Listening to the Note

Yesterday we opened up a dream that showed how we often have an inclination to create separations, between other people and ourselves, and ourselves and the world. This tendency can also separate us from ourselves.

John: What happens is that part of our nature feels the need to create a separation, or establish a pattern that feels familiar or somehow more manageable. It’s a quality of the masculine energy that believes this action is making something better, but it often cuts off a certain spontaneity and vitality. It can be very subtle, yet it is a kind of collateral damage.

It reminds of that movie about Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose. When she first started out she had such a natural talent that it was actually a surprise to her, and she just lived it as a surprise. This quality was tremendous inside of her, and it had to be teased out, as if she knew how tremendous it was. When she was later carried along by events, she began to screen things out from her life that she thought were interferences, or obstructions, to her process. And as she did that, she choked some of the life out of her art, and of herself.

So one has to be careful. There are many examples of how this has happened in a spiritual journey, even in the stories of saints, who can have periods of time in which incredible things happen, and then periods of time when things go dormant. Something happens that interrupts the catalytic process. It may last for years, then all of a sudden they overcome it and they are back to being natural and how they need to be.

So this inner process that wants things to occur in a particular way, is a process that, little by little, creates separation. And it will even justify this separation by putting it in the guise of a person’s specialness, which appeals to a certain vanity in us. But when you succumb to this urging you can slowly kill the magic and not even know it. This may defy common sense in a way, because you’re inclined to think that when you hear the “magical note,” that you drop everything else and put your focus and attention strictly on the magical note. But if you do that you screen out everything else that made it possible to hear the note.

You do not take and refine it, per se. I have seen this refinement mannerism before, and it always seems at the beginning like a good idea. When you finally see what the treasure is, you zoom in on it and start eliminating everything else, thinking you will achieve it sooner. But instead, the exact opposite happens – you choke off the catalytic flow.

What you are actually doing is trying to control that process of unfolding, and it’s a mannerism of the brain/ego. But if you stop and look at how something unfolds, you realize that there are no accidents, and there is a natural synchronicity and reason for everything that occurs. And if you listen really closely, you can actually understand how what is unfolding adds a note to things. And this note, if you are really quiet with it, has an inclusiveness to it, and that can enable you to penetrate the separation of things.

We suffer from this belief that everything in a spiritual journey follows according to a gradual letting go, where things gets better and better. It doesn’t unfold that way. It unfolds in waves, by reaching crescendos or crises that require a person to make a breakthrough. Then we leave something behind, and enter a new wave.

This is an interesting lesson for you to have in a dream, to recognize and experience a quality in yourself that knows deep down how to let go and let the overallness work. There is an unfoldment that is even more inclusive – that fits more naturally with life – than one can possibly grasp. Much more than a brain can grasp.

But of course, you have to be very careful because there are things that are distractions. So how do you have the discernment to know which is which? That comes from having a listening center, where you can hear the quality of a note and recognize it as part of the process. If you do not respond to that, you are already creating a separation from what is possible in you.

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