Something of Great Value

Jeane: The next dream combines two elements: I am back in my hometown for a high school reunion, and I have also gotten a job there. The job must be with an agency that I was affiliated with somewhere else. I am going in and talking to the people that I will be working with. There are several departments and offices in different buildings. I am going to speak with a woman who wants to run some questions by me about a male psychiatrist they hired. I have the impression that when he worked with me in the other agency that I had good results, but I do not know him well. I thought it would be okay to hire him, but because of some questions she has raised, she wants me to be at a staff meeting on Monday morning. Maybe I would not normally be at that meeting, but she wants me to make sure that I am.

I finish speaking with her and go sit at a table with two other people I know, and we are being given some information packets for working in the agency. We open them and they have computer disks that explain how things work there; I am excited about taking this home to review. I am also excited because usually my hometown is so small that one cannot find work there. You have to leave town to get a job.

Then it feels as though I have left the office and I am thinking about going to the high school reunion, which, coincidentally, is being held on an anniversary of the day I won some kind of award. It is just a coincidence, but somehow it makes it more exciting, and I am looking forward to getting to the reunion and telling people that several of us have actually been able to find a job locally.

Then it feels as though I am walking by a store like Macy’s and I suddenly remember that I am supposed to be at work and I need to rush or I will be late. I glance down and I have bare feet. I run into the store and head upstairs looking for a particular pair of sandals. When I get to the counter the ones I want have to be a certain shade of chartreuse green. I look at one that has a pretty flower and weed growing out of it, another is a shiny color with something else growing out of it – like stand up tinsel of silver or gold. I am looking at that and those seem to be the sandals that I want but I am not certain they are really appropriate for work. I may get a pair of the same color that just has a little bit of something on the top.

I realize I am very close to being late now. I am either already 15 minutes late or I have 15 minutes before I need to be there. However you cannot pay for the shoes at the counter. I go downstairs, look longingly at the door as I do not want to be late, and then have to go past the counter and around the corner because the sales people want to visit in a way that delays me. I am also glancing at my watch and I’m remembering that if this is the day of the staff meeting (I am not sure), then I guess I have missed that. I am looking at my watch and it is 7:15 pm now – was I supposed to be at work at 7? Or 7:30? The later hour seems right even though one usually goes to work in the daytime, but I work at night. I am confused about the time and getting the shoes paid for and that is when I wake up.

John: This dream is related to yesterday’s (Dormant Energy). They are both emergence dreams. They deal with something trying to come awake or alive inside you; a linkage to something of very great value. Left to your natural processes, these would be elements that you would recognize and incorporate seamlessly into your life. But you (and humans in general), have lost your connection to that naturalness, and so what you perceive is unmanageable, so it gets skewed from its original state. Your inner nature knows the truth of it, but in your dream and in your sense of things in the here and now, it feels likes a component is missing. Something inside you of great value wants to awaken and be available, yet it is being blocked.

It is interesting that in both dreams you are a bit at your wit’s end. The first dream is more frustrating because whatever is trying to emerge has been deviated from dramatically. In the second dream there is the initial excitement, but then you are struggling to catch up with events – you have lost your ability to go with the flow. In each case, something is missing from the equation.

In the next entry, we will try to understand this missing aspect; to grasp what would allow these energies to naturally emerge from within.

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