Clearing Space

Jeane: It feels like my folks have moved.  I have visited the new house and I have even left a number of things there because I will be moving back, or visiting, or living with them part or all of the time. I have left the house and gone somewhere. I cannot piece together all of the dream, but along the way I keep crossing paths with two little girls (8 and 9) years old.  They are sisters.  At some point I realize that they actually are orphans and they have been hiding it from everyone. I am in a house where a man, it feels like he is a politician, goes over to them and starts to lead them away. I have the sense that he will take advantage of them, so I speak up and say to the girls, “You are orphans aren’t you? You are alone?”  They nod and then I say, “OK, come on, you are coming with me.”  I am taking them home with me, and on the way to my parent’s house I cross a ravine and there is another man, a neighbor across the ravine, who hollers at me and I am indignant at this. I holler back across that I don’t see how he could be so mean after I had visited his grandmother.

I get home with the girls and at this point I have a whole entourage of people with me. When I look around I realize I have unpacked a lot of stuff at home, but it is all cluttered and dusty. I am thinking it will have to be cleaned up, but it is morning and the group I am with wants to sit around a table and share dreams. Then there is this huge search, one man has a tape recorder, I have a tape recorder, so we are on a search for tapes that do not have anything on them, and this takes me through the whole house and I see that it is in disarray, neglected, and dirty everywhere. We cannot find the tape.  Meanwhile I am distracted by all the things I have there – all these different colored bras hanging on one wall and I am going to have to go through and get rid of some things, plus I remember that I am trying to find the tape, and I am half dressed and trying to clean areas up. Then I am thinking that one area of the house is larger, and I could let the girls live there. Suddenly I realize that I only have 15 minutes before I have to leave to go back to Denver or Kansas or somewhere.  So I am running around still trying to find my clothes, and now I notice the house is getting cleaned up, but it is my mess. I know it will be a few minutes before I can get dressed, clean up, and leave the house.

John: So this dream starts off with you holding a certain comfort in terms of what you see and recognize as a relationship inside yourself. In other words, you can go to the house of your parents, even though it is new, and move right in. And the problem here is that this is a subtle holding on that you are leaning on, and you even see yourself as having a right to do that. It seems totally normal, but it is a kind of indulgence. The problem with this kind of indulgence is that it orphans you from qualities inside yourself that have a whole other depth to them, that you have not come to form a relationship with, or come to know. As you take the girls with you, you are acknowledging that they are part of you, and so you take them home, in a manner of speaking. The fact that you do that causes you to realize that changes need to be made, in terms of getting rid of unnecessary clutter, and wanting to create more space for these orphans to live in. They can only find a home in you if they have room to move, and are not put in amongst the items you already have a familiarity and comfort with in terms of your life up to this point. And so these images are trying to wake you up. Overall, the consequences of accepting these “orphans” into your “home” is a dramatic change in the equation in which you live.

You can also see how this dream relates to the previous one – they work together. In the first you are learning that something has to come from the inner into the outer, and in the second dream you are shown that, in the process, something has been inadvertently orphaned.

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