Two Dreams

John: In the first dream I am sitting and trying to establish what a proper amount should be for the distribution of something. I am aware that time is ticking away as I try to feel my way to a decision. My sense is that I have to be comfortable with what that amount is before it can be sent out and  distributed. A part of me has this ability, to feel what it should be. I finally arrive at the answer, U800, which is the number of units.

Well, this decision took so much time that it would have been better if I had just picked a random number and then let it be distributed right away. It may not have been enough, but at least it would have reached some of the intended delivery points. Because now that I have given the amount, there is a person like a postman who’s in charge of making the deliveries, and I see him being totally frustrated. He is driving his truck, and as he comes to a delivery point, there is nobody there – it is desolate. It is dry like a desert. Whatever had been there may have shriveled up and died.

So the delivery man has these packages of all different sizes and he is littering them around this landscape because he has got to do his job. And the sadness of the whole situation is that this is the best that he can do. He knows deep down that it did not have to be this way, but this is what it has come to.

So that is the first dream. And you could say, well that first dream may have a lot to do with what is going on in the outer world, maybe it was triggered by the realities in the economy and the market place. Because the main idea here is that the response to the issue takes so long to get established that by the time it occurs, it is too late, everything is gone. All you see is a desolate landscape.

That was the first dream. Then the essence of that vibration repeats again, through a very mundane kind of dream.

I am in the shower, and this shower has a long stall to it and I am standing back from the direct flow of water coming out. I have only a tiny piece of soap left so I am only letting little sprinkles of water hit me. I’m allowing just enough dampness to work this little bar of soap around – trying to maximize it as best I can – to lather myself up. My eyes are closed because I don’t want to get any soap in them; I am extremely focused on just trying to do that.

Then there seems to be a man standing off to one side. He is not in the shower, but he has access to reach me. He is telling me that I have to stand under the water. “What you are doing is not doing a shower as it is intended to be done.” He is saying this to me as he reaches in and attempts to push or guide me under the shower. I am resisting and trying to say to him that I only have this little bit of soap and if I am standing under the shower the soap will all get washed off before it has cleaned in the way that soap knows how to do. I just don’t have that option. If I jump under the shower prematurely, then what about the soap, and the lathering up, and the cleansing that needs to happen? And yes, I agree that it is important to be under the shower, but what about these other issues?

So both dreams arise from a similar vibrational energy, occurring in the course of a single night’s sleep.

Though the imagery is very different, one can sense how the energy is linked because both dream sequences seem to share a sense of frustration in how things are unfolding. We will look more closely at what really links these two dreams in tomorrow’s post.

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