be the go-getter, to take responsibility for something that occurs in the outer.

So there is a masculine context to the actions you were taking in rescuing the girl, but you orchestrated it from the inner plane where the events would cause the least disturbance (making the mother forget through the use of drugs), which is a feminine (inner) way of doing things.

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