The Spider (Part II): The Chase Is On

Jeane: The dream shifts, and continues. I feel like I have done something[To begin at the beginning of this dream sequence, see The Spider (Part I).]

I am in a fairly large building. It feels as though some people are trying to assassinate me; like there are an infinite number of them. One will be chasing me and I will get away and then they will show up in another form. But I am able to run out of the building ahead of them. I hop in a car and all of a sudden there is a big truck next to my car, right up next to the window. The car door is pulled open. I feel trapped and wonder if someone is just going to shoot me as I sit there.

Instead of that, they pull me out and have a work project for me. They take me over to join others who have been recruited to unload a huge truck. When they pull up the sides of the truck, where you would expect to see furniture or something, there is a pile of bodies, including some people who are bleeding and not yet dead. The ones who can move want to get out of the truck. Everyone outside the truck realizes that if we are seeing something like this and are supposed to unload them into a warehouse, they are probably going to kill us too. So that causes pandemonium as everybody scatters and I am able to get away again.

This time I run through a building and into an area near a seawall, into a canal of water that leads out to the ocean. I feel like maybe they cannot swim. However, as I jump in the water I see one of them coming in a boat with a spear gun. I still seem to be able to get away or stay ahead, so now I go into a building where there is a restaurant. I am a step ahead of them and people in the restaurant are nicely dressed. It is an Asian restaurant; even the food on the table seems attractive. I try to move through carefully, but I still at times need to get people to move their table out of the way so I can get through the building and get out. I know the others are still after me, but I hear someone mention that the restaurant is protected by the local mafia. I believe that if I move through really smoothly and with respect, then perhaps when the men who are chasing me come through the room, the mob will take care of them.

I come into a grand, empty building – almost like a museum, but emptier. I go up to a big wall on one side, and I know that down near the edge of the wall there is a little turquoise button. When I push it the wall opens up. I go in, and I don’t see anyone but I know I have entered what I consider a safe house, a place of sanctuary. The entrances to everything in the place look like puzzle boxes, in the same way that I had to know about the button to open up the wall. I go into a room and I am finally ready to relax.

I hear someone coming so I hide underneath the sink. A woman who is an attendant comes in with some bedding. Another woman is with her. The attendant sees me, so she directs the other woman to another bed in another room. When that woman has left, I am aware that there is a conference of people this weekend and they seem like teachers who are on retreat. The attendant comes over to let me know that since she saw me, but the other woman did not, she will put me in a different area. When I go out to the hall to talk to her, someone else sees me. I realize that I’m not sure if the people who have seen me are with the group that is trying to kill me. At that point I know I need to stay and rest, but I’m not sure if it’s safer to stay in the room and trust the attendant, or if I should find another room. I don’t know what to do anymore…

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We have all had our share of chase dreams, and they often leave us feeling disoriented when we awake. But there is an aspect to chase dreams that we seldom consider: What would happen if we stopped running and let what pursues us, catch us?

We will look at the inner workings of this dream on Monday and continue to unfold the threads we have been following in recent days.

Have you had a chase dream that puzzles you? Or perhaps you have some thoughts to share about the dream described above. If you are inspired, please write a comment and let us know your dream experience.

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