New Footprints

John: When you make a choice to embark upon a spiritual journey, you will invariably be confronted with things from your life that no longer fit with your new purpose. As we discussed last time (see The Other Side), when you are in a position to take a look at where you have been, different reactions can arise.

The most common is that old patterns surface, challenging the decisions that have been made in oneself. Because these patterns may have been established early in life, it can be very easy to waver from one’s spiritual choice, even if briefly. At the opposite end of the spectrum is putting on the airs of “spiritual illusion,” where one might separate themselves from their past attitudes, and the people they shared them with, by feeling morally superior in their new path.

Both of these scenarios describe challenges to one’s newly determined spiritual journey, and yet they are also opportunities to reaffirm one’s commitment and to see more clearly where one needs to work on oneself. To keep a clear channel open to what one aspires or is now reaching to, to be true to where one’s heart is heading, requires making new footprints through these territories.

It all kind of comes down to the idea that the one who opens up – who seeks greater consciousness – is the one who has the most to overcome. Historically, spiritual seekers cut themselves off from the vagaries of daily life and culture, they sought quiet places and mountaintops to make their connections and keep them. They denied the material world to a great extent. Yet that is not an option for most seekers, and something about these times calls for the spiritual path to run through everyday life.

One way to describe it is in the idea that one must be as grounded as one possibly can, in order to sustain the heavens on one’s shoulders. And this grounding comes from seeing clearly through the illusions of the outer world. It doesn’t mean to deny the realities of it, particularly the ones that must be dealt with, but to hold an awareness of the illusion while interacting with it. Inner growth comes because of where one is located inside oneself. A point somewhere between denial of the world and being blindly caught up in the rush of ongoing events.

So I think in our dream work we are seeing this dynamic. There is a feeling of freedom that comes with being on a path, because the tethers of the outer world are being unhooked from oneself. This freedom is important to the feminine nature. The masculine nature tends more toward understanding or, as it is called, “listening.” The aspect of freedom involves an expansion where there had been a contraction, and the aspect of understanding involves wisdom toward life that keeps things in context or perspective.

Both of these attainments can be jeopardized when one “revisits” the other side. However, if you maintain your awareness, you realize that there is this little space inside that has taken you a step away from the seeming complete ordinariness of life. But this is a tricky thing, and it looks like your dream is waving things at you from your past. Since you have now redirected your energy and attention, the dream shows what was left incomplete. And it is an energetic incompleteness in terms of your humility and naturalness; that is really the issue. So it says there is work to be done. Outer appearances are one thing, but that is the vibrational issue that stirs in the background.

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