Distorting the Signal

John: My dream had a similar kind of perversion as your dream (Accessing the Kundalini). It has a story line that if you looked at it too literally, you could feel upset by the whole thing and just think man, oh man, this is a nightmare. But behind this I am shown a flicker of something else, something that I should be paying attention to because I have been given access to a whole other set of information. I think this dream dramatizes the idea that when you have, as a human, so much more available to you and yet you are so distracted by trivial things, it manifests in imagery as a kind of extreme perversion.

And so in this dream I notice a bunch of videotapes that have come in a box. Usually one buys one video at a time, but this is a case with 10 or 12 videos, all with peculiar or goofy themes, some horror themes – they all seem very strange. So I am wondering where they came from: as far as I know I’ve never seen them before, so I assume that you must have gotten them. Then I think that perhaps I am not even supposed to open up this box. I am not even sure I want to touch it, but I open it up anyway.

I am in this setting where I am on the road somewhere in a hotel, yet I have this incredible electronic system that has been put together and it can show and reveal and play all kinds of things. I had gotten up very early and had a full day of inspirational work and taking a walk, etc. Now I’ve come back and I find this case of videos.

I open the case, pull one of the videos out and put it into the machine. All of a sudden the hotel manager is there. I am excited to show him how wonderful the electronic system is and how it works, but this perverse movie comes on and I am trying to block him from seeing it. The video is showing some sort of strange entrails coming out of a person and I cannot get the damn thing to eject because I want to put in something else that I can show him. This is not how it is supposed to function; this machine can do wonderful things and I do not want to have him go off with the wrong impression.

As I am trying to get rid of the video, I hear him saying, “Well, can you just put CNN on?” And from taking my walk earlier I already knew all kinds of great insights of what was happening in life, and yet here I am trying to show something on this fantastic system, and this is the kind of crap that is coming out. I even knew things that were going on in the marketplace of life; I had seen all these wonderful things and this is how I translate it? It seemed absurd.

That was the dream, which I feel has a very simple meaning: it’s indicating that I am able to access wonderful information, and I have a system within for sustaining such access, but I am left with strange, discombobulated, and twisted images that is a distortion of what I am being offered. I was able to take the walk and get insights into things, yet I could not translate them through to my outer interactions.

Your dream from yesterday is similar in that context. You were being thrown around by something that was meant to allow greater access. It was an aspect of creation that could open up a conscious connection to matter, but your ability to process that was all out of whack. So instead of it being an opportunity, it manifested as a disturbance. It appeared as something strange, rather than the higher quality that it was meant and intended to be.

So we both are going through our own kind of horror story. I was thinking about the image of the big stuffed animal bunny from your dream, where you find yourself having to take bites out of it: you are forced to eat something that is not fulfilling. It causes me to think of what a bunny is, and there is something carefree and casual about a bunny. They are very soft, and you are biting this doll-like bunny that is probably something that you like to hold – as a reflection of something meaningful to you – and it has become your punishment. You are biting it instead of cherishing it.

It seems we are being shown that we may be on the verge of something, but it is not getting through. Instead, it is being distorted, for you in the way you are holding onto an overall perspective, and for me in the way that I bring something through. We both are missing the clarity of how it really can be.

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