Self Healing, Part III

John: It’s really an amazing dream we are discussing (see Self Healing Part I and Part II) because it unfolds so much of what is going on. It shows the process whereby the lower self and the higher self help sort each other out, which leads to a type of inflection. It shows a movement outside of yourself and into the whole, i.e., helping others. As you do this, you are actually then able to gain a sense of the “destination” that would not be possible otherwise. It would be better to say, you gain a responsibility toward the destination.

That is closer to it because there is no end result, and yet there are semblances of an end result. When you get that inflection, meaning the greater sense of things, you owe something back; that is an aspect of the in-breath, where you take something back to where it belongs, and then you are able to render something forth as a byproduct. When you are able to take something back inside yourself in that way, you are able to create insight and knowingness that is no longer generalized. That’s when you break through the bewilderment, or see a bit better the illusion of the outer world.

It requires a certain level of inner trust as your lower-self features are shown back to you and you are able to handle it. At the beginning you gain some dexterity in terms of having taken a step or two on the journey and getting some footing. You still do not know anything, not more than a little bit, but you can take that and help others with that little bit. As you help others, that’s when you realize that something can be given back. The degree to which you can take something and give or “pay” it back so to speak, is where the original “sense” drops away and the inflection actually reaches more deeply into something.

What we are talking about is also an aspect of masculine development, because to begin with the feminine is comfortable doing whatever it’s doing, subjectively; it does not have to know why. And the masculine seeks a greater clarity. It’s not like you are figuring it out in terms of it being an aspect of power and control, you are actually just realizing how much greater the whole thing is that you had no idea about.

So, in terms of actually knowing, you don’t really know, but you have taken a step out of the delirium, out of the illusion, so that what you don’t know is more visible to you. When you are totally in the delirium, you have no idea that there are all these other levels going on. As you open up a level or two, you get an inkling of what you don’t know. In other words, you get a glimpse of how great the whole process is. When you are operating totally in a delirium, you are not able to face or confront any part of your own darkness, because it will eat you up like a cancer – it will overwhelm you.

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