The Blueprint

Yesterday, in Information Please, Jeane described a dream in which she found herself incorporating different perspectives into her process, even perspectives that she deemed “crazy.” What was this energetic that felt so different from her own?

Jeane: I don’t know. It was a masculine energy.

John: Yes, the craziness in this example is masculine energy, because it is working with something as an activity in life. The feminine works differently, and that is to embrace something that evolves in life. So you are seeing yourself able to embrace something (feminine) that has a peculiar element to it, that has a wildness in terms of action to it (masculine). By embracing that masculine aspect, and tweaking it to be more appropriate to your needs, you are getting a better result. The dream seems to suggest that if you had thought too much about the crazy ideas, you likely would have rejected them and not gotten such a good result.

The question is, does that dream apply to me or does it apply to you? I think it applies to both of us. It’s actually like a formula or prescription that points out how Dharmic things work out for you. And, because there is some sort of commonality in the way things flow or are flowing in relationship to the greater whole, it also speaks of how things work out for what we do together. In that context, it is like a blueprint.

If you were to try to get all your ducks in a row, as they say, that would not be you. That isn’t how destiny unfolds for you. Everyone has magic in life, so for some what is a natural process works one way, and for others a natural process could look very different. This dream shows your particular way incorporating both the action of the masculine and the embrace of the feminine as steps to find balance and wholeness when you create something into your life. Yet it also seems to show that this might not be a method you would consciously choose if you were asked to select the best procedure for you. That’s why I see it as a kind of blueprint. When you incorporate ideas into your process that are outside your normal scope, you actually create a better end result.

Jeane: Well, these were the most distorted energetic viewpoints (from my perspective) but they had more broadness to them. They actually made for more space to work with and were less limited than a narrow viewpoint.

John: Right, so you have found a way to take the self-interest (personal) aspect out of the equation. You are incorporating other perspectives, or an otherness that exists in life. That is really hard to do, because when an otherness exists in life, we usually expend our energy in trying to make it our own, as opposed to working with or embracing the otherness. It’s a way of expanding into something, rather than shrinking it down to fit.

So what we are describing here is perhaps not a dream in the traditional sense. Everyone has an agreement world in life, so called because it describes the way things will come together best for a particular person. Some people, you know, might have to do it through hard work, others may trust more in intuition. But it is an important internal process because it makes something viable, in terms of who a person is and how they reconcile themselves with the world.

So in your dream you are shown a formula that might work best for you, even though you probably wouldn’t sit down and say okay, “This is how I am going to get from A to Z.” Yet in your sleep, you have actually formulated something that resonates with how you twine with life. So this is really an important dream to keep pondering.

I am coming to understand that often times we are only shown this sort of thing once in our dreams, and you either get it or you don’t. Many types of information do repeat, and little pieces fill in here and there. You work with them again and again to refine yourself in relationship to the overall. That is a reflection of you as a work in progress, so you can settle back and let that process evolve. But when it is something that involves a particular style or nature in one’s being, that is in co-relationship to the specific way things work, that might only be shown to you once.

You could say there are two types of clarity that you can get through dreams. You get information on how what you are doing can open up a transcendent part of your being – in relationship to how you exist in the physical world. Information on that level is part of a training and growth process.

And the second type of clarity comes only as a hint. It is typically said that you have to sort out lower-self mannerisms and characteristics yourself. However, I feel that yes, it may be like that, but you can also be given hints. And because these hints aren’t directly related to the general goings-on of your life, they don’t necessarily repeat.

I think this dream is giving you specific information to make things easier for you. It can give you a certain confidence knowing that something will work out and you can reach a completion in the way shown. The reason why those perspectives came across as crazy or imbalanced is a signal for you to tweak them, or adapt them for your purposes. That’s important for the bigger picture, and fits in with the greater overall.

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