The Fast Lane

In the first part of this dream (Feminine Rising), we traced the discomfort that Jeane experienced in the scene as it unfolded, and how that discomfort led to a feminine aspect within her attempting to make the situation right, to smooth out the wrinkles in a way. As the dream sequence changes, Jeane is still trying to handle uncomfortable situations, but in doing so she sacrifices her connection to the flow of events, and that allows an unresolved issue to surface.

Jeane: Then the dream shifts, and you and I leave the area to visit my family. It turns out that they are at my grandmother’s house. When we start out, we are initially at the top of a hill and as I look down I realize it’s more of a deep canyon. The highway below runs to the left, perpendicular to where we are. I notice a corner near the intersection of the highway where cars whiz by without warning. There are also people walking and some riding bikes. I feel that if we drive down the hill and try to pull out into that road it would be too dangerous: the cars zooming by could really clip us. This does not seem like a good idea to me.

I find a broken-down bicycle and have the idea that we could make the trip if I ride the bike and you walk alongside. Initially we consider a little bike trail on the side of the mountain, but I realize it’s kind of narrow and rutted. I talk you out of that. I think we need to go down the hill and up the road everyone else is on, and I will ride on the bike and you will walk and we will make it, even though I don’t ride the bike too well yet.

Perhaps because I’m riding the bike I get to my grandmother’s house a bit ahead of you. I get the sense that my mom is further on. I pause and walk over the lawn, through an orchard to where she has stopped. However, as I look at the lawn, I notice little pieces of what look like pills scattered in different places. This disturbs me; I really don’t know how they got there. It throws me off a little, but I continue on. I glance back at the house and see a light on in the window and think you have arrived. I look into the kitchen window and at first I think it is you, but then it looks like my ex. So I pause and go into the house for a minute. Then it feels like the man has become you again, and you ask me something about my ex and he shows up and I have to introduce you to each other.

John: Initially, something in you recognized the vibration from the earlier part of the dream. You intuited something and it raised your acuity level. You took into account many levels of awareness instead of having to pause and examine each different aspect. This level of acuity is a kind of speeding up, where you can see everything in one fell swoop. It’s a place of knowing that carries a quality of wholeness with it. As a result, you have at your disposal your entire lineage, represented by your parents and grandmother.

However, you are at a roadway and the cars are going by too fast. It would be better for you to be going at that same pace, but you feel the need to progress more slowly. The faster pace left you a bit overwhelmed, shown by your fear of entering the roadway in the car. You haven’t fully accepted that faster vibration, so you go back and drug yourself (the pills on the lawn), and you have to get out of the car and ride the bike instead. So then in the dream you are revisiting everything in slower motion.

So you are going back and using your entire lineage, all those aspects of yourself that are there at your disposal, but in a very laborious way. And your feminine (riding the bike) is at least a little faster than your masculine, which is still walking. You see the pills scattered around, and you aren’t sure what is going on, which is a big hint that there is really something stewing here. It’s a very different state compared to the essence of the dream at the very beginning, where you saw everything with much more detachment and clarity.

So by slowing everything down, you’ve lost your overview. Whenever you slow down like that, it is because you are carrying inside yourself a type of wound; something that is unresolved. At the faster speed, you could have jumped right over it and not let it effect you, and that wound or unresolved issue wouldn’t become a characteristic of the scene. But it is still there, and because of it you basically have thrown an anchor out the window in terms of slowing down the energetic.

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