Head for the Hills

Jeane: It feels like I mostly pulled out fragments from my dreams, but in one I have gone for a Jeep ride in the hills with a man; I am not sure why we are going up there. When we reach an isolated area, his attitude seems to change. He becomes more serious or negative, and not like I expected him to be. I had anticipated going for a nice ride in the hills, and now it seems he is carrying some attitude.

Then he seems to be gone. I must have gotten out of the Jeep. There is a woman who has arrived and we now have our own Jeep and we are going higher up in the hills, driving around to see some different areas. That’s all I can remember from the first dream.

John: In this dream scenario you are participating in something, or an aspect of something, and for you (as a woman), since it is a man you are with, it is your higher self that is sweeping this energetic along. Ordinarily the feminine holds a particular manner and overallness to things, so if it is a dream in which there is a man that is taking you higher up in the hills, then something in you is being pulled forward that is able, whether you realize it or not, to go along with a certain aspect of your higher self.

So the dream shows you going along to a certain degree, but then it gets uncomfortable. Now to truly go on to greater and greater heights, you must reach a point where whatever it is that you are holding onto – that is embedded in you – has to let go, has to drop, in order to be carried along in that capacity by the higher self. You can’t both be in charge.

The peculiar thing is that, with everything that is taking place in the outer world, with everything that is changing, it has an effect on our sensibilities. In other words, the masculine may have ideas about how to cope with things; it will have a no-go zone in terms of its being disturbed. The feminine may hold a more overall context, knowing that the sun will still rise in the morning and set at night. And both of these aspects need to be prepared to let go of even those fundamentals.

From the feminine standpoint, relating to the higher self requires feeling comfortable with whatever, and however, it is that is trying to carry you along. When you have that comfort, you are actually welcoming and able to be with it. Ordinarily, if there is a masculine quality involved in terms of how you do things, as in this dream, that masculine quality creates a disturbance, or affects you in some magnetic/attractive way. Again this is a type of holding on to something as you perceive it. It’s a mannerism of your lower self or an identification you hold onto. But what you show in this dream is an opportunity to catch onto this other, higher self thread and ride up the mountain.

What’s also interesting is that this whole transition can happen behind the scenes, so to speak. You carry this higher self aspect that is connected to the creator, and that quality is at the epicenter of all that there is in life, and it is a nothingness. And the faculties of the higher self can be utilized to facilitate a transition point in you that can happen unbeknownst to your lower self. If your attention is focused on your lower self, it can get all agitated. The idea is to try to not let the lower self get agitated, but rather let it surrender to what is taking place. That surrender will allow the faculties of the higher self to cut straight through and do what they have to do, in the way that the higher self knows how to do it.

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