Securing the Borders

Jeane: I lost a lot of my dream, but it seemed to be about a series of linked elements. There is a country, like Iraq, with a bordering country where there is a war going on. It has finally been figured out that if you take a certain sequence of elements that are linked – there is a discrete number and sequence to them – and you put them across the border, or put them across somewhere, it is as if you establish a border. And that somehow establishes or creates peace. The woman who is president is adamant about this, and you feel like this is something that needs a lot of safeguarding. But at the same time, perhaps you have to go in and work with the elements one at a time, or do something with a few of them. You go in and take a few of them out, like taking files from a folder or something like that.

I am looking at all this, trying to see what it looks like. I see a sunny, dusty border area and it seems as though there is also a place where you can put a link across and create a new border. But you have to be careful how you approach it. You don’t want to do anything that could re-open the border because that would cause the war to start up again. That is the best I can remember the dream.

John: The feminine requires a certain degree of freedom in its nature. So in the first part of the dream, information is missing and you have to figure out how to pull the threads of your dream out. What you are actually doing is connecting to an expanse inside of you that has the nature of freedom in it. The symbol of war is something that oppresses freedom, so there is a challenge to the freedom you need to feel to sustain your natural balance. Your response to this challenge to your freedom is to go inside and connect to a place that allows you to expand. Otherwise, if you were outwardly reactive or shrunk from the challenge, you would be allowing events to overrun your borders (also limiting your freedom).

By contrast, the masculine, by its nature, deals more with an aspect of wisdom. While the feminine seeks to expand to contain what is happening, the masculine’s attention is drawn more narrowly toward what is causing a destabilizing effect. The masculine looks for the direct consequence and, rather than expansion, seeks the wisdom of why something is happening. But the wisdom is not based upon the events themselves, but on the determination of whether what is happening allows an opportunity for expansion, or causes a reflexive contraction. The wisdom is the deeper knowing of which is which.

In your dream, you are securing the borders, so something in you is seeking a sense of security, which is a form of freedom inside of you. It is an important process to be able to nurture and instill that security within you, in order to handle outer events. You are attempting to make the outer flow and consequences of life embraceable. The feminine won’t be at rest if the results can’t be embraced.

This is another way in which dreams work in terms of the process: you dream something and see it from an overall perspective. That gives you a greater sense of how you have to handle and relate to certain things that exist in your life – it gives a perspective of containment to the elements. Then you can put them into a semblance of order that you are comfortable with and you can move forward. If you do not pay attention, then, as your dream indicates, there are consequences. You can find yourself (your borders) overrun.

It’s an amazing and interesting analogy: what are your borders? It seems your borders are better held when you are expanding out; when you shrink inside, that is when your borders are most at risk.

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