A Dream Properly Dreamed

Jeane: All I remember is that I was focused on how to stitch the backing on a rug. I was initially uncertain about whether to close-up the area of the backing, and then I was trying to figure out what kind of stitch to use on the side. I was just going over and over it trying to decide. I don’t really remember much else because it felt like I was totally absorbed on the stitching that was required.

John: What you are describing, in the focusing on how to do a particular activity to reach a certain kind of inner satisfaction (or clarity/balance), takes in a much bigger picture. You find yourself sitting with an overall sense of the end result, and then have to sort out how the specific detail – reaching through the mundane action – can achieve that intended result.

One reason it can be difficult to recall a dream like this is that you can get to a point where the dream can be so close, energetically, to a vibration that is happening in your outer, day-to-day life that, as you are dreaming it, a blur can occur. What then happens, because it is such a close parallel, you end up looking only at the personal detail of an issue. So, in effect, you have two things: the dream and the personal detail (the outer experiences happening in life). The dream is an inner image that correlates to the energetic of what you are experiencing in the outer, and you are taking these two and mashing them together.

There is an attempt, from both directions, to get you to recognize something. The outer is trying to teach you through what you are actually doing, and the inner is trying to teach you from a level of greater acuity. Both are so close that it’s easy to allow a thought to come in and obliterate the essence of a dream that is revealing itself in this way. It is a bit more direct, however, to allow the dream to give you an expanded sense of what is processing in you, than it is to understand it through your outer scenario.

That is why it is said that “a dream properly dreamed” saves you a lot of time. A few seconds of a dream properly dreamed can save you months or even years of having to continually repeat an experience to finally gain an awareness or understanding about what you are going through. But the separation can become so subtle; it becomes subtler and subtler and ultimately, in the end, the inner dream and the outer reality come together. When that happens you can realize something inside, and suddenly your outer world changes.

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