Feminine Rising

Jeane: The next dream involves you. Initially you are running a business, and it has a showroom in front, and a hanger-like building where others work off to the left, and an empty lot in back. You and I are sitting in the front seat of your car in the lot. I am leaning into you and have a book I am writing notes in. There is a tall, attractive man with whom you have just completed a transaction. He left, but now he has come back. He wants to talk again and you want him to come over to the car. You are telling me something and I can see in my mind’s eye that he has a wife who seems overly concerned with appearances. She wanted her husband to negotiate a better or a different deal, and you tell me that you had given him a trip to Vegas for the two of them instead of giving him the financial discount he wanted. That was your deal, which he had accepted. But now he is coming back because of the influence from his wife who is unhappy with the deal.

John: So what we see here is that your dream is saying that everything is completed in terms of a transaction, but it still carries a reverberation into life and you are picking up on that and looking at the consequences. You are examining the decision and noticing the way something was faced or confronted. There may have been one way of handling it that was acceptable to a certain aspect of yourself (me in your dream), but then there is another aspect within you that recognizes that it could have been different. So nothing is final, everything is in an ongoing state in relationship to how it is framed or packaged. Whatever the situation was, you are just observing it like a movie. As in your earlier dream, you again have the notebook and you are making entries. And, as before, you are seeing the energy flow, first it goes a little this way and then gets directed or cut off, and then you see it open up in another way, becoming more inclusive. Then you recognize that as that opened up, there was something even more required to facilitate yet a further opening.

To begin with, what seems to be occurring is that a quality of the feminine nature is rising to have input into the situation, an aspect that was not there to begin with. It became an aspect because somehow what initially felt okay began to feel not quite okay, i.e., perhaps the trip to Vegas felt a little bit over the top. Now the feminine part inside of you feels that vibration of something not being quite right and realizes that some grounding needs to occur. So your feminine nature wants to have input in order to make the situation balanced, in order to make it whole again.

Okay, what happens next?

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