Rinse Cycle

This exploration began yesterday, with What’s Wrong With This Picture? Today we want to dig further into the relationship of the inner self and the outer self as it operates within our dreams, and try to illuminate how the back and forth between them serves to move us forward in our spiritual evolution.

John: The inner part that you hold onto, that you aspire to, is a reflection of your consciousness that is continually evolving. And in the outer world of your dream, that consciousness is hidden. The way things function in the outer world of dreams is that everything appears to be against you. You feel discomfort, fear, and suspicion. You do not really recognize it, but what you are experiencing in this outer world has your best interests at heart. It may lead to a lot of anguish, and you may be tossed around but, ultimately, there is a plan and an order to it, a grace, that is all designed to get you to see through to the secondary causes of things: where do the discomfort, fear, and suspicion come from? The elements of your inner quality make-up are hidden in the outer, but they are at play in the events that take place.

This is a good example of how the inner and the outer come together as one. Apparently, part of the dream that you don’t remember had to do with catching up with a connection between the inner and the outer. The only hint you are given is that you see that you have a conflict in relation to the people guiding you; are they to be feared, or followed? Feeling it as a conflict tells me that you are not seeing through to the secondary causes of things. You feel repulsed and wary, yet you also sense that they are helping you, and that you need them. That is the hint that there is something on a deeper level that sits behind their appearance – that is a clue to the secondary causes. You could not remember the part of the dream that showed you the deeper part beyond the appearances. You are only given the hint. Typically, you are supposed to be able to see through the hint to the realization. To be able to recognize that appearances are only part of it, and that what is taking place is important for one’s overall well being.

Even though you were unable to remember the part of the dream that would have shown you this insight, it still happened – the dream got it.

Looked at another way, your dream began in the cave of your inner, higher self. In the sand figures, however, something was not right and you felt that. It is as I described yesterday: what did not feel right was an aspect, a substance really, from the outer brought into the inner, and it didn’t belong there. When you are on a spiritual journey, you develop a kind of consciousness as part of your evolving. But that consciousness isn’t always perfect, it can have deviations to it.

That deviation can be experienced as a substance (from the outer, a state of being) that exists in a non-substance zone (the inner, non-being). So as part of the process, that substance, or deviation, or uneasiness, is then reflected into the outer world of your dream scenario. There it appears ugly or menacing, but you are able to see through to its secondary causes and understand that you are processing it out, and have the necessary guidance to do so. Then these qualities and circumstances that compromise your inner consciousness, that prey upon your wholeness, fall away and you are able to be more in a state of nothingness.

It’s quite a beautiful process. The state of nothingness cannot be reached until you process everything from the outer world into its non-being format. At that point you would not be projecting anything on the inner that then has to be processed back through the outer. Your dreams would be very different.

So this is a very interesting dream, and not at all negative. It is actually depicting how things work. It is telling you that if you are going through something on an inner level, you can expect to be given the opportunity to see it projected onto the screen of the outer world, so that you can see beyond it and take it back to the inner in its proper (non-being) form. Once that is done, you no longer have to live with it and be distracted by it; it will be cleaned up.

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