Hazardous Materials

Jeane: I am in a trailer that is out in countryside, like the Columbia River gorge area, where you can see far into the distance. There might be an orchard in the river. The trailer is there because there is construction going on and a man is working there. I am there -I think I am male – and another friend of mine (male) is going to join me before long. The trailer belongs to the man doing the work there. While I am waiting, I become aware that something is wrong. Maybe this person on the land has guessed that I see what’s wrong and he may be planning to do something to my friend and me, like try to get rid of us. In order to protect us from what he might do, I suddenly make up this story saying that when my friend comes we’ll need to put on these protective suits, like Haz-Mat suits for hazardous materials. I start to get into one of these suits and I want to get my friend into one as soon as he arrives.

I think that if I can fool this man it will buy us some time and he will not realize that I really do know what I know. Maybe we will get out into the orchard and be able to get away before he can do away with us.

So that was the theme. Whoever is working on this site is up to something and we are not supposed to know about it. They are getting the idea that we know about it, and that makes us a risk to them in some way. I never seem to be completely aware of what they are doing wrong because I have to hide it. Since the man has already begun to suspect that I know, I am going to have to do some fast talking, get my friend and myself into the suits, and get some distance away to be safe, because I am aware of how isolated we are.

John: As we have seen before in other dreams, the trailer represents a place that has a balance, a place where you have a greater awareness of things. It’s a part of you that is able to take in the whole. You are uneasy or feel trapped by that image. At first, you are curious. Then you feel trapped and need to find some sort of veil behind which to hide, or to escape. You are trying to figure out how to do that.

There is a deeper meaning behind that vibration, and what can be understood or revealed by it. What you are setting up is an energetic in which something does not feel right so you immediately try to establish some distance from it. But if you were to stay in that energetic, you would likely have a breakthrough. You would gain something, even though it feels uncomfortable. Instead, you are controlling the situation and preventing that deeper process from coming through.

Any time you see a house, or trailer, or anything like that, and you find yourself moving away from it, you are actually moving away from a deeper part of yourself that could be making itself known. This is a hint, of course, that there is something there to be realized. But you have made the decision to withdraw, or to veil yourself from whatever it is that is making you feel uneasy.

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