Check, Please

John: I am sitting at a table in a restaurant and am joined by a friend. He orders a sandwich. I am already eating a sandwich and, apparently (although I do not remember doing this), I must have ordered another sandwich because after eating the first sandwich we notice another sandwich sitting there between us.

He sees it before I do and is eager to eat it. Well, that sandwich seems to multiply in two. It seems to feed on itself. I reach over because there are suddenly two sandwiches there, and one is a salami sandwich. I have eaten my sandwich and I’m already full, but now I have to eat this sandwich because “it’s there.” Then the waitress comes to pick up the credit card to pay for the food. I am eating my sandwich and am about a quarter of the way through. She goes off to do the transaction.

Apparently she brings the card right back. I put it on the plate instead of in my pocket and all of a sudden she is saying that the transaction did not go through and can she have the card again? I hand her the card and then I think this is pretty odd, what is she doing? So I get up from the table and walk to where I can see through two windows to where she is in the back. I see her on the phone. I see the phone, clink clink, and think, okay, she is charging the card. I can even somehow hear it, so that is what is going on.

I go back and sit down and then I hear her try it again. Finally when she comes back I ask her how many times she had to try it; she says “twice” (another dualities thing!). As she comes back she is also bringing two cookies that I did not order that are fresh baked. Big, hot cookies. She keeps one for herself and hands the other one to me. Then she immediately says, “Oh, can I have a bite?” And she takes this really huge bite out of my cookie. Then she says, “You should not be offering me a bite.” She eats a third of the cookie in one bite (my eyes got so big; I was thinking maybe she’d take a little nibble; this all happened so fast I did not realize she still had the other cookie, too.). It was a big cookie. She had to really stuff her mouth to eat that much.

So, like the previous two dreams (Getting Sorted and No Joy in Mudville), this dream shows the distortions created by having an internal imbalance between the higher self and the lower self. You can see how a seemingly normal scenario continues to deteriorate as I grope and fumble around and everything just seems to go haywire. Because this is a dream about me, and a mannerism that I have, I am the cause of reflecting this mannerism into the world around me. What I am actually doing is abusing the good will that is presented to me – in the form of the extra sandwiches and the free cookies.

By abusing the good will, it weakens the whole. You can see the effect getting worse as the dream unfolds. If I were consciously aware of the imbalance, I wouldn’t keep trying in different ways to pull things back together. In other words, trying to grasp for the sandwich and wanting the cookie are ways that I think are going to bring everything back into balance, but it doesn’t work that way.

This is where the feminine principle needs to come in. The masculine keeps trying to resolve and get to the bottom of things. So the masculine reaction is to try and throw off whatever is creating the disturbance. But the feminine understands that what is really required is that you must simply come to a stop and let everything come back into a balance naturally. You have to let whatever it is catch up with itself. Otherwise, the imbalance feeds on itself, and you see the results in the awkwardness, and stumbling about. It causes a feeling of delirium inside.

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