Information Please

Jeane: I did dream a lot, but I didn’t pull it out really well because I think it was kind of odd.

John: I think I dreamed quite a bit too. What did you remember?

Jeane: Well, something was occurring in an office. Some of the people working there were okay, and some were kind of crazy. A problem arose in terms of how things were being done. As I remember this dream, everything had the appearance of a cartoon. The office was linear; everything was lined up horizontally, in other words. There was one person here, then someone next to them, and then someone next to them – all lined up. When I observed the issue or problem, I could actually see it as an image forming right above a person’s head – I could see their perspective. One person seemed kind of crazy but, when a change needed to occur, I could come and use that crazy person’s perspective, and whatever image represented it, and use that in making some changes (I incorporated other perspectives as well).

I was trying to make changes that would create a different flow in what was occurring. I could use everyone’s perspective, including the crazy person’s. In fact, sometimes their perspective was the most useful for making changes. I think I would actually first make the changes in the images above their heads, and then implement them into a change that was made below. I’m not sure if I’m remembering it accurately because it seemed to be a long, complex dream.

John: The oddity of the dream was in finding yourself caught up in a type of flow, and having to incorporate ideas that didn’t quite strike you as right, or normal.  But, by taking and working with those ideas, things seemed to be okay. Is that right?

Jeane: Yes, it is about needing to make adjustments and changes. At first, I could almost see the craziness and see how everyone looked at things, including where things were in or out of balance or how things were being done. Then, I could come along and take the symbols that I saw above them, representing all of that, and start working with them.

John: So that is an information dream. It has to do with something that is unfolding in terms of your life: the way things are unfolding currently, or what is about to happen. So this is creating uneasiness, or uneasiness exists. But the dream tells you that it is okay, and so you incorporate the perspectives from every direction. Even though there is an uneasiness, in general it seems to work out. Is that what your dream felt like?

Jeane: I think so. I was trying to work it out when I woke up.

John: You were trying to determine how everything would work out. And you were working with everyone’s perceptions, you were taking all of those into account, and not relying so much on your own?

Jeane: I think I started from there, but even the crazy perspectives had something about them that I could take and perhaps change the speed of, or change other aspects, and then I had something that was bigger in a way, that included more than the rest.

John: It is an interesting way to work with life. I think an accurate way, too.  It’s awful hard to do, because you have to get out of the way to do that, to incorporate all kinds of perspectives – even ones that at first glance might not be anything like your own – into the overall picture. But, it seems to somehow work out best when you do.

So, what was the craziness?

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