Play it Again, Sam

Jeane: This time, I feel as though I am in the experience, and I’m also observing it on a movie screen. The scene I am observing takes place in a high school-like environment, or a junior college – that age group. I am a few years older than the man I am interacting with, and he looks and feels like the actor Ashton Kutcher in his energy and appearance. What I am aware of behind the scenes, as I observe and participate in it, is that at the end of a movie or after a certain time period, I am going to sit down with him to go over two issues – that is my assignment. A single line located in one place in my mind represents one issue, and two lines in another location in my mind represent the second issue. This is an assignment I have been given and will have to do. It is not part of the overall scenario, but it is in the background there until some future point.

So, a part of me is participating and another part of me is observing, knowing I have my assignment. Then he and I meet, almost as a chance connection amid all the other scenarios going on. There might be other people who try to distract him – maybe give him a kiss, have him take a photograph with them – but he and I are connected in terms of hanging out, as girls and boys do at that point in their lives.

That is the scenario. Then I am sitting in the movie theater, it is the end of the movie, I know I have my assignment to go over these two issues with him, and I glance up and see that the movie is starting again onscreen. It seems so much like the same movie that a lot of people get up and leave. However, I have a sense that something is a little different, even though it looks like a repeat. Sure enough, after our initial meeting something does not quite connect the way it had before, and now when the second meeting comes (in the movie), a point after which we would have stayed together, I find I am in front of a screened window in the cafeteria across from him, and he is now in the picture-taking scene with the other kids, not with me as he was before.

I know there might be a third encounter – we did meet a third time in the first movie – but obviously this movie is going differently. I am aware that a lot of people have not picked up on the fact that it is a new movie, or that the movie is going differently. I am also aware that no matter how the movie continues, when it reaches the same point it did before I will have to sit down with him and go over the assignment I have been given. But at this point, it was just something I had to do, no matter whether the movie was going the way I wanted it to, as it did the first time, or whether it was not going the way I wanted it to, as it was the second time. I still had my assignment.

John: What is happening is that there is a certain vibration at play that needs to be utilized by you, that needs to be lived by you, but you are not doing it. In other words, the energy vibration is sitting there, and you have a hint of it, but you are not quite able to feel it or bring it through. And so the dream, and its unfolding, replays again, with all the distractions – other people etc. – that prevent you from being able to maintain what it is you are supposed to be maintaining. But it is an energetic presence of your own being that is shaping what needs to happen in the dream. So you keep playing it over and over, seeking to get it right.

Repetition is a crucial concept: in our dreams, in our daily lives, and in the universe itself. We will explore this concept more deeply next time, both in terms of today’s dream and from a broader perspective.

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