Behind the Veil

Jeane: I am in a building that reminds me of a church, or of a municipal building, that has now been turned into a place where people meet to work or to keep track of things. There are a few different activities that go on there. I am putting together an Excel-type spreadsheet, and even though it doesn’t feel like I am working on a computer, it comes out all typed up. I am putting in columns and adding up different things on the spreadsheet and it seems as if some of the entries are of things that mobsters have done. I note that the columns are being tallied. When I add in a certain line of data, it seems to lead to the death of my friend’s father, because somehow this information is now written down and part of the record. So my friend and her mother come to this former church and we have a talk. Maybe I am killed at some point. I am not even sure if that happens, because I still seem to be there. We have a dialogue and I wonder if they are upset with me about putting this information into the spreadsheet. It is after I put in that last section of information that recorded activities that people get eliminated, perhaps even me at some point. I am trying in my mind to track back and figure out more of that dream, but I keep falling into other dreams.

John: In this scenario, you find yourself in church, which is a vibratory setting. This means that you are operating at a high level of acuity inside, through which you have greater insights into things than you normally might. On the spreadsheet, you are giving order to, or playing with, the principles of things in life. By doing that you are able to see into the energetic of everything that you are playing with. Some of these energetics have a certain weight or density to them, i.e., someone dies. You are also able to recognize what does not make sense: you can put an entry down on a piece of paper, initially as a kind of curiosity, only to find out that it paints a whole story. And every entry, each story, has a little vibration to it. Some of these vibrations are not pleasant, or feel awkward. There might be another that could have had a bit of an epiphany or an awakening. So each one of the entries has a connotation or a mannerism to it.

And you are able to pick that up. Yet if you did not hold onto the vibration of that place in yourself (that inner church), you could get lost in the maze of those different vibrations. If you were personally caught up in and disturbed by the entries, you would disconnect from the continuity within yourself and lose access to the insight. But you are not. The dream is an imaged example showing how everything has a life (energetic) to it, but that it does not have to be correlated personally. Everything has an effect, so the key is to discern from that effect what is relevant to you as a part of the wholeness. This is something the divinity in you (the church setting) sees clearly and knows backwards and forwards.

We all go through the same process, it’s in our nature, we just don’t think of it that way. Say we are trying to determine who would make the best leader, we consider input based upon impressions that are falling upon the screen of our being. Some of that story line might have to do with how a person comes across currently, and some of it has to do with latent shadows that exist in terms of a person’s past, and some of it has to do with the sense you get of how much potential growth they can attain. When we gauge all of that, we are taking a reading of their soul, in a way. Is it a young soul? Is it an old soul? Is it burdened by its own history?  How deep are their defense mechanisms?  How are their reactions inside?

So we are always processing data to the best of our ability, in relationship to an inner quality that sits – like a church setting – inside us in a sanctified way. The problem is that we are limited in our assessments of the outer world by our ability to see through to or discern the secondary causes, the truth behind what we are seeing. Every little thing has a secondary cause, even if it is just a pencil entry that gets put into a ledger. The secondary quality points to what is really going on, behind the reflection of it that we see in the outer world. And how does one get behind that reflection, to the deeper truth?

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