What’s Wrong With This Picture?

In the next series of entries we will follow the trail of a dream and a real world news article that impacts it. And it might seem easy to dismiss, or limit, the meaning of the dream to the inspiration of the real life event. But as we will see, the unconscious has translated the real life story into a series of images that triggers something much deeper, and reveals the inner workings of the unconscious in a different way.

Jeane: Here again, part of my dream takes place in a cave, with rooms of different sizes. In a large room the figures of a woman, a child, and a very thin man have been constructed, seemingly put together out of the sand that covers the floor. My feeling is that the thin man is bad in some way, like a villain. Then there is an image of going out on the topside of the earth, but that image was veiled over. Then what I remember is being guided through a jungle, but the people I am traveling with and who are guiding me are a little repulsive, or disturbing to me.

One of them (who probably is being controlled by the other, though it isn’t clear) looks like that creature Gollum from Lord of the Rings who was always trying to steal the ring. At one point I get the sense that they do strange things and eat strange things; I am watching them with a certain repulsion. At one point, I’m looking around near a small stream deep in the jungle and I see that this person has covered his body with a transparent net and is crawling very low along the jungle floor. He slithers into the stream and brings out a huge leaf with what looks like a sea creature – something like you might see at the bottom of the ocean with big eyes. I’m not sure whether this person is going to play with it or eat it or what. I am not too happy traveling with these guides, but I do not know how to navigate the jungle without them.

I know there is another dream that keeps trying to break through, but whatever happened in that dream it feels like I go back to the cave or I am back at the cave (I’ve been taken there) and there are other people that seem in charge in this dream. Whatever was done, I am now supposed to be part of what dissolves the sand people – the woman and the young girl and maybe the very thin man. I do it from another room; I help dissolve them, or they get buried or something like that.

At the same time it feels as if something was not done completely, or the thin man was not dissolved, and I may have to reconstruct the figures, so I am trying to pull them together again out of sand. Then they will have to be buried again or dissolved again. Somehow I am involved in that part of the process. I go into the other sand room to see; it is as though what was created there also has to be destroyed. I do not feel good about this but it seems as though it doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Then as I woke up, my mind was preoccupied by something I had read on the Internet about honor killings in Northern Pakistan, where three young girls were going to flee to another village to marry some boys. Their families were high up in the local administration and the boys belonged to a family that was less powerful. A taxi driver turned them in and the men in the family took the girls out to a place in the mountains along with the mother of one and an aunt. The women were trying to intercede and they ended up being killed along with the girls who were buried alive. That was the first thing that I thought about as I woke up, about honor killings. It disturbed me and those thoughts came back after this dream – the thought of burying young girls alive just because they do not follow the orders of the family.

John: As discussed in your previous dream, the inner cave, or the inner part of yourself, and what you see there, is a spiritual illusion. It is a reflection of how you would like something to be, or as the Teacher might say, it is a penetration into the inner world, of a certain degree of the outer world. It shouldn’t be there – you should be completely blank.

In your description, the masculine part of you is not quite right; the figure is thin, emaciated. And in the woman, you are looking at parts of yourself in terms of how your inner perceptions are working, and where it is that you are still unconscious. So you have the child, the woman, and the thin man, and the part that is distorting things the most, the part that gives you the feeling that it cannot be trusted is the masculine quality of your nature. You are sensing that something is not quite right – it doesn’t belong on the inner.

Fortunately, you do not stay there because it is very hard; you are uncomfortable with the way things are.

How do you work out this sense of uneasiness? You work it out by taking it into the outer world of your dream. You need to take that reaction of uneasiness from the inner, and mirror it back into the outer. When you do, you see yourself being caught up by very strange people who are trying to guide you. You see how strange they are, yet you also want to be able to get the sense that there is well being designed into the manifestation of the outer world in order to get you through this situation. That is what is so interesting. The creatures seem strange and horrible, but they are guiding you through. In dreams, the outer world has your best interests at heart.

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