Self Healing, Part II

In our last post (Self Healing), John was analyzing Jeane’s dream where a person in the imagery was diagnosed with cancer. Normally, this dream scenario could upset and disturb the dreamer, wondering what it meant. As we look deeper into the meaning of the dream, we see that it is actually a signal that what was previously a problem has now been isolated, making it more manageable.

John: As you speed up, through your personal development journey, that increased speed, which is another way of saying you are dealing with higher energies, enables you to take on and deal with things that were once too much for you. Your dream shows you returning to an office where you used to work. If you disregard the literal meaning, you can view it as a return to an energy that you once had to block (leave) because it was more than you could handle.

Whatever this energy was, it was strong enough to be destructive to you at some point earlier in your being. Now that you can return to it, and see it as a cancer, you are able to take that and cause it to open up in some way so that you can help others with it. You are going to the office just to visit initially, but you end up seeing clients, which means that to begin with you don’t realize that you have taken something more on inside. You assume you are only going to do what you normally would do. In the dream that is shown by the idea of a friendly visit.

That is interesting, that is curious, that is fascinating, because as you get there to visit, that’s when things speed up. Suddenly you are going from a sense to an inflection, and you suddenly realize that you are there to work with or help other people.

The next step is not quite as fast; you are making little shifts (filling out paperwork, paying money to make things official, etc.). In doing that, you are putting things together in terms of the whole. And you are also functioning – and this is a way that isn’t spoken about too often – you are also functioning in a way that is more like a station, because you are able to return something. You are able to pay a little money. When you are paying a little money, you are returning something; you are completing a loop.

So we can visualize this in terms of how it works with the breath. To begin with, your life is such that a sense opens up, and from that sense there is the need of something. And to hone in on what the need is, you have to quiet down whatever it is that you would normally get caught up in. Then a connection can be reached. Otherwise the noise that you make inside prevents that connection from happening. When the connection is reached inside, meaning that the sense that has opened up is expanded beyond just “you,” there is a magnetism that is able to take effect.

With that expanded sense, you can see the various qualities and characteristics inside you that are negative to your growth, or limiting you in some way. You see them as having a cancerous effect upon your nature. And those qualities have to be put to the side so that something more can come through. Once you can view them with this expanded sense, you can see them more clearly as an aspect of your lower self, which makes them easier to handle.

So what appears in the dream as cancerous, is actually no longer cancerous in your life. You have reached an awareness level where it can no longer have its negative effect on you. That clears the way for something more to be revealed to you. You see it for what it is, and can sort it out. Again, you have gone to the office thinking it is just for a visit – and that shows a limited way of thinking in you. Once there you realize that you now respond more succinctly to the environment around you, and that ability to respond is something that enables you to help other people, because of what you have grasped inside yourself.

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