A Neutral Perspective

We have been delving into the processes that occur during a dream, trying to shed some light on how the images and feelings that arise can point us to aspects within us that can be refined, if there is awareness and an acceptance of the available inner guidance. The process is completely natural to the human systems and, in fact, is designed to keep us aligned and in the flow of the wholeness of the universe. (For the previous entries that relate specifically to this discussion, see What’s Wrong With This Picture and Rinse Cycle.)

John: In terms of the honor killings from the news story, you have got to know that what occurred was all considered in terms of a continuity that worked for a common end. These were all relatives. If something affects the whole, in terms of how they perceive things needing to evolve, they excise it, like a tumor. It is regrettable, but they don’t do it arbitrarily; is done in order to sustain the values and the basic foundation of who they are and what they believe in. Their view of society requires this kind of purging. It hurts them. From our perspective it is better to be able to see through to the secondary cause of the situation that is occurring, and to be able to assimilate it rather than to cut out parts of oneself in order to try to save the whole. Because how does one know exactly what parts to cut out? You never know how a given part might be needed, or how important it might be in the future.

In medicine they used to believe that you had to bleed health problems out with leeches, in order to get rid of the bad spirits. That is an Aboriginal way of thinking. Even the Bible reflects Aboriginal thinking with statements such as, “If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out.” Now it can sound like you are meant to physically do that, but I believe that you are not. But this example is a good dramatization of taking something too literally from the inner into the outer. There are many statements in the Bible that present examples of ways to conduct oneself presented in very pure form, i.e., there is a higher understanding behind the words. It is similar to the way that dreams work: they present you with the truth of an idea.

Many groups speak about the Kundalini force that can awaken in a person. This force can be an aspect of one’s sexuality, but it’s also key to many higher processes in a human. If the Kundalini force awakens from the aspect of your sexuality, you can be overwhelmed with all kinds of bizarre ideas and characteristics that, if you were too Puritanical, you would try to shut down. You’d feel there was something bad in you and that you were very screwed up. It could make you go crazy.

That’s one reason it is considered dangerous to awaken the Kundalini force, because if it’s not opened up with guidance and protection, that powerful energy can be turned upon ourselves and ultimately tear us apart.

Humans have become disconnected from their inner guidance and, for the most part, we do not gain access to the Kundalini force. But for a human to develop and evolve, this force needs to be opened up and worked with. Otherwise, it can destroy us. The Kundalini sexual force is the most powerful thing in the physical plane, and it is the weakest force on the spiritual plane. We need it because its power can enable us to cut through the veil of outer events and see through to the secondary causes – the energies that are really at play. It can enable us to connect to the latent spiritual essence behind everything. When we can see that, we are able to open up and fall deeper inside ourselves, where we can then access the other two-thirds of the Kundalini force that is its divine aspect. It can take hold and sweep through one’s being.

You had a dream where you struggled with it terms of whether it was good or bad, rather than just viewing it in a completely neutral setting. When you remember a dream, it should be laid out in a benign way, without judgment. It can then reveal things that you hadn’t realized were going on inside at a higher consciousness level. In this particular case, you felt that what took place in the real world had characteristics and qualities that seemed out of balance, and especially so when you correlated that inner dream with an event in the news.

From a neutral perspective, these actions can make perfect sense as a part of a bigger process of transition, one that enables you to grow inside and develop a recognition of what is on the other side. If you view it from an outer world context only, you are apt to be judgmental in yourself and towards the world. For you to be going through this, it is almost as if you are being tested to see if you can recognize the inner context, and to carry that forward into the outer context without getting caught up in the machinations of the world.

Said another way, you have enough understanding to know that what is taking place in terms of the honor killings is simply reflective of a deeper intent and meaningfulness. They are not going to destroy their own unless it is to try and protect something that they conceptually sense is part of a greater whole.

Again what is so meaningful in your dream is that you are able to take and work out something that you harbored as a vibration in the inner, that uneasiness, an uneasiness that you had no means to get rid of from the inner zone because that process requires the vibration to be clothed in the substance of the outer world to sort it out. Your uneasiness was too much for the inner, and so it caused something to manifest, or to come into existence so it could be processed out. As said in one of the Upanishads, it causes something to fall down to earth.

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