What Is Going On?

We have been talking about a dynamic process that is natural to human function, and that process can be illuminated, or seen and understood more clearly, by the images and scenarios created during dreams. The fundamentals of it belong to the inner and outer realms of the human, as it applies to the inner and outer realms within a dream, yet also is indicative of the inner and outer processes that occur in our waking lives.

In waking life, our internal processes can become manifest in our actions – our thoughts and feelings (a state of non-being, inner) get expressed in our actions (being, outer). For example, an inner turbulence can manifest as anger. So too in our dreams, where the vibrations from the inner, higher part of us, can manifest as the imagery of people, places, and actions of a dream sequence.

Dreams enable this process to be shown to us in our own language, and in our own personal set of imagery; imagery that holds the most clarity and meaning for us, hence we see people we know, and the places, if not exact, feel to us familiar and known. But these images are basically representations of different parts of us, and should not be taken for what they literally appear to be, i.e., we have seen how a house or dwelling place in a dream can represent your higher self, your true home, and have nothing to do with where you live in your outer existence.

One way to describe the goal of a spiritual journey is to make a complete, ongoing connection to our inner, higher processes, so that they are what we manifest into our outer waking life. And because that process of evolving is natural to the human system, we each are given inner guidance on how best to move forward.

And our recent entries have also pointed to the process in dreams where a vibration that we have carried into our inner realms can be out of place in that higher sanctuary. Because it can’t exist there, it must be processed out, so it is cloaked in the imagery of the outer dream realms and within that cloaking of outer reality we are given subtle guidance to navigate our way through. Sounds intriguingly like the process of our own birth and life, doesn’t it? (For the full thread, see What’s Wrong With This Picture, Rinse Cycle, and A Neutral Perspective.)

Here we pick up where John left off yesterday:

John: So you begin with an inner vibration about something, it evolves from being ghost-like to actually being a caricature, where it then has the weight to fall down to earth (the outer world of the dream). But you are able to process it out, i.e., back into a state of non-being, by being able to see through to the secondary thought and recognize that what is occurring in the outer, beyond the appearances, is something very precious.

Likewise, you can recognize this process inside yourself as very precious. You are able to take a quality of the divine within to soften and transform the makeup of yourself so that you end up back at a point (on an inner level), where you no longer hold onto it, or create something new from it, where it has to go through this cycle of birth and death. Every time something rises up in you, a vibration that you carry, it is an aspect of some unfinished business; it is a part of you that is wayward. Then you wash it in the outer, and in washing it in the outer it can go back to a nothingness, disappear, go back to dust. Something else comes up, you wash it out in the outer, it goes back to a nothingness and you now can start to understand the capacity of what a human being is all about.

This also fits with the image of being turned toward God and away from God. Turned away from God – taking in and living something through – then washed out and turned back to a closeness to God. The in-breath and the out-breath. The in-breath goes back home, which is a state in which nothingness exists. There is bliss – there is no identity. Then something comes down with the out-breath. The secret here is to know the system, to accept the system, rather than get caught in the delusions the illusions of things. If you are thrown into quicksand (the maze of a dream, or life itself), know that within that you have the guidance to help you. That is the deal. If you take it all literally and ignore the subtleties of the guidance, it can take forever for the heart to turn, to wake inside, and recognize what this life is really about.

Well, how about living in a way that you really do get all that, where you accept and allow that guidance inside that supersedes everything? One can get to such a place. Whether in dreams or in life, we will be thrown challenging twist after challenging twist. If you have the awareness to ask the question “What is going on?”, it is another way of saying that you understand the depth of the process, which will allow you to begin see through to the real causes of things.

So your dream has all of that built into it. It has the back and forth. It has the out-breath into life (being) and the in-breath back (into non-being). Your dream has this whole cycle and it is good to realize that it is going to be like that. One part returns to nothingness, and one part becomes substance. We are supposed to be able to be exist as substance, yet not be deluded by it.

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