Let The Divine Come Through

John: I wrote up the struggle I described yesterday (Hanging On To Nothingness) as a way for me to personally say “yes.” I didn’t in the dream, so I want to, for the universe’s record as it were, say “yes” now. I also wanted to show how, in a dream, personal reactions to changes that are shown could disturb the flow. I wrote it from the standpoint of being reactive, or perhaps over-reactive. At the beginning of the dream experience it was interesting to notice that beyond the arena of reactivity, there was this greater space, waiting to be accessed. And what separated these two spaces – the greater space and the closed-down reactive space – was a personal contraction, in me, that shut off the flow that was being offered to me; it was right there.

As we have seen before in different ways, dreams often point the way forward by showing us opportunities to respond, just as happens in real life. The nature of our response affects the outcome. Strong resistance to what is being shown can become a chase dream (see The Chase Is On). But over and over we see that possibilities are presented to us, and saying “yes” to them, embracing them, allows us to make the transitions we need to make.

We can call that letting the divine come through. Any reaction, other than an acceptance or an embrace, is a form of holding on to the past. Of course, the dilemma is in believing this is so. For a human being to know how it works, when such changes are occurring from within, is rarely possible because we have our set ideas about the way things are supposed to be. And so we have to pause and look at the examples.

The first one is that the teacher never does what the student expects; to do so would be to cater to the ego and to that which is unreal. And life, which is the greater teacher, will do the same thing. And in this sense both the teacher and creation, as the greater teacher, represent the higher self on the inner level. We are veiled from creation and caught up in a cycle of birth and death in an illusory realm. And because we do not know better, we resort to lower-self experiences instead of higher-self experiences, and that choice separates us further from creation.

That’s why we tend to react personally, satisfying our need to cope based on mostly physical determinations. The higher self reaches beyond such triviality because it is at home in nothingness. Another way of saying it is that in the higher self there is the essence of nothingness, and a person is either moving toward that essence, or away from it. In moving away from it, you are choosing to be further ensnared by your personal denseness, ingrained psychologies, and innumerable trivialities. If you choose to be part of the higher process, there is the opportunity to let go of it all, once and for all.

So what I am doing in my dream is I’m staring at the denseness inside of me instead of appreciating the greater space that is coming through, and opening up, and making itself available. When I resist, I step back from the greater space and fail to welcome the divine flow as it reclaims its world. A true human being is not meant to hold onto anything, but rather be a conduit to that which is at the essence of creation. To be that conduit requires letting go of everything. Of course, in letting go of everything in service to the higher, much is gained as well.

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