Holding On To Nothingness

John: I have slowly become aware that there is this greater space available to us. There is, of course, the way I normally am in the world and that prevents me from accessing this greater space. But if there were a way to unplug myself from the way I usually proceed, that greater space would be open to me.

To begin with, this realization was interesting in and of itself. But then I observed a repeating pattern in myself, where I would flinch at things, have reactions to what was occurring. It was these reactions, where I would shrink from the moment, that prevented me from stepping through into the greater space. This greater space – my higher self – requires an ability to let go and to trust, which can then lead to expanded insight.

The higher self is defined, in its higher self, as nothingness – not as a substance or a mannerism, but as nothingness. The dilemma that the lower self has is that it always sees things as needing to make sense in some fashion. The lower self wants there to be order and an instant understanding of how things are. To really change things, you have to take all of the established rules, all the principles that one rests on and believes to be true – that may even be true as a matter of fact in terms of how things work in the outer world – and throw them against themselves. So even though there might be truth in them, they do not work. The fabric that holds together this quality that we understand to be the truth, this illusion from which we have been operating forever, just does not hold water.

When things reach such a point – where the established patterns and mannerisms no longer work – that creates an inner shift wherein something new and original, and completely transitional in terms of your higher self, can occur. You might say that you come closer to recognizing the divine principle that functions throughout creation. So the images you have in dreams begin to reflect this linkage, showing your acceptance of it, as opposed to images that show a rigidity in holding onto to how things have been, and a resistance to letting go.

In seeing this, and kind of understanding it, I had to go through the reactivity that I was observing in me. When I woke up I noticed that I had the reverberations inside and I wrote this up. I could feel the reverberations of the changes taking place, because the changes are in defiance of the established order and rules. It’s not that I disagree with those rules (many are self-created), but in a world in which everything is being thrown against itself, those views are also meant to fall apart so that we can hold onto nothingness instead.

And so I am sitting and looking at this, bothered by the fact that when I looked across to the greater space before, it was something that was wondrous and embracing and seemed easy to reach. Now suddenly I feel myself taking a step back, hunkering down – as a reaction – to what is taking place. And it is as if that opportunity of entry into the greater space is vanishing, and it’s because of a certain righteous attitude in terms of holding on to older precepts. And I see that it is also happening all around me, and if it happens all around, then it shuts out the potentiality of something greater coming through.

So one can’t be doing that; one has to let what is coming through, come through. One has to let go of all of this other stuff and be someone who embraces and helps to bring in what is new. There can be a grace with that, so that everything doesn’t just fall apart. The grace prevents the collateral damage from being too great during the transition, even though the change is huge. From the perspective of the divine, there has to be sanity, and one can hold onto that and build from there. That is the greater quality and aspect of the higher self coming into focus.

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