Lifting the Veil

We are exploring the concept of secondary causes, in a continuation of the discussion we began yesterday (Behind the Veil). Secondary causes can be understood as a deeper truth behind the “illusion” that we experience, both in everyday life and in the outer world reality created in dreams. We left off asking the question: How does one gain access to this deeper truth?

John: When we meditate, or can in some way attain a state where the ego-mind is quieted, we can better understand the energetic vibrations that cause what we see and experience. Normally, our experience of the physical world is ruled by our five senses, and we are used to seeing the world laid out in a particular manner. We are too familiar with it, so we stop looking. When our experience is ruled by the ego-mind, everything is happening at a much slower speed, so it doesn’t have the insight and acuity of our divine center. (We’ve likely all had the experience of the slow process of trying to rationalize a decision, compared to the instantaneous knowing of our intuition.) As a result, what we experience through the ego-mind and record as data is only the tip of the iceberg of information that is available, information that can bring incredible clarity to us and isn’t so dependent on the duality of things, i.e., good or bad, yes or no, mine or yours.

Since we commonly base our thinking on this fraction of information, we tend to go along with things and pretty soon we are making accommodations for this and accommodations for that, and we become mired in what is before us – in what has been caused. This leaves us with almost no insight into why it was caused or even what caused it. All these accommodations, or acceptances, of things gradually become part of our identity, and because that is a departure from how we are designed to be, it causes deep inner conflict.

If we want to be able to see behind this veil that our ego-mind applies to our experience, then we have to become aware of our own patterns and psychologies that interfere with our interpretations of the data we receive. We can do that by reconnecting to the inner guidance that is natural to our journey; we have the capability to make an instantaneous reading of every little aspect as it flickers in and out of life. And, ultimately, one way we are supposed move forward in life is to evaluate each flicker of energy as it is, seeing through it to what is more real, to what is opening up behind it. That opens us up to potentially vast amounts of information, yet also allows our daily experience to feel much simpler because we are in the natural flow of things.

When we operate from the ego-mindset, everything seems extremely complicated because it shrinks us down to a microscopic particle relative to the universe we live in. And we lose our sense of interconnectedness, and our understanding of how everything threads back to a common denominator. We make it very difficult for ourselves.

So that is why dying to oneself is important, critical even to reconnecting to all that is available to us. We have to let go of the ego-mind experience, let that veil fall away, and with it the literalness of our experience falls away as well. Of course, as your dream shows, letting go of the ego-mind is frightening – after all it has led the way for almost every moment of our lives.

So we want information, data in other words, but we don’t want to be smothered by the particularities; we don’t want to get lost in them. Another way of saying it is we don’t want to take everything personally, i.e., is it good for us, or bad for us, does it make us feel happy, or sad? So what your dream is basically telling you is that you are able to look at something that is unfolding – you can look at the journal entries, a book of life more or less – and be able to tell by looking at that where something is going, and what has been set in motion, and see where things have gone astray energetically.

You are able to do that because you are holding onto a quality inside of yourself that is free from all of that, that is closer to the nothingness than to the clutter of everythingness. If you have your own bias and opinion about things, then that is a disconnect. What I find interesting is that you are doing something that is very subjective (because that is difficult for most people). What usually happens is that we go off and do something that is a little different from our usual routine, but we still let our pre-formed opinions and conclusions dictate our experience. It’s like we place a veil of our own making between the world and ourselves, i.e., like rose-colored glasses, or the lens of our feelings of personal anger or unhappiness.

In your dream, you were free from the experiences of the ledger entries – you knew them and understood the vibrational aspect of them, but you didn’t take them on personally or allow them to cause a disconnect in you. You could absorb the information, yet didn’t allow it to become you. This is a very difficult idea to grasp for many people, because it sounds as though they would be cold and unfeeling. That’s not the case; it’s closer to being able to feel everything, yet maintaining a greatly expanded awareness of something’s true importance.

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