Accessing the Kundalini

Jeane: This dream starts out at a motel located in the desert. I am there to be with my folks, but another part of me wants to go home. My folks have not arrived yet, so I have gone into the room to take a shower. As I am taking the shower I notice that I have started bleeding, as though I have a menstrual cycle. Then I hear my folks come in and I am trying to wash all the blood off the yellowish shower stall. Once I have finished the shower, and washed away all the blood, I want to go home. My folks, however, are spending the night, so I have to stay too.

They go to bed and I seem to go out into the desert again. I come back at some point to see if they’re ready to leave. My dad is lying in bed facing the wall and my mom is running a fever. I even see blood in the bed as though she is having a menstrual cycle, too. I go over to try and reassure her, telling her that it is probably just hormones. I want to reassure her that she will be okay, but I can tell that she does not feel well. Dad still will not let us go home.

I go out into the desert again, and this time I come back as a little boy. I have a stuffed bunny that is almost as big as I am and I want my parents to take me home. I do not like staying at this place out in the desert anymore. The man that I see as my dad in the dream does not seem like my dad at all; he seems mean. He will not let us go home. In fact, he puts us in the car and drives us out into the desert and he wants to make us eat little bites of the bunny to show that he is really in control of everything. So, I think he is sadistic and I think this is too much of an absurd sociopathic dream, so I wake up.

John: This dream throws some twists in there, in terms of the menstrual cycle for both you and your mom, and your dad acting strangely. It points to the idea that you are removed from some sense of balance. In the dream you are out in the desert, away from your normal environment, which depicts a kind of disconnection. The menstrual cycle, as an image, sits at the threshold of the feminine aspect of the Kundalini energy. But you are not opening that energy up; it is not working in you in a natural way. In fact, it is being regarded as an unnatural event that seems peculiar; it is taking place when it should not be taking place. Because you are not accepting of this scenario, the subsequent images show the consequences of rejection: the rest of the dream manifests in unexpected and weird ways.

Basically, you are not utilizing the flow of the Kundalini energy, which is in a higher octave of one’s being. It is said that the sexual energy and the whole reproductive function is essential for opening up the higher Kundalini energy. In fact, the sexual act, and the mannerisms of it, is the very thing that incorporates the dense physical and animalistic qualities of life, and the energy that comes down from above and is able to touch and awaken that. Without the sexual energy transmuted, there is no way to open up the Kundalini.

It can take a long time for a person to get to the point where they realize they can utilize their sexual energy for personal development. It serves a very defined purpose, because the act is rooted in the physical nature of a human and, at a higher octave, to the process of consciousness going into matter. Transmuting that energy, rather than just expending it in the animal activity, gives conscious access to the energy behind it, which is a crucial and essential element for being able to affect matter, to be a co-creator (a very high state of development). Kundalini has been described as being one-third based in the physical, and the other two thirds flows through and opens things up. It gives a person information and linkage through a consciousness that touches the light; it touches the divine. So it is crucial to the unfolding of higher processes, but one is not meant to think about it until one gets to a point where they can recognize how it is intended to be used.

And so in your dream you end up dealing with a perverted, horror-movie image of Kundalini that has a quality that feels strange and bizarre. It is an out-of-balance depiction of this cycle, and it leaves you feeling even more peculiar. But I believe that the vibration behind this is meant to show you, is meant to depict, a type of distraction that exists within. In other words, you have this energetic quality, which opens up something incredible, at your disposal – it’s part of your lineage (as shown by the presence of your mother) – but you are only coming to the perverted quality of it, instead of to the depth of it in terms of what it is or what it can become.

So Kundalini energy is a part of a quality that reaches into the depths of matter and affects it with a consciousness. It is behind what consciousness is really about, and it comes from somewhere else and it awakens in a human being. The fact that your dream is from a higher-plane perspective shows that you are meant to have access to it. And in terms of understanding this dream, some part of you carries a sense of something much, much more, but this is where you currently are in terms of how you are working with it.

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