New Images for Old

Here is a continuation of the discussion that arose yesterday with Jeane’s dream (Head for the Hills).

John: We live in a world where everything around us is still scrambling to hold onto some piece of the pie, and we cannot be doing that. We have to yield to our higher-self centers, which means making an allowance, as our teacher would say, to welcome the creator into his world. But that is only possible if we do not struggle. If we struggle and resist then we’ll remain veiled to the process, which could impact how the future unfolds.

The idea here is for there to be a realization and recognition. We are given hints constantly, but we can’t continue to ignore them. As in your dream, where you are able to ride into the hills if you don’t slow yourself down with the baggage of preconceptions or old patterns that can’t be let go. Now if human beings are shown these hints and they react instead of respond, basically throw a childish tantrum where they demand their right to be wrong (and stay ignorant), rather than recognizing and appreciating the opportunity to transition toward something higher where much more is possible, well it brings to mind the phrase, “May my mercy be greater than my justice.”

We are not meant to go that way. Humans are meant to be part of something greater, and to welcome and participate in that. So some of the images that come through in dreams are a part of that change and that transition. The dilemma that exists for us, and an aspect that we must be alert to and understand, is that a student with a true teacher can never keep up with what the teacher is doing. The teacher is always going to catch the student off guard. So the teacher represents the higher self, and will always be representing the higher self, and the student is bounded by the outer world. The student cannot readily see the light of the higher self. He may perceive something inside, but not see the actual light.

The teacher can, and he can see the light of the soul in the student. And so the student will always be in a state where he is caught off guard by the actions of the teacher, because the teacher will always be functioning in recognition of the higher self. The same is true in terms of the outer world, because the greater teacher is the outer world. It then, as the greater teacher, is ultimately the higher self.

As things change in the outer world, and we see it now with tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, everything could become confusing when the things we take for granted disappear. What we take as certainties are no longer certain. So this can happen on every level, internal and external. Things that aren’t supposed to be able to happen, will happen. And that will defy the rules and ideas of how it is supposed to work, but who said that it really works that way?  Those are our assumptions.

Now, in order for this to occur where you don’t have everything turning to salt or stone, you have to have humans that are okay with the changes; that can trust in and stay in the flow of what’s important. You have to have a higher-self appreciation and recognition so that the images of the transition can come across in a way that is manageable. If, as the intensity and speed of things picks up, if reactions (or over reactions) pick up simultaneously, and despair picks up, human nature will end up getting crushed rather than rising up and appreciating so much more.

In a way, we are being put to the test, like Job was in the Bible, where he had everything taken from him. Still he did not lose his faith, and he was rewarded with a new and greater possibility. That message is appropriate for these times. If you maintain your trust in the universe and don’t fall back on easy patterns and egocentric concerns, more awaits us. There’s also the idea that the enemy is your friend, because of what can be learned and overcome in you. Everything is an opportunity if you connect to the peace of nothingness, rather than to the material somethings that soothe our lower self identities.

The key is that the lower self will never see the higher self as long as it continues to react, and the higher self will likely not be able to change the images in the world if the lower self continues to drown it out. Our old ways prevent us from being able to appreciate what is actually going on.

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