The Spider (Part I)

Jeane:In the beginning of the dream my sister and I are out on a hillside. She is in some kind of container like a partly open wooden box. She is in the back part of the container near the top of it, and there is a big spider web in front of the box. The spider is huge, seemingly one foot across with black and white stripes. My sister is ignoring the spider, but I want her to get out of the container. Initially the spider is dormant, but it is wicked looking. I want her to get out of there, but I just seem to stand there and observe. I’m unable to do anything. I try to talk her into getting out, but she’s acting as though it’s no big issue.

Finally, the spider begins to move and eventually it bites her. I am then able to get her out of there. She may have kicked the spider because she thinks it’s dead. We walk over the hillside and stop in front of a cave area. I am trying to talk her into getting the spider and going to the doctor – which you are supposed to do when you get bitten – to make sure she is okay. She thinks it’s no big deal since the spider is dead. I am saying, “No, we have to get it and go to the doctor.” I have a briefcase-type canvas bag, and perhaps I feel like that is what we should put the spider in.

Then I notice the spider is coming back to life, so I throw the canvas bag over it, to kind of scoop it up, but when I go near the bag it looks very ferocious. I am concerned. Then the dream shifts…

John: The spider here represents the Kundalini force that initially is dormant – you are observing but feel unable to do anything or affect anything. When you first come into contact with it, you reject it. There is something gruesome about it, and that has an effect on your demeanor. But, ultimately, you no longer see it as separate and distant, which is when it comes back to life, in terms of your beingness. It now seems to be where you are, as opposed to being initially outside the box and then over the hillside. So this initial imagery is depicting something on an energetic level. The energetic is putting you through its paces where you at first have squeamish reactions – it is almost presented with a sense of humor. There is also the view that it’s no big deal. Now it begins to be more literal…

Tomorrow, in Part II, we will see how the dream shifts, and explore the classic dream sequence: the chase scene!

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