The Longing

John: I wanted to delve a little deeper into the two dreams we have been analyzing (Dormant Energy and Something of Great Value). At the core of both of these dreams is a place deep inside you that part of you knows well. In between that place and where you are as a consciousness is the area where things can turn peculiar, because the communication between these two aspects of you is imperfect. In the first dream the emergent energy surfaces (in a neighborhood), but it is registered as a disturbance that ultimately might manifest as a perversion. That energy continues on into your second dream of the night in which you are unable to be what, and where, you are meant to be – you lack the means of getting somewhere (you need to purchase the sandals).

On a deeper level of that dream, that which you need is of extreme value. It is something inside you that is meant to awaken when there is a certain pressure applied. In this case the pressure is the need to rush to work, and finding yourself barefoot. What you are required to do with these two dreams is to find a naturalness in terms of openness and receptivity that is part of the feminine nature. The feminine nature knows how something needs to feel as a wholeness, even if it doesn’t quite reach that point. You have an inner knowing about it and you need to take that quality as a vibrational note and use it as a way of linking it with yourself. That connection can give you information that you need as events around you speed up.

In the second dream, it is the same thing. What you need there is to get to the job naturally, with ease. The reason why there is something missing is that there is a certain kind of staleness. In both dreams the actions being made are compelled, but the attitudes are resigned. Something needs to snap in both of these images. What is the missing piece that pulls the emerging energy into consciousness? Why is it that a potential, and a quality, inside you is sitting there, just out of sight, not visible to you, but visible in your dream as something that needs to emerge?

The dreams show that it is in motion and moving around as a quality. It is a tremendous trait that wants to emerge, and it’s an aspect of you, but it requires something more in order for it to be fully there. I think I know what it is, but I’m not sure how to make it make sense.

This energy is imminent, but I think it requires a quality of softhearted longing to pull it through. It’s hard to describe, but it is almost tearful in its way. It is meant to be visible, and the veil over it is very, very thin. The key is that there be an inner closeness when opening up to it. And the element of closeness is a type of longing. But the longing has to hit a certain soft, tearful, inner note.

In both instances, this is the quality that is missing. It is a type of intimacy, in terms of oneself. And it is in relation to something that you don’t really believe, apparently, or accept, but that you do carry within. And it is meant to be lived, so it is just sitting there. So when you go around functioning without that, you are always missing something. There is always something left out of the equation.

In the second dream, the sandals are missing. You lack something you need in order to do something else. In the first dream, a disturbance is caused and there is an unfulfilled search for a safe place. The only thing I can think of that could bring what is missing through is this type of longing. So the key is to be aware of that and to feel it.

It’s a very unusual characteristic, so I find it hard to catch up with. It is not something that can be described easily. I have been circling around what this trait is, yet it is something that has to be naturally felt or breached. It is said that the masculine, in his softheartedness, can reach it more easily than the feminine. That is strange. You would think it would be the other way around.

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