The Beauty of the Process

John: In this dream, you (Jeane) are making a suggestion to me that involves your dad, who is visiting us. You feel that it would be good for him to go to the health club, especially to do the exercise circuit that we do there. You actually have him going along with the idea. You are saying things like “You will feel better when you finish. You will have more energy. Not only that, you will find out that the whole thing is kind of fun.” Then, as if that was not enough, you say that at the end of the exercise circuit, because he will be so energized, he may want to do some running. I wake up saying to you “I am not so sure about that, the circuit takes a lot out of you and your dad is apt to be tired and needing to take a rest.”

I see this dream being about applying oneself to a process of awakening, rather than holding onto mannerisms that limit or derail the awakening process. I did not write anything more than the above paragraph about the dream, and oftentimes I wonder whether it can be obvious from such a short statement what it might mean. Even though this dream includes you and your father and the whole bit, it is not about you, just like when I appear in your dreams it is not about me.

This dream has to do with a certain way that I carry or hold myself; where I cut myself a break, so to speak, when I am too serious. It has an element of psychology to it. It also has a prophetic aspect to it from the standpoint that deep, deep down I know that what I am doing is not 100 percent in terms of who I am. The information that is able to come through is one thing, but to what degree has it been tweaked a little bit this way and that as an accommodation to the fact that I’m not 100 percent attuned? Everything I see and experience in the outer world is filtered by me in some way because I am not completely in tune with it – I don’t know the whole truth of it, so I view it through my personal prism to help it make sense. Some part of me knows that. That it is wonderful but, at the same time, if I were 100 percent, I could not still be in this world. A human being is in this world because some part of them still has to go through a process to reconnect to the oneness of things, or however one might term that. That is the journey of a human life: to seek to be in the oneness completely, as opposed to being, and feeling, separate.

We are bound to have dreams that help us identify this separation and hone our ability to purify the information that comes through. That is the beauty of the process. Part of the beauty of this short dream is that the process involved is not about taking an action up to a point and saying “Hey that’s fine” (in terms of going to the gym), and now I need a rest. And it’s also not about getting even more carried away by going to the gym and then going running. Those are two extremes, and neither approach is balanced.

If the feeling is that after the effort, one is due for a rest, well that is like going back into a sleep state. If the feeling is to keep going onto further exertion, that isn’t necessarily the right approach either. Yet the dream does indicate that when you awaken something, and set the Kundalini energy going, that can compel one to keep going. So, when we have awakened the Kundalini in us, through a process of greater consciousness, we naturally try to apply that energy into an outer context, i.e., everyday life. But the Kundalini energy isn’t meant to flow in an outer context; once awakened it is meant to flow in relationship to the overall, to the whole. It doesn’t specifically function for the enhancement of the physical realm, it functions for the enhancement of us within the whole, to enable us to feel no separation from the oneness of everything.

Dreams at this deep of a level challenge my ability to describe them. The brain is always ready to shrink and pigeonhole an experience, so you have to be able to see the events in a greater context. After having this dream, it had me stopping and thinking a little bit about how whenever this sort of energy arises, and we have seen this in many dream dynamics lately, the tendency is to try to keep things safe. That’s why the brain wants to pigeonhole an event; it wants to file it as quickly as possible into the known folder of experiences because that gives it a sense of security. It takes a very determined person to know that they don’t need to set such parameters; they can deal with the elephant in the room, whatever that may mean psychologically, without being fearful of the consequences. Because if they do, they know that the struggle they are facing can lead to a wonderful breakthrough inside – to a further awakening. If not, the tendency is to run, which is a defense mechanism that, in dreams, prevents us rather than protects us (see The Spider Part II: The Chase Is On).

This dream caused me to ponder all that.

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