Befriending the Higher Self

John: I find myself on a deserted island, away from civilization. I am with another person and we head into the jungle. After walking for a while, to our surprise, we suddenly walk straight into an encampment with tents. It looks like camp for a paramilitary force. We had been in this heavily forested area and then boom! Right there. My first assumption is that this should not be here on an abandoned island, so far from civilization. We have no idea how we are going to get out of this predicament. Coming into this camp I do not feel frightened, but I have a strange sensation that whoever is here is up to no good. So I find myself, and whoever it is I’m with, quickly looking around for a way to hide. It seems like we have not been detected. I don’t know it yet, but my suspicious attitude is affecting the environment, and sets off the next series of events.

So what happens is this: We were detected, or seen, and did not realize it. A person with some degree of authority tells a comrade and they attempt to use this incident to bring everyone else out against us. In other words, we created this false situation that wouldn’t have happened if we had kept an open mind about what we’d found.

So in the next image I am standing at a table to answer for our conduct. I try to make the argument that we are there by accident; there is nothing about us that is of any concern to them. That statement does not go over well. It cuts something off rather than brings it to a resolution. This group is not interested in things being kept separate, aloof, or hidden – or different.

It turns out they are a movie crew who has come to this abandoned island thinking it a wonderful place to film a movie. The fact that we assume them to be a strange paramilitary force, and up to no good, has hurt the heart. It affects the ongoing expression of the images in the dream, and the feeling of overallness. This group is actually seeking to bring things closer together, not farther apart.

Then, everyone seems to go out of his or her way to embrace us. Whatever fearful energy existed before has evaporated. The feeling now is that there is no separation any more. We are embraced by a welcoming and forgiving quality; it is more than forgiving because forgiveness is not even an issue. This is just a natural state for them – there is no defensiveness or lingering emotions.

I am swept up in this and feel a camaraderie bubbling over everywhere I look. Well, from the way this thing started, compared to where it has ended up, it is a 180-degree difference. I am no longer away from everything and everyone in life (a deserted island), with little hope of recovery. Instead, I am part of a scenario with far-reaching consequences that easily overshadows any fears I had been projecting.

What we see is that a situation that started out disconnected and uncomfortable has suddenly become as accommodating and welcoming as possible. So much so, that all memory of the feelings of separateness and disconnection have fallen away.

So the dream is showing how the relationship is meant to be between the lower self and the higher self. I suffer from feeling that the physical world of my being is separate and removed from the higher self part of me that is accepting and embracing. That illusion creates problems for me. In reality, there isn’t supposed to be a big gap; we are meant to be in a state of natural rapport.

When that rapport exists, an expansiveness flows into everything; the barriers that our minds have constructed evaporate effortlessly. There is no hint of difference between us, or separate agenda. When this state exists, there is no need for brain/ego control, and the heartfullness of inner and outer beingness is naturally there.

This dream has a vibration about it that takes a burden off my shoulders. It takes the unfolding process back into its natural state, without the lingering ambiguities that can exist in-between the lower self and the higher self.

And this dream also provides an inflective answer to your dream as well, in which you had to establish your own house, and your own separateness. This dream shows that there aren’t these huge barriers between what is, and what is on the other side. We seem to think that it needs to be made into some sort of struggle and we have to keep battling our way alone. Ultimately it is just our old habits and psychologies; our old separations trying to create new ones. But it is designed to be much simpler than that, and to just unfold naturally – if we allow it.

The idea that the higher self has to embrace the lower self is an image that is often reflected in Scripture. “What you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto me,” speaks to the idea of not seeing everything as separate and estranged from yourself. Our actions and attitudes always have an effect on the whole. Whether we are conscious of that truth is another story.

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