Dormant Energy

Jeane: In my first dream of the night, there is a detective who works with at least one other man, and they are searching out pedophiles in a neighborhood. They do that by burrowing under houses with wire, or something, that allows them to see what is going on inside. In one apartment building, or town house area, they spot a family where the little boy either has been or is going to be molested (I don’t know which). As they are discovering this, they disturb something in the family of a 12-year-old girl. Her mother then recognizes that because this has been disturbed (with the detective seeing what is going on in the neighborhood) that it awakens something in her husband (it may be the girl’s step-dad; there is another man who lives in the house too). And the step-dad looks like a fat hillbilly type. I get the sense that now that all this has been awakened, it will lead to the step-dad molesting the 12-year-old girl. Perhaps the detective picks up on this also.

The mother now knows that the detectives have this equipment that is being used to spy on what is going on. Their actions have led to protecting this other little boy in the neighborhood. Her dilemma is that now that this energy is awakened, her daughter is more aware of the dynamic – and of how the step-dad is looking at her. The mother feels like she has to get the daughter out of the house. Because the girl is only 12, the mom does not know where they can go that will be safe. Maybe the detective says he can help, but they just don’t know where to find a safe place. That is all I recall from the first dream.

John: This is a dream that is wandering around in trying to awaken something that sits repressed or dormant. It remains like that, or is like that, because there is some perspective or viewpoint that stands in the way and is distorting it. It is like a type of energy that needs to awaken in its own new way, but only has access through a distorted channel. The sense is there, but it is not being accepted. What you are describing – something that begins with an aspect of crude sexuality and becomes even cruder in terms of perversion – is all a precursor to an awakened energy that is meant to be something very different.

This energy is meant to be (for the feminine) something that is quite natural; something to let unfold and to discover with a sense of curiosity. What you are dreaming though, has become twisted into something that has unnatural connotations to it, or that has become deviant in the way it is being perceived. That is not what the energy is naturally, or normally. It is going through something….  It’s funny, I can see the dynamic, but I am having trouble describing it. Yet I don’t want to skip over it because it is better to not give up on it.

So let me try this again. The dream is about something that needs to emerge into an awakened state. The dilemma that the feminine goes through is that, initially, the arising is natural and balanced so it can be accommodated as part of an overall. Then, however it is that it awakens, it becomes like a tuning fork into this particular energetic area. This allows the feminine to take that energy and extend it out into things and find new perceptions. She can take it and extend the reach of it, and this function happens naturally by taking in and receiving.

When this process does not happen according to the naturalness that the feminine feels, that is when the energy becomes distorted and can go off into deviations. The Kundalini energy is all tied up in this. Sexuality is a trigger point just like the Fire energy in one’s astrological chart is a trigger point to something as well. The energy that powers the sexuality also enables other processes to open up and move forward. But, whenever something is stifled or suppressed, when it is not able to flow out in a natural release, then it can go off on different tangents. Because the energy will seek an outlet, its emergence can then manifest as a distortion, shown in your dream as the sexual perversion. Closing down the natural processes creates a veiling effect. One can go through and search for whatever is wrong, but will never figure it out because there is nothing wrong. The energy has its naturalness, but then it goes off… so your dream is capturing something in that process.

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