Surrender and Liberation

John: In this dream, I remember looking for a certain vibration, and I found that we were living in a time when this vibration’s light had gotten so faint that even its memory as a word had faded. I could hear the word, and look at the word and it was kind of faint, but I knew it was not even spelled correctly, let alone anyone understanding its meaning. So this vibration I am looking for was once a connection that could make one feel complete and happy and content if you could find it. You did not need anything else to rely upon. It was a vibration that was taken for granted for so long, that instead of its importance being valued, it could no longer be found as a proper memory.

I fumbled to re-identify with it, to identify it inside myself, as a need, which is a required presence of light. I am in a city, and there is an announcement: “As of this moment, the electricity is to be turned off.” Then the city goes dark. The announcer goes on to say that those who do not like what is taking place can voice their opinion at 4:30pm today, and names the place where this is to occur. As I look in the direction of the announcer, I notice that what I see looks like a tank. I also feel the futility that is pervasive in my surroundings. It seems that everyone is feeling so submissive that achieving a reaction of outrage is no longer possible. The effect seems to find everyone living in a state of anesthetization.

I note this condition as being all around me in life by glancing in the direction of my body double – a reactive shadow that is in the physical world (normally my shadow would be reactive, but it is not reacting). That is the physical world part of oneself. The shadow of what I am meant to be as a complete person (my idea, anyway, of how I should be as a person in the physical world), is already considering how it can get by under the new circumstances. Sensing this, I know that the will to resist or to vent outrage has gone from within me as well. I see myself in everyone else, surrendering, as if this is now how it is meant to be. This surrendering is to a state wherein what had been is no more, and I must now make do, on a moment-by-moment basis, with what there is in life that gets one by. I have lost a huge crutch in the external and so has everyone else in the world.

However, I am able to cope because deep down it doesn’t seem to matter. I can find a way of being that may seem on the physical level to be debilitating, but when there is no reaction, on another level, it is actually liberating. If you were to think about this it would seem rather bizarre, even perverse, that one can simply be stripped like this without the typical outrage. Apparently this is possible, because at the core of who we are there is a place that is reachable, where a human being is able to reside, when all is taken away. I seem to be reaching for that place, rather than for the creature comforts of the mind. What is unusual is that it seems to me that all of life has gotten to the point of needing to do the same, or fall into a deep despair, because there doesn’t seem to be an alternative that could keep things going on like “business as usual.”

So the curiosity that I seem to embody is “what is next?” What had been is no more. How are people going to reconcile the external physical reality of what had been their surroundings, with a much more deeply rooted inner need? Will they find it or are they going to fall apart? Do they have the energy to look within instead of to the comforts of the outer? If so, humanity will find an inner answer. Despair and hopelessness is not meant to be the end result of a society that has been dumbed-down so much that it is unable to function. Something new is emerging upon which a connection that guides is able to come into manifestation.

Jeane: I remember hearing about some places, in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, where the towns have taken out their stoplights and traffic signals. They feel like this is forcing people to slow down and to be aware and decide for themselves what they need to do, instead of them just zipping through thoughtlessly. So the people are having figure out what is safe and appropriate. They don’t have signals telling them what to do anymore. They are going to have to feel for the flow.

John: It will teach them how to relate to everything in life. That is very interesting, and it looks like we may be coming to that. That we can all live together in a fashion that works if we don’t have the ordinariness that we have come to expect.

Is my dream a foreboding, or is this a dream of… You know the wayfarer always makes the journey and more or less brings in the images of what has to be, so is this something that is being brought in as a “has to be” image? If this is what is going to happen, it means that humanity is going to have to snap out of its dependency and its way of taking everything for granted. We have gone on for so long in this way, we’ll actually fight for our right to take things for granted!

But the dream shows that even the desire to fight to maintain the status quo is being stripped away. We are going to have to reach a deeper core inside ourselves as a way of feeling okay about things. I guess we can do that. I guess that, ultimately, is the journey that one must make, rather than struggling to become more and more dependent upon modern society and all its outer comforts.

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