Open to Receive

Jeane: In this dream I feel as though everything has been taken from me. I do not have anything anymore, I have even lost my clothes. It s eems I once worked in a system that had to do with housing and helping the homeless, but now I too am homeless and without clothes. I am at a shelter, with ot her homeless people, and have gone into a room that is surrounded by glass, so I move behind a partition to feel more covered. I do not feel really bothered by my circumstances; I feel more like a neutral observer.

Two men from the shelter come to tell us about available benefits and how to get them. One man is standing on a table and he wants people to tell their stories of how they lost everything. I sense immediately that something in him wants to feed off their problems – it gives him some kind of titillation. I totally reject that. I react so strongly that I have to leave the room.

Someone from one of the agencies recognizes me and follows me out. They tell me that I should come back into the room. They tell me they have found an apartment and can get me on welfare or assistance, which would provide an income to live on. I look through the window and see another woman, with her child, who doesn’t seem to have a place to live and I think, “She really needs the apartment more than I do.”

I realize, though, that the people at the shelter are determined to give the apartment and benefits to me and not to her. I cannot change that. However, if I accept their help, I will have to go down and fill out all types of paperwork. I know that can be humbling, and even unfair. And I am not going back into that room. I look at the lady and tell her that I will not go back in the room where that man is feeding off the stories of other people’s troubles. That seems to be the issue that bothers me most.

John: Basically, you have let go of everything. That is why you do not have any clothes. When you then go into the room to see what needs to unfold, you find yourself actually keenly aware of what is going on. You are absorbing the environment. The outer part of you might actually find the situation humorous, although a nuisance  to put up with, but on an inner level you recognize that your freedom is affected when you allow into your environment an energy that feeds on other people’s misfortunes. What you are sensing stirs things up for you and keeps you agitated.

Whatever is bugging you in that way is a big issue, because it is causing you to move away from your center. Initially you can go in the room and be free or naked of all issues, but then an element upsets you. As a consequence of that agitation, you refuse to accept what you are supposed to receive in that room, something that is meant just for you.

Usually your dreams have a feminine process; this has a masculine tone. The deep issue that agitates you stems from feeling that someone is purposefully being mean-spirited. When you are required to handle that situation, deep down you are thrown off course. On the surface, in an outer way of looking at it, you assume, as many people would, that resolving the issue equates with walking away from it. However, resolving it is more about taking an action (masculine) that does not eliminate the friction or, if it does, it does it in a way that shifts the energy. The feminine tries to remain neutral towards a dynamic like this in order to become a reflective mirror and absorb it, rather that to be thrown off course by it.

Your initial response is to reject something that is disturbing you. If you were you to transcend that, meaning if you could overcome that initial reaction, it would enable you to experience and realize so much more – you would be able to accept and receive what is being given to you. This works on the principle that greater access comes through receiving guidance from the other side (the inner plane). An insistence on feeling comfortable or a need to maintain balance, shows you have your own power and control imagery linked into this scene. A linkage or connection to the whole comes from the friction, from the parts that are unsettled, that even drive one a little bit crazy. We fight the friction because we think it is going to bring out the worst in us, but the friction actually shows us an access point, where if we struggle through, much can be gained.

This dream seems to have emerged from something that is stirred up in you from your outer experience. A person can make their most significant strides in life by confronting the experiences that occur, and overcoming the programmed reactions and patterns that dominate those situations. The human condition is such that we are always trying to make things better. The mistake is that we think that by shutting ourselves off from the issues that agitate us, by wanting to keep everything calm and stress-free, we will create better end results. That’s not true in terms of how one is supposed to progress. The experiences that happen in our lives are brought on to give us an opportunity to make the necessary headway forward, by breaking through reactive patterns into new possibilities.

By walking away from an issue that agitates you, you walk away from the potential to make a breakthrough that might be possible if you were open to receiving what is being offered.

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