The Wisdom to Proceed

John: A teacher (in dream work) once told a story about a student of hers, who was in her fifties, who worked with a group of young women in a secretarial pool that she supervised. The student complained that all the young women talked about was their personal appearance, lipstick, and men, and the student just had no tolerance for them. She would go on about how immature they all were. The teacher responded to her by saying that there must be a reason why she was going through that, pointing out that something needed to be understood by the student or it wouldn’t be happening. And she asked the student what she thought this experience was all about. This story reminds me of your dream (A Dream Properly Dreamed), because we are meant to catch the deeper, underlying meaning of the things we experience.

So two weeks later, her student suddenly got transferred from that department into an office of her own, where she had her own desk, her own window, and she no longer had to hear the chatter of the typists/secretaries who drove her to distraction. And the teacher, in her wisdom, didn’t perceive that sudden turn of events as the student doing something to avoid the situation, but instead she felt that the student must have learned what she was meant to learn, and now her situation had shifted and she was able to move on to the next thing. That idea makes it very important to consider where we get stuck in our lives and why, because we may not be able to move on until we “get the message.”

So that is the kind of struggle we are designed to work through. We have an ongoing process where vibrations that we hold inside ourselves reflect into our experiences in the outer world, and our experiences in the outer world also create vibrations that filter into our inner selves. It is all connected: The inner life and the outer life are actually mirror images of one another. If you allow yourself to realize that, you’ll see that our outer experiences are a manifestation of how we perceive ourselves inside.

That is why we talked yesterday about how “a dream properly dreamed” can save a lot of time. If we become sensitive to this relationship of the inner to the outer, we can become our own teachers, because our inner self, or higher self, has all the wisdom we need to proceed. But forward movement – progress in our lives – requires us to gain an awareness of what is inherently important about our experiences.

Our daily lives can seem so helter-skelter that this concept may not seem to make sense at first. Yet in the final analysis it is true: we are each, in our own way, the creator. We create the experiences in our outer life and don’t realize that we are causing them to happen. We chalk it up to thinking we are caught in events beyond our control, and that every day it is enough to do the best we can to manage them. Instead, we should accept responsibility for everything that befalls us because, on a deeper level, it is somehow generated by us, and through us.

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