Inner Doorway

John: In this dream, I too was functioning with a wayward quality on the inner plane, which was more masculine in its nature, i.e., needing to step out to see if what occurred was okay or not in relationship to a transition. So I know something has happened that was fairly intense, but I have adjusted to whatever it was that happened. I am feeling at ease, basically being observant for what will happen next. While I am watching and waiting, I see this image like a Quonset hut, where the door slides open and shut. A railing has been put up for the sliding door, but one of the problems is that this type of door is heavy and, because it is suspended on a track, it can rattle when it’s windy and sometimes jump the track. There’s a certain weight that it carries that helps hold things in place.

Some workers have already put up the sliding door, which is basically a connection between my inner and outer worlds. Now the question is, “Will it work?” These workers are using a pulley system, raising a long log to set up a weight to keep the door in its track. While the log is being raised, at first I am standing back watching and thinking “Wow, this is kind of nice.” Then it shifts because as I am looking up, I see what appears to be a stress crack in the railing. As I stare at this crack I realize that if the railing is defective or cracked in some fashion, it is not going to hold. This causes things to come to a halt. We have to get to the bottom of whether or not this is a serious issue. All this effort could be for naught if it turns out that the railing is defective in some way.

It turns out that this stress mark is actually a crease or something cosmetic. There was a momentary pause to look at it and find out if it was truly sound. That was the dream.

If you look at it closely, this dream is fairly prophetic. Even though I don’t remember it all, what I went through prior to this scene in the outer was fairly intense and peculiar. Then I remember feeling reservations, wondering whether what was being done would maintain the inner/outer linkage, or go off the tracks. I felt moments of panic, which means that there will be shock waves from that in the dream, but it turns out the problem is not serious; the problem is cosmetic and there are no actual stress cracks that threaten to destroy what was meant to provide a fix or a means of going back and forth.

So this dream is similar to your dream in that it is my way of showing the ebb and flow – the in-breath and out-breath. There is an access in and an access out. And there is the veil in between that is the door. This door and the railings and everything about it can become awkward and hard to handle in relationship to going back and forth. In fact, it can even be defective and then cut off your access from the inner into the outer.

It turns out that it was designed to open up, and that changes are being made to make it better and help it operate more efficiently and effortlessly, and those changes are coming into place. Yes, there is a danger that something was missed or there is poor workmanship and the track up above is not going to hold up – there is always that concern – but the hint here is that that is overcome; that the inner/outer equation of things is coming through. Or is being made possible as a consequence of what is taking place. It seems I had to hold onto a balance, to a potentiality as opposed to just surrendering to panic and fear. Then what is created is something sustainable.

This is the same way the way the Kundalini energy works. The Kundalini energy, if out of balance, can cause all kinds of fear and upset in one’s nature. But it is meant to be a force that helps hold and establish inner composure because it is the strongest force that there is in the outer world. And you can harness this Kundalini force as a state of composure so that you can cross over to the inner aspects of yourself. When you are connecting into that you can redeem yourself from the illusion of it all. You gain access to other realms of awareness.

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