The Right Note

John: At the beginning, everything is being readily given to me. Things are piled on and I just take it all for granted; I accept whatever is there and move on. Such a bounty of giving is intended to cause me to suddenly recognize who I am. I do not seem to get the hint. And then to set a contrast to that, I get kidnapped and subjected to pressure and threats that imply that I will be harmed or something dear to me will be hurt. Such shock treatment is designed to snap me out of my amnesia.


There is lots of energy in that and it gets my attention. Deep down, I realize that I’m never in any real danger because I can sense that there is a kind of bluff going on to try to elicit a response. And I get the sense that I am deemed too valuable to harm. In other words, what is happening is meant to cause something to come through and to come out. Very much like your recent dreams (see Dormant Energy, Something of Great Value, and The Longing). It’s that sense that what is needed is the link that makes the connection between the higher and the lower (in your dream it would have allowed you to easily find the shoes you needed).


Now in my basic state of amnesia, something still may be sensed, just like the feminine through her (higher) sexuality senses what is right, the masculine through a certain inner voice or feeling knows when this sort of thing is going on in the outer. It knows that there is something about it that has value – which is why my captors won’t really harm me – but it is still in a dormant state inside. The captors seem to be doing everything they can to cause it to come out or me to respond. They are getting more and more frustrated because everything they try to do, blackmail even, is not working. From what is happening around me, I can recognize that there is the anticipation that I will “get it.” Because I remain “dense,” my captors get infuriated.


So I am not willing to confess or to give in to this beingness that I need to be. Because the images are speeding up, there is concern and things get a little shaky. They even get panicky. Then suddenly there is a plane that crashes into the ground. It drives one wing into the ground right in front of me, yet I stay aloof and not quite responding. Even this great shock does not awaken me. I just slough it off as a close call and don’t quite get the deeper sense.


This whole dream scenario, first the generous giving, then the kidnapping, then the threats, and then the plane crash have all been orchestrated to awaken something in me. Unfortunately, in this whole attempt to rearrange things in the outer realm of the dream as a way to reach me, I realize that I have inadvertently been hurt. I do not really know how, perhaps it was in some benign way with the accident. The thing is, I just accept my fate again.


I remain alive, able to adapt to this change in the outer conditions, without any overt reaction. It has gotten my attention, which means that I do realize that there is something else going on. What is most interesting is the vibration of it all, because there is intensity and loudness in the environment that keeps events speeded up and animated. Something about that intensity is pushing me towards awareness; it has me peeking out from my denser place, hinting that I am still entrapped. Yet calmness holds things back.


This is where the “note” that I have spoken about comes in. That’s what is missing – that’s what can make these energetics come across. In each of these recent dreams, subtle things are going on each time to try to coax it out. A certain kind of note needs to be hit. Everybody really knows, deep inside, but if they choose to pretend, they are going to pretend. The note is what can change that; otherwise people will stay removed, just because “that’s how it is.” People are beginning to feel unable to function, and that’s because there is something missing in what compels everyone forward. Things are changing, and the note is what is needed to be part of that change.


What I’m trying to say is this: In the back and forth of things is a message that an awakening is to occur. The reverberations are there to manifest it into being. There is a speeding up with this, and shocks, which are at first gentle. Things are given to you in the hope that you might just get it, in which case it would merge naturally.


As things quicken further, the shocks will be greater – this is destined to happen. Great care has been taken to not harm or inadvertently contaminate that which is predestined. Because what I am speaking of is a potentiality, how it unfolds is not written. In other words, it is known that this vibration has to unfold, but its appearance in the outer is not yet determined. In that sense, everything is known and nothing is taken for granted, because the outer manifestation is only a reflection of the inner vibration.


So the right note has to be hit and, until it is, the manifestation will not happen. The dream as it presently exists in life is meant to change. The events that occur are meant to jostle things into awakening, not to cause the change per se. It does not work that way, because we don’t know how to do it with our minds. It’s the vibration that does it.


I would say this is true for my dream, and for the world also.

The Longing

John: I wanted to delve a little deeper into the two dreams we have been analyzing (Dormant Energy and Something of Great Value). At the core of both of these dreams is a place deep inside you that part of you knows well. In between that place and where you are as a consciousness is the area where things can turn peculiar, because the communication between these two aspects of you is imperfect. In the first dream the emergent energy surfaces (in a neighborhood), but it is registered as a disturbance that ultimately might manifest as a perversion. That energy continues on into your second dream of the night in which you are unable to be what, and where, you are meant to be – you lack the means of getting somewhere (you need to purchase the sandals).

On a deeper level of that dream, that which you need is of extreme value. It is something inside you that is meant to awaken when there is a certain pressure applied. In this case the pressure is the need to rush to work, and finding yourself barefoot. What you are required to do with these two dreams is to find a naturalness in terms of openness and receptivity that is part of the feminine nature. The feminine nature knows how something needs to feel as a wholeness, even if it doesn’t quite reach that point. You have an inner knowing about it and you need to take that quality as a vibrational note and use it as a way of linking it with yourself. That connection can give you information that you need as events around you speed up.

