Creating Reality

An unreal world, a simple journey, a greater truth, all unveiled by a single dream. Yesterday we examined the details (You Can’t Go Home Again). Here we gain a deeper understanding of the dream and see the implications of what being connected to the higher self can mean for a human being. For many the shock will be that such a deep connection to inner guidance and knowings is a more natural state for a person to be in.

John: In the dream, you experience a fear of two tigers, and your solution to this situation is to play dead. You surrender. It is this surrender that then allows you to see the aspects of the higher that are coming across the field like a caravan. You would not have seen them otherwise. If you had continued to maintain your fear, you would have instead continued to move toward your cave of protection – which you apparently realized you could not do. And you wanted to use your ace in the hole, your rifle, and if someone had been able to get to the gun in time to save you, you also would not have been shown the higher aspects, because your fearful reactions would have prevented it. But neither of these escapes seemed possible to you, so you suddenly let go.

The energetic works by way of suggestion with you. You let go, and soon the tigers are no longer visible, and what comes bounding through is a Great Dane. This is a friendly, playful dog; on the one hand graceful, on the other hand clumsy. But they are completely harmless and there is the sense of something almost laughing at you, as if to say, “Look what had you so frightened!”

So the Great Dane helps ease something in you just enough, and you find yourself in this in-between zone of having carried something across. You are back down on the plain where your cave is supposed to be. To get back from where you were, you had to come down into life again from the inner, higher self, into the outer self. You had to come back down into the valley.

You didn’t realize what a huge shift you had made when you went across to the cave of the higher self. That existed somewhere on a spiritual high, and to come back down to where you normally live, or had been living, was a difficult, unnatural thing to have to do. Yet you were compelled to have to do it. And in doing that, something was able to stay with you.

It is interesting how to see how this inflection of your discomfort in the higher realms works, because the inflection is repeated three times. First of all you need a simple glass of water, but you find a strange contraption there that has three water handles and when you turn one the water comes out from everywhere. The second inflection is in the appearance of the tigers, reintroducing the fear aspect, who suddenly turn into a playful Great Dane bounding across when you surrender. The third inflection – and all of these have the same energetic about them – is that you search for safety in the physical realm, you try to return to your cave, and when that is not working you hold out the hope that someone will reach the rifle in time to protect you.

So instead of getting help in a physical sense, what you end up seeing is something surreal, like a presence walking through from somewhere else, from the other side. You are offered these opportunities, through different means, as a way for you to finally get it.

What you are supposed to get is the awareness and realization of how you are able to take a higher consciousness into matter. In other words, you are building the energy first before that can happen. Perhaps the energy is built by your recognition of the attentiveness of the higher self, of the efforts that are made to show you. Then that attentiveness rubs off on your nature, so that eventually the effect causes the two caves to disappear, but actually to come together. If you were to embrace this higher-self attentiveness fully, you would be capable of seeing beyond the appearances in the physical realms, and have a greater knowing of what the truth is behind them.

Until you embrace this aspect fully, you will be thrown around and go through pain and suffering and all kinds of things because you still are experiencing those images too literally. The more you see through to the other side, the harder it becomes to take what is going on in the outer world literally. And the more you are able to see of the other side, the more you are able to bring that knowing across and apply it in the outer. The literalness of things in the outer no longer exists.

Another way of saying it is that no fear, panic, or similar syndrome can be set off in you. You’ll have enough awareness of the illusion that you won’t fully buy into it. At that point you’ll no longer make yourself weird, do strange things, and get smothered and choked off. The illusions of the outer world will no longer have their way with you, and you’ll no longer believe the lies because your attention will be focused on the greater truth beyond them.

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