Self Healing

Jeane: It feels like I am drifting back to the office where I used to work. I am visiting and I run into a woman that I was not too close to, although I know her and her husband. I can see that she is upset and I get the sense that she is on her way to the doctor. She is going to find out whether she has cancer or not. Perhaps because she is in this state, she is more open with me. We weren’t really close, but there is a respect for each other.

Rather than staying at the office to visit, I see myself go to her home. She is with her husband and parents and, having seen the doctor, everyone knows she has been given the diagnosis of cancer. I go with her and her husband into the bedroom because I have offered to do some visualization with her to help with the healing. It feels like I do the visualization, but that part of the dream is blanked out. Afterwards she feels calmer, so she is sleeping underneath the bed.

Her husband and I are lying separately on top of the bed. It is time to leave so I get up. I run into her parents and can see that they are worried with how she is doing and I let them know that she is resting. Then I proceed to the office.

On the way, I run into a friend and colleague. She is wondering what is going on with our co-worker. She has a meeting scheduled with her and I can tell that she will probably be told the diagnosis then, but I go ahead and tell her because she and I are close and she is a little worried. As I tell her, I become aware that although the woman was open to the visualization treatment earlier, I can already tell that she is much more conventional and will probably elect to get surgery and have the cancer cut out.

As long as I have gone by the office, I see a few people and do some visualization with them as I was one of the few staff members who offered that service at the office. Afterward I see myself walking into the supervisor’s office with a few forms to use to bill for services. This may help out because I know the other co-worker will be gone for a while if she is having surgery. A woman who feels “official” comes in. She has an envelope and if I pay her something then I am still official and they can bill off these other forms. I wonder how much that’s going to cost me, even just helping out, but she only wants $5, so it’s no problem.

Next I am getting ready to leave. Someone who used to be a client walks up with my sister and she is talking about how helpful my sister is; we are all leaving the building now and my sister has walked ahead. I encourage the client to continue her talk with my sister rather than suddenly shifting to me. I tell her it is better because my sister has children. So the former client can go on ahead and catch up. We are walking in that direction, too.

John: What you are doing on an energetic level is switching a lot as you dream. It’s almost like I need to take notes because of the switches that you make in terms of speed. In the past I used to drift when you would change speeds or inflection as you were telling the dream, because it was a different vibration. It was very easy to lose the way in which everything was unfolding in terms of the bits and pieces. What ends up happening, of course, is that your dreams tend to end up in a very different place than they began because you are going so fast – it’s unfolding itself so quickly as the different components come.

With this dream you are starting off with part of yourself catching up with something that has been handed back to you. In other words, something was taken away from you so that it did not affect you and so you were able to function in a normal way. Now it has been handed back to you, and what has been handed back you are now supposed to be able to deal with in terms of yourself.

You see that “something” as being like a cancer, that normally has a deleterious effect on your being. Now you are able to take it on and respond to it because it can no longer block you from being able to catch up. In the past, it would have blocked you. By being able to take that on, you open up in a particular capacity, and that allows you to grow.

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