In the second dream, it is the same thing. What you need there is to get to the job naturally, with ease. The reason why there is something missing is that there is a certain kind of staleness. In both dreams the actions being made are compelled, but the attitudes are resigned. Something needs to snap in both of these images. What is the missing piece that pulls the emerging energy into consciousness? Why is it that a potential, and a quality, inside you is sitting there, just out of sight, not visible to you, but visible in your dream as something that needs to emerge?

The dreams show that it is in motion and moving around as a quality. It is a tremendous trait that wants to emerge, and it’s an aspect of you, but it requires something more in order for it to be fully there. I think I know what it is, but I’m not sure how to make it make sense.

This energy is imminent, but I think it requires a quality of softhearted longing to pull it through. It’s hard to describe, but it is almost tearful in its way. It is meant to be visible, and the veil over it is very, very thin. The key is that there be an inner closeness when opening up to it. And the element of closeness is a type of longing. But the longing has to hit a certain soft, tearful, inner note.

In both instances, this is the quality that is missing. It is a type of intimacy, in terms of oneself. And it is in relation to something that you don’t really believe, apparently, or accept, but that you do carry within. And it is meant to be lived, so it is just sitting there. So when you go around functioning without that, you are always missing something. There is always something left out of the equation.

In the second dream, the sandals are missing. You lack something you need in order to do something else. In the first dream, a disturbance is caused and there is an unfulfilled search for a safe place. The only thing I can think of that could bring what is missing through is this type of longing. So the key is to be aware of that and to feel it.

It’s a very unusual characteristic, so I find it hard to catch up with. It is not something that can be described easily. I have been circling around what this trait is, yet it is something that has to be naturally felt or breached. It is said that the masculine, in his softheartedness, can reach it more easily than the feminine. That is strange. You would think it would be the other way around.

Something of Great Value

Jeane: The next dream combines two elements: I am back in my hometown for a high school reunion, and I have also gotten a job there. The job must be with an agency that I was affiliated with somewhere else. I am going in and talking to the people that I will be working with. There are several departments and offices in different buildings. I am going to speak with a woman who wants to run some questions by me about a male psychiatrist they hired. I have the impression that when he worked with me in the other agency that I had good results, but I do not know him well. I thought it would be okay to hire him, but because of some questions she has raised, she wants me to be at a staff meeting on Monday morning. Maybe I would not normally be at that meeting, but she wants me to make sure that I am.

I finish speaking with her and go sit at a table with two other people I know, and we are being given some information packets for working in the agency. We open them and they have computer disks that explain how things work there; I am excited about taking this home to review. I am also excited because usually my hometown is so small that one cannot find work there. You have to leave town to get a job.

Then it feels as though I have left the office and I am thinking about going to the high school reunion, which, coincidentally, is being held on an anniversary of the day I won some kind of award. It is just a coincidence, but somehow it makes it more exciting, and I am looking forward to getting to the reunion and telling people that several of us have actually been able to find a job locally.

Then it feels as though I am walking by a store like Macy’s and I suddenly remember that I am supposed to be at work and I need to rush or I will be late. I glance down and I have bare feet. I run into the store and head upstairs looking for a particular pair of sandals. When I get to the counter the ones I want have to be a certain shade of chartreuse green. I look at one that has a pretty flower and weed growing out of it, another is a shiny color with something else growing out of it – like stand up tinsel of silver or gold. I am looking at that and those seem to be the sandals that I want but I am not certain they are really appropriate for work. I may get a pair of the same color that just has a little bit of something on the top.

I realize I am very close to being late now. I am either already 15 minutes late or I have 15 minutes before I need to be there. However you cannot pay for the shoes at the counter. I go downstairs, look longingly at the door as I do not want to be late, and then have to go past the counter and around the corner because the sales people want to visit in a way that delays me. I am also glancing at my watch and I’m remembering that if this is the day of the staff meeting (I am not sure), then I guess I have missed that. I am looking at my watch and it is 7:15 pm now – was I supposed to be at work at 7? Or 7:30? The later hour seems right even though one usually goes to work in the daytime, but I work at night. I am confused about the time and getting the shoes paid for and that is when I wake up.

John: This dream is related to yesterday’s (Dormant Energy). They are both emergence dreams. They deal with something trying to come awake or alive inside you; a linkage to something of very great value. Left to your natural processes, these would be elements that you would recognize and incorporate seamlessly into your life. But you (and humans in general), have lost your connection to that naturalness, and so what you perceive is unmanageable, so it gets skewed from its original state. Your inner nature knows the truth of it, but in your dream and in your sense of things in the here and now, it feels likes a component is missing. Something inside you of great value wants to awaken and be available, yet it is being blocked.

It is interesting that in both dreams you are a bit at your wit’s end. The first dream is more frustrating because whatever is trying to emerge has been deviated from dramatically. In the second dream there is the initial excitement, but then you are struggling to catch up with events – you have lost your ability to go with the flow. In each case, something is missing from the equation.

In the next entry, we will try to understand this missing aspect; to grasp what would allow these energies to naturally emerge from within.