Fragmentation and Wholeness

We are distilling what can be learned from the dream described in The Feminine and the Masculine, continuing on from the deeper analysis in our second approach, Containment and Action. The thread continues here, in an attempt to open up some of the mysteries of the roles of masculine and feminine, within an individual life, expressed within the needs and requirements of the events of a dream. When these roles are naturally expressed as part of a wholeness, things tend to go smoothly. When not, trouble lies ahead. The implications in this for what we experience in our daily lives are, I think, enormous.

John: So if you begin by considering that there is a wholeness, and within that wholeness, within the greater context of it, is the feminine. And still deeper within that, the feminine has issues because she has been spread out into a million pieces, by all traces of history that have derailed her from her natural processes and her natural role. When one is not able to accept the fullness of what is given them, because it seems too much, it becomes splintered. That is the only possible way to handle it – to fragment it down into manageable parts. The pieces are still part of the whole, but it is much more difficult to take the wholeness fully into account. As an aspect of the whole you (Jeane), the feminine represents the quality of containment, and the masculine represents the overt qualities that bring something into life. So they each have a different way of exercising their approach; the masculine in terms of the consequence, the feminine in terms of absorption. So the feminine aspect of absorption tends to, or wants to, or tries to keep what needs to be handled more in balance, more connected to the flow at an unconscious level. The feminine seeks to keep things in order and is a container for the context of what occurs.

So what is happening in your dream is that, on one level you are considering the options of how to handle the situation, and at a more inner level you are also feeling the impulse of something that is coming into life as a flow. So you are going back and forth between them. You are having thoughts within the dream, yet those thoughts are not instantly released into the reality of dream events, which tells you that the overview perspective is coming from inner plane thinking. Yet even during that process, your inner plane thinking is having subtle unconscious effects upon the outer plane events, reflected in the actions of the other people in the dream. It is reflective, so you can go back and forth inside as you gain the sensibility of how best to accomplish what you want to accomplish; what will the overt action look like? So when you ultimately do take overt action (to rescue the girl), you have sparked something from the inner to manifest into the outer. Having a flow in the outer requires a connection to the subtle inner. If that requirement of the inner isn’t taken into proper account, if the timing isn’t right, if what takes place is too much, and all that subtle connection is not integrated into the overt action, then essentially the approach is broken, it’s fragmented. If it were done naturally it would happen very fluidly – the inner feminine would weigh the options, choose of path of least collateral disturbance, and then effect the masculine to take an overt action in the outer plane, with full support from the feminine, which is both upholding the context of the action and absorbing the collateral disturbances to minimize any traumatic effects.

When it all works in uniformity, it almost becomes a non-event – it is in the flow of things even though many processes have been at play. When something is fragmented in terms of the container not fully being the container and able to facilitate, hold onto, and absorb things, when that isn’t possible then you have a trauma or a disturbance in the outer plane, which rejects the context of what has taken place. That’s when a whole new set of consequences arise and must be dealt with: is my taking away the girl going to blow up in my face when the mother finds out? What will the ramifications of that be? Will you have to justify what happened without the benefit of being completely comfortable in your actions?

The dream shows that you were working from a perspective of flow, balancing the inner with the consequences of the outer, but you felt “tossed about” a bit because the events weren’t fully contained. You kept the events largely unconscious – that is an easier approach. The more difficult process to handle is when you stand firmly within the flow in relationship to the overt disturbance and the collateral effect it has. That is the hard part. The easier part is to be able to keep it unconscious so that it can come across.

